Urdenbacher Kämpe

Photographing in the nature is a wonderful challenge
2016-02-06 21.15.39
In the Urdenbacher Kämpe  you walk betwen the water and meddows of the old Rhine. The nature is let free to do with the area what it wants.  This way this area has become intresting for many different animals and birds and, of course, for photographers as well.

Enjoy the photo walk

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Street carnival

One of the huge street events in our region in Germany is called Karneval, Carnival.  The highlights are the street parades  that happen 7 weeks before easter.
We are legally allowed to be crazy for a few days, so no one is surprised about finding a lost princess in the street, or being surrounded by devils or witches, or standing behind a pink bunny in the supermarket.
2016-02-07 16.00.51
Colourful, fistive. For who likes it. Here  some impressions of Karnevall in our city.
Ons Nüss …. Helau
(and for the kids, small and bigger, sweets (Kamelle)

and here an impression from 2015

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Let’s talk about Berlin

Berlin, the capitol of Germany, is an awesome place to be or to go to.
The historical city, what luckily has still a few beautiful historical buildiings, but as well has some very fancy modern aeras as well.

The cult of a big city nowhere is so close to the confrontation with what people can do to eachother. The monuments that remind to the wars, the holocaust, and the wall, what literarily cut the city in two pieces. Here you can experience and see what it is, and sadly we all know that history is repeating itselves.

A moment of memorance is a must, when you visit Berlin. But a moment of fun and diving into the wonderful pubs, walking along the water, gazing to the amazing culture is also a part of your visit. No way you can escape it, you not need to, you not have to!

If you can’t find it there, you can’t find it anywhere. History, culture, and of couse a  dream place for photography.

Here are some pictures of our trip in the winter of 2016.   Wonderful and impressive days.

I shall add a few more albums the coming weeks, so if you want to see more… you know what to do!

  • Berlin – Wall art.
    The wall, that dominated the city for more then 20 years, will and shall not be forgotten.  The wall has always been an inspiration for artists, and it still has, now at both sides of what is left over of it.
    Berlin WA Mauer Eastside IMG_9056
    And, of course, not only at ‚the wall‘  some fine images can be found


  • Architecture

It is not an understatement to say that Berlin is one of the tallest ‚working in progress‘ places. Everywhere you see cranes and trucks, (re)building to make the city even more beautiful.

The mixture between modern and classic is awesome, the architecture is as varied as far as your fantasy can go.

Here a few architectural examples.

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  • Street photography in Berlin
    I think no one shall be surprised that there is a rich street life in Berlin. Here some impressions  from people and even trabants.
    And if you are not sure what a trabant is… Find it out 😀
  • Sculptures

There is not a modern city in what is no place for sculptures, and in Berlin are many. The question I put to myself is,  why I did photograph so few of them 🙂

Enjoy a few of the sculptures in Berlin


  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeA visit of Berlin also means a confrontation with war. Especially the thngs that happen in and around WorldWar II A  visit to the Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas  is  is a must. It is situated behind the Brandenburger Gate.My personal experience was that the place gets you. When you see the stones from a distance, it looks impressive. When you walk through it, it gets unpleasant,  the narrow places, the huge blocks high above your head.  The museum below contains a list of all known German Jews that have been eliminated by the Nazi regime.
    When the horror gets names, when you hear the lst of names, when you see the pictures…  This should be never ever again!!!



  •  Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism (Berlin)
    The Denkmal für die im Nationalsozialismus verfolgten Homosexuellen  is situated next to the jewish memorial square.  Lots smaller, but  as well a part of the history of nazism in their plan to eliminate total groups of people who did not fit the standards. Scary to read that the politics were seriously debating the plans to eliminate the ‚problem groups‘  completely.


  • Berlin by NightA city that never sleeps. A city in what you not need to sleep, because it is as beautiful in the night as in the day.
  • The shoebox

    There are many pictures that might not be very ‚good‘, but that are a part of our memories.  It were very nice days, and the pictures in the shoe box might be most intresting for ‚us only‘, but you can judge that by yourself.

  • US
    A photographer, together with two wonderful women in Berlin. What a challenge!  Is it that why I made a bit less pictures?In good company time flies, and that happened.  A photographer that forgets his camera because he is having a good time?  Yes, I will always remain being a ‚hobby‘  photographer.  Because I can 🙂
    So, one special word of thank to the lovely Anne and Sabine!
    Here a few pictures of  us.

  • (from the archive)
    In 2010 we were for the first time in Berlin.

Berlin did fully knock me down. What a fantastic city, full of intresting sights and things.
It was in the time that I was just photographing for fun, no high end pictures, but still, a blast!

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