Photographers and Peacocks

About Photographers and Peacocks

As you might know we have every now and then a trip with our Photographer group, and then we make photo’s together,.

This time we went to Schloss Rheydt, a nice park with as the main attraction  the peacocks in the gardens

They are  very tame and good looking.
Can you imagine what happens in our photo group, when 20 photographers have gathered and did picture peacocks?

Exactly.   I won’t bother you with all of them, but I have made a collection  of mine as well, you can find them here

I have been using my crystal bowl again as well, there are some pictures of it in this album

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Author: Hans FriedhoffAperture: 8Camera: Canon EOS 1100DIso: 200Copyright: Hafri PhotographyOrientation: 1
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In the album below you find some pictures of the buildings and architecture in Schloß Rheydt.
There was a kind of discussion going on about the ‚glass‘ wall, that is added to the building. A matter of taste, if you like it or not.
And a matter of taste if you edit it away from your photography.  I personally do not edit my photo’s very much.  This glass ‚elevator‘  is now part of the building, so it belongs at the picture, because my picture is taken in 2016 and not 100 years ago. But again… it is a thing that can we discussed, look and judge for yourself



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