Swans in the park


Swans in the park

The photographers in our tiny city can get exited.
A week ago 3 swans did appear in our park, and it seems that they stay.

IMG_9999 schwan in herbst

Well, at least for a bit, they are there,  also, cameras out and shooting. Here are a few shots, enjoy them, there will be more added soon!


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The memories of summer

In our part of the world, it is full autumn now.

The weather is very bright, no storms or much rain, but the signs are clear.

It gets colder, the trees loose their leaves. 

Every here and there, there are some flowers, that still pretend that it is summer.

They proudly stand the elements, but they have a hard time.

Soon they will disappear

Bye bye summer, one day you will return to here.


Burg Linn, Krefeld, with the crystal bowl

A photo shoot at a ruin/castle is something special. I do not have much experience with it, yet, until last Saturday.

A crystal bowl photo shoot at  Burg Linn, what became much more then just picturing glass 🙂 Enjoy.
burg linn auf ring IMG_0159

The pittoresque area around ‚Burg Linn‘

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Many (apple) Trees and other nature in the park around the ‚Burg‘

And where it all is about. The crystal bowl
(with many more crystal bowls from the past)

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