Schloß Benrath – Much more then just a building

A visit to a castle or ruine is always successful.

Next to the architecture, most buildings have a history and are surrounded with parks.

Schloß Benrath in Düsseldorf is not an exception at that rule.
With a click at the picture you can read some backgrounds, at wiki.

Benrath Schloss
There is  much to see, and to photograph.

In 20016 I visited Schloß Benrath 2 times, in spring, with Sabine, and in  autumn, with a photowalk.


Just 5 months differences….


Spring walk

The buildings, chracteristic in pink ..

The park of Schloß Benrath is partially wood, and partially cultivated

A perfect place for many animals, larger and smaller, to live

Flowers, known, unknown. Colours that you can not imagine.

A special album for the roses. It soon will be summer!

Same location, but then in Autumn, during the photowalk

The photo group, except photographer Hilde
KarlHeinz, Adrienne, Willy, Bernd, Hans, Monika, Sonja, Jörg


One of the things I can not get enough from, the beautiful  buildings at Benrath



We were just  in time to see the Dhalias and other beauriful autumn colours

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Animals (in different sizes).
The population of geese and swanss drastically increased

The photographers,  photographed
Hildegard, Jörg, Adrienne, Willi, Bernd, KarlHeinz, Sonja, Monika

And, as always, some  pictures that fit in no category 🙂

Zandvoort – Blessings of the Beach

Sun, Sea, Sand .. Zandvoort has it all

2016-06-04 22.37.01

One of our favorite places for a few relaxing days is without any doubt Zandvoort aan Zee, the tiny town under the shadow of Amsterdam /Haarlem in the Netherlands.

zandvoort Wolken

Born and raised on only a stonethrow away from Zandvoort I have many memories of the beach. And where ever I go, I tell that I miss the sea, the beach, the smell of water.  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, the beach is attractive. And of course not only the beach, but the people and the activities. as well. Enjoy my trip at the beach.

Zandvoort, the little village



Zandvoort Moewenflug

Street in Zandvoort
Better called ‚Sand‘  🙂

The beach

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and last but not least

zandvoort sonneU skyline
The sunsets

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The photos of our week at Zandvoort 2016

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Japan Tag/ Japan Day – Where East and West meet

Japantag 2016

One of the absolute highlights and crowded festivities in Düsseldorf is the Japantag, the day that Japan greets and celebrates the friendship with Germany.  After London and Paris, Düsseldorf is at the 3rd place in the number of Japanese people living in Europe. There are more then 300 japanese businesses in Düsseldorf, and the ‚Japan Tag‘ has become an important and colourful festival.

People, dressed in the style of the Japanese comics, cultural shows and of course the stalls with food and goodies.

A festival for the people and with the people. Well, almost everyone, that is..
kein bock

For photographers a wonderful event, people show theirselves and want to be pictured.  Well, almost everyone, that is!
The challenge… to get a nice picture without too many people ‚disturbing‘  the photo 🙂

Enjoy the photo’s, there will come more, so check it out soon again!

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As most people can admit, being pretty is not easy, it takes effort.

The Japan Day is a huge open air spectacle, and the breaks are often open, and show the people from another site. Sometimes vulnerable.

The pictures in this gallery are NOT to make you laugh about peopl,e, it are respectful captures of a wonderful day, what should have been nothing without these stars, that you here see backstage.


Below a few impressions of the JapanTag 2015. Then it was a rainy one, in 2016 a sunny one

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