The art of nature / the nature of art

Yesterday we had a photo walk at ‚Museum Insel Hombroich
As always it was very inspiring, the more while some new photographers did join, there is always a lot what I learn from simply watching how others take pictures.

Questions as ..  why does (s)he lay down at the floor to make a picture, or, why photographing such boring thing…   Those questions make me look  different to things, and then the photos come from nature.

Yesterday it was a match from nature and art, Art in Nature, nature in art.
I took those two pictures out of my huge range  to show how close nature and art are.

Judge by yourself 🙂
hombroich knust natur IMG_6643       hombroich knst natur IMG_6629

The first few pictures are on line, check out later for the complete range

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