Flower and Power

First an official  note about the website.
Saturnsworld.de is getting a bit ibetter, slowly.  I did add some ‚items on top, there will be drop down menu’s. Simply hover your mouse over it, or tap, and see the ‚hidden items‘  that might be worth to click on.

I did add a new ‚watermark‘  for my pictures, a little bit more marketing for saturnsworld.de, I think that it is time for that.

Good, back to where it  all is about, the pictures!

We were yesterday at the Botanic Garden in Düsseldorf.

Wow, what a flowers!  Good that I had the camera with me  🙂

Picturing flowers brings another ’skill‘  with it, that I need to improve.
Next to the point of view (it makes a difference to see the flower against the stone wall or against the green leaves), there are many details to see.  First at home I did see that from a few pictures a tiny little part was missing from the main motive. Sigh.. Maybe most people won’t notice it. And I don’t mind posting them anyway.  Flowers are beautiful, and where flora is, is fauna not far away, also a few of that might be added as well.

Have fun with watching the pictures from the Botanic Garden in Düsseldorf

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People and history

Today I did go to photograph at a ‚middle age spectacle‘.  A group of country wide lovers of the middle ages did build up their tents at the border of our city, and they are creating a middle age climate there, complete with dress up, fights and handscraft

For photographing of course a very good opportunity.
I am not very good in photographing people. I want to photograph them without that they do notice me. But how to do that, with the camera equipment around your shoulders? 🙂

Friendly Knights did pose for me, but I personally prefer the spontaneous pictures.  Well, take a look,  and make your own opinion.
And if you have comments or somethng to add, please do so, I love to  read it.

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