Japan Tag/ Japan Day – Where East and West meet

Japantag 2016

One of the absolute highlights and crowded festivities in Düsseldorf is the Japantag, the day that Japan greets and celebrates the friendship with Germany.  After London and Paris, Düsseldorf is at the 3rd place in the number of Japanese people living in Europe. There are more then 300 japanese businesses in Düsseldorf, and the ‚Japan Tag‘ has become an important and colourful festival.

People, dressed in the style of the Japanese comics, cultural shows and of course the stalls with food and goodies.

A festival for the people and with the people. Well, almost everyone, that is..
kein bock

For photographers a wonderful event, people show theirselves and want to be pictured.  Well, almost everyone, that is!
The challenge… to get a nice picture without too many people ‚disturbing‘  the photo 🙂

Enjoy the photo’s, there will come more, so check it out soon again!

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As most people can admit, being pretty is not easy, it takes effort.

The Japan Day is a huge open air spectacle, and the breaks are often open, and show the people from another site. Sometimes vulnerable.

The pictures in this gallery are NOT to make you laugh about peopl,e, it are respectful captures of a wonderful day, what should have been nothing without these stars, that you here see backstage.


Below a few impressions of the JapanTag 2015. Then it was a rainy one, in 2016 a sunny one

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