Dormagen – Zons

Zons am Rhein


Another photo walk with our local photographers. One of the great things, next to the fun together, is that it brings us to undiscovered places.  Anyway in my case, without a car it is not easy to come to this tiny little historical town Zons.

Thereby, being on the way with photographers, brings always some unexpected views.  No matter if it is what you photograph, or how you photograph it.

Zons is a historical town, its history goes back to the 13th century, and there are plenty of very nice architectural motives, such as the walls, and the beautiful mill what as welll was a guards tower.

Zons Mühle IMG_8071
The Work In Progress pictures are secretly hidden and not a part of this photo blog 🙂 -grins- but here is one exceptiion.

The making of …joerg foto zons 3

and the result ..  Zons Korn IMG_8098

And it should not be me if there was not fun in the photo shooting as well. Excuses if you don’t like that ‚toilet humor‘  🙂

Zons im Krautergarten IMG_7976Zons Kräutergarten IMG_7967

Enjoy the ’stroll through the pictures. It are more pages, also klck at the arrow button to see more.

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