Schützenfest Neuss 2015 (Henchmen festivities)

An annual tradition in our small town is the ‚Schützenfest‘

Henchmen Parades, funfair, and, in good German tradition, a lot ‚Geselligkeit‘, with Bier und Bratwurst.

0828 bunt IMG_8443


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Saturday,  the candle parade /Fackelzug,  what will fill itself as well the coming days , I hope you like the dark side of our city

Sunday the huge parades at the market. I did not go there, but I did see the ‚Kings Parade‘  later.  (Königsfestzug)

The weather was extreme hot, and everyone was in a very good mood, I did enjoy it very much, and I hope you do like the pictures as well

And it all should have been nothing, when there were not the people that did attend, this year under extreme  warm conditions


The end?
The plan was so nice, to make some pictures from the last evening at the fun fair and of the firework. But my body decided different, so the photo galleries of the Schützenfest 2015 ends for me at Monday.

Schützenfest is STREET


More Königsparade

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Impressions that I can not order to any of the albums above, enjoy

hidden secrets

Every photographer knows these moments.  When ‚walking through‘  old image galleries, or into the archives, you find pictures of what you think, why are they hidden?  Too cute to hide

Today I did discover this one. A pitty that it was hidden so long. But great that it is here, in its full beauty

eichelhaeher IMG_6222

Below are a few more beautiful birdies


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Fotochallenge – week 40

Week 40 in my personal photo challenge

The bridge, the park, it is such a romantic place. And this week, when I was there, there was a lady sitting in the grass.  I thought, wow, that looks so romantic, I do hope she will not notice it before I took the picture.

That part of the plan succeeded.
I walked away silently, and only later I did realize that the woman in the picture is a very nice lady out of our photo group. I felt soo foolish about it, but it is typical me.

And this week’s picture, has something special.


Don’t look back

Don’t look back

A new morning is awakening
Smile to the sun, your day has began

Don’t look back

You won’t forget what was
When you look forward today

Don’t look back

A new day is breaking
Today is the day,
And I am there  to share
20150714 kräh auf stuhl IMG_6950
(coming soon… Holiday Pictures at the beach)  

Catch a falling star

Falling stars, who does not dream from them?

Particular those days (mid August)  there is a huge chance to find some, while the Perseids are passing by.
We, living in the city, did took advantage of the extreme beautiful and warm night to walk out of the city light pollution, to the harbour where there was a bit less.

We definitely found the stars, wow, so many, it was romantic, very impressive and nice.

I had my camera with me, sure.. But since I have no idea how to, I did not photograph the stars, and limited myself to a few long exposures of the bridge.
150811 hafenbrücke IMG_8354

More of my night photography, especially the progression that I think I make,  you can see below, enjoy

Buecherbummel Book sales at the riverside

Let’s talk about the Bücherbummel.

Yea.  Okay.   Maybe you can’t google this word.  Bücher are Books.  Bummel you can describe as stroll. Also a book stroll, and this in the open air, at the Rhine Promenade, the river side in Düsseldorf.

It was very hot, and I shall not bore you with the thousands of books that were in countless markets, over a mile. Just a small impression.

Bücherbummel IMG_8187

We were forced to end our ’stroll‘ because iit was too hot.  ‚only‘  6 books did become in our hands 🙂 .

Your digital stroll is independend from the weather circumstances, enjoy

Dormagen – Zons

Zons am Rhein


Another photo walk with our local photographers. One of the great things, next to the fun together, is that it brings us to undiscovered places.  Anyway in my case, without a car it is not easy to come to this tiny little historical town Zons.

Thereby, being on the way with photographers, brings always some unexpected views.  No matter if it is what you photograph, or how you photograph it.

Zons is a historical town, its history goes back to the 13th century, and there are plenty of very nice architectural motives, such as the walls, and the beautiful mill what as welll was a guards tower.

Zons Mühle IMG_8071
The Work In Progress pictures are secretly hidden and not a part of this photo blog 🙂 -grins- but here is one exceptiion.

The making of …joerg foto zons 3

and the result ..  Zons Korn IMG_8098

And it should not be me if there was not fun in the photo shooting as well. Excuses if you don’t like that ‚toilet humor‘  🙂

Zons im Krautergarten IMG_7976Zons Kräutergarten IMG_7967

Enjoy the ’stroll through the pictures. It are more pages, also klck at the arrow button to see more.

Comments and feedback are very welcome!


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