That time of year

It is that time of year again

Many people are getting into the christmas stress, what to buy, what to cook, what to get
For many people the days are worth to look forward to, being together with the ones that you love, and all kind of blessings, hope for peace and so more.

Other people are suffering the dark months with feeling lonely and depressed.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, but what when we can’t make it until the end?
weihnachtsmarkt NE IMG_7664
I do hope and wish everyone to have a hand, or more, to be able to walk out of the darknes into the light again.

For photographing the upcoming December month is of course all with the view at light.

I added a Christmas album, what will fill itselves the coming weeks.

The dark months are also good to dig a ibit into the archive and clean up the bunch of unsorted photographs.

New albums, such as these for ships.  Bigger and smaller

Author: Hans FriedhoffAperture: 8Camera: Canon EOS 1100DIso: 1600Copyright: Hafri PhotographyOrientation: 1
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There are as well new images in the album about Nutria’s, Coypus, as the internet tells me their name is in English

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the never ending stories of the ducks and swans you can find here

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One year of love

One year ago, I started photographing the pond and bridge in our park.
My idea was to make a picture, weekly, from the same position, and that a year long.

The place became special, and, nowthe job is done, I feel sentimental about it.

One year did fly by. The 52 pictures can be found, with a click at the photo below