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The sky is the limit. Dreams are unlimited

Here I will show my photos. If you are intrested or have questions, please contact me!

Hier finden Sie meine Photographien. Wenn sie Interesse haben oder Fragen, dann können sie mir gerne kontaktieren!
Hier vind je mijn foto’s.
Vragen of interesse in mijn foto’s? neem dan kontakt met mij op.

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Learn how amazing the world is. Look through the lense of a camera to find a brand new world

Original this site started because of my photography. A place where I can find back my photos through time. So far the theory 🙂

When the site grew, I decided to add my poetry to it as well, to have a relatively safe place where I can find them.

And of course, to share them with you.  If you like my poetry or photography, don’t be shy, and react. Your comments are the inspiration for me to continue!

Some of your dreams will remain as dreams, some others can be real, in your world. Together we can create a world with unlimited dreams.

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