Schützenfest Neuss 2015 (Henchmen festivities)

An annual tradition in our small town is the ‚Schützenfest‘

Henchmen Parades, funfair, and, in good German tradition, a lot ‚Geselligkeit‘, with Bier und Bratwurst.

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Saturday,  the candle parade /Fackelzug,  what will fill itself as well the coming days , I hope you like the dark side of our city

Sunday the huge parades at the market. I did not go there, but I did see the ‚Kings Parade‘  later.  (Königsfestzug)

The weather was extreme hot, and everyone was in a very good mood, I did enjoy it very much, and I hope you do like the pictures as well

And it all should have been nothing, when there were not the people that did attend, this year under extreme  warm conditions


The end?
The plan was so nice, to make some pictures from the last evening at the fun fair and of the firework. But my body decided different, so the photo galleries of the Schützenfest 2015 ends for me at Monday.

Schützenfest is STREET


More Königsparade

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Impressions that I can not order to any of the albums above, enjoy



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