Autumn and mushrooms

Mushrooms,  is there anything more specific for autumn?  They also grow in other seasons, but not so massive and in such varieties as in Autumn
Herbst Pilze IMG_9832
It are amazing plants, they are masters in hiding. And the photographer should be a master in seeking. As with all his photograps, it is a matter of patience and finding the right moment, the right light and the right motive.

Here are a few of the mushrooms that my camera met.  I am pretty sure there will be more soon.

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Mushrooms 2016

Keine Galerie ausgewählt, oder die Galerie wurde gelöscht.

For the daredevils, some beautiful spiders

Koblenz where Rhine and Mosel collide

Herzlich wilkommen in Koblenz

Koblenz brunnen zum standesamt IMG_9895

Koblenz is a city at the point where the river Mosel flows into the river Rhine
The city has a rich and not always calm history, what goes back about 2000 years.

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Old monumentary buildings, castles and the dominating river are combined with modern architekture

A wonderful city with a lot to see

A digital walk through the city, enjoy

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And a bit of the flowers in the city.

If you like to see more cities, then click at the picture below.



Sometimes photography has no limits.

There is so much to photograph that I hardly know where to start, and after that, hardly know where to stop.‘
Watch out for the people with the cameras!  🙂

hans durch hilde
The (almost) past month was a good example for it.

The city trips to Oberhausen and Koblenz brought a lot of architecture, street photography, sculptures, fountains

And then, at such quiet days at home, the walks in the park, the events in the street, it is almost a sin to go out without the camera, and if I don’t take it with me, I am always glad with my mobile, for some snapshots.

A few albums are updated, but long not ready. Knowing myself it can last a while before all is updated, so it is really not boring to check up the pages now and then.

Here are some of the albums that are updated, or new,  enjoy the photos and return whenever you like. The archive-menu at the left brings you back to former postings.

The street market (troedel) in the inner city. When updating pictures I did see that a year ago I added some as well.

Koblenz.  Where two famous german rivers come together, the Rhine and the Mosel.  A beautiful city.  Here the first view, there will come a few more albums
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It is that time of the year again.  Autumn in all its glory

What means many mushrooms

and many colours

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Make the difference

As most of you will know, I always try to photograph a bit different.  Not with big tricks, but more with a different view.

This time I did not need to hang upside down, I just could focus the camera at the pond, where the Heron who sits in the tree did reflect.  Tiny waves of the ducks that were politely out of view, gives it all the difference.

reher spiegelung IMG_9859
Maybe you like it

You also might like to look in the updated album about ‚autumn‘
Mushrooms are everywhere, and the green is still around in many different colours as well. Enjoy your visual journey

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Ch ch changes

Some of you might remember this song from David Bowie, and it is approperiate for the changes that are going on.
Not only in the big big world, but as well in my own world.
meerke herbstbatt IMG_9617
Autumn is on its way, the colours tell it, and when there are colours, there is something to photograph

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This week we did make a visit to Oberhausen, an intresting city in the ‚ruhrpott‘,  where old (industry) matches with modern architecture

Oberhausen Centro IMG_9699

Further updates this week, as in a permanent update, for example in the album about the kngbirds

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Have fun with watching my pictures.

Little birds with great pleasure

There is that tiny little bird, that I did discover past year, and that became a great motive to photograph.

It is hard to imagine, that I did walk along the places where they live, for 10 years, without noticing them.  When I go for a walk in ‚the park‘  nowadays,  I find them everytime.
In this time of the year, autumn 2015,  they show from their best side.

The difficulty to photograph those beautiful birds are plenty. From nature the birds are pretty shy, they are small and they are fast.

With my zoom lense (250mm) it is impossible to get close ups of them.  The larger images are also edited with my photo editing program PaintShop Pro 9.  (a very old program, but sufficient for the photo editing I do)
A true challenge, but as well a true pleasure to catch the birds!

sabinepark eisi 5 1 IMG_9462

Enjoy the Kingfisher,  or in German, der Eisvogel, which  has the nickname Eisi, among the photographers.

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This album as well will be updated regurarily.

Notfelle Niederrhein E.V. Frank Farmer und seine Freunde setzen sich ein

Here a few images from a fair, for the animal protection group.
In German 🙂

Bilder von Aktivitäten von den Notfelle Niederrhein , wo Frank Farmer und seine Freunde sich einseitzen für Tiere, und mehr

Schaue mal auf die Website , was da so alles geht.
Hier ein paar Bilder von das Kinderfest in September 2015

Die Tieren

Die (spezielle) Menschen