Ons Nüss … Helau

that is the thing that we did hear yesterday a countless time.
The 5th season is at its highlight (and at  its end), Carneval in our area is not just a parade, but it is cult and huge!.

When it comes to photographing it is not the most easy thing to photograph. First of all the motives are moving, most of the time, secondly it was sunny. The winter sun makes a hard light, and deep shadows, what in many of the pictures is combined.  I

So, the pictures did end a bit dark, but with the photo editing program I was able to enlighten them.
With huge credits to the smiling wall, and a lot of people who I did push away to get at a better spot for the pictures.

Photowalk Medienhafen Düsseldorf (WDF)

Photowalk in Düsseldorf, Medienhafen.  The afternoon was fine, but at the most intresting hours (the blue hours and short after dark) it was raining. Not the best circumstances for the camera and the objects to photograph, but it definitely gives a wonderful colourful view.

A few pictures are a bit blurry, but I do like them, they are natural, as it was and they give, in my opinion, the proper effect to how it was. Rainy and cold.



Photo walk in our city

There are many photogroups at the internet, and there are many photogroups at the social media as well.
One of the groups is active in our area. The Foto Freunde Niederrhein (FFN) did visit today our city. We did not have to walk far for the most nice pictures.

The best one (for me) were taken when it was dark already. The not so good ones I should love to skip 🙂