Schloß Benrath – Much more then just a building

A visit to a castle or ruine is always successful.

Next to the architecture, most buildings have a history and are surrounded with parks.

Schloß Benrath in Düsseldorf is not an exception at that rule.
With a click at the picture you can read some backgrounds, at wiki.

Benrath Schloss
There is  much to see, and to photograph.

In 20016 I visited Schloß Benrath 2 times, in spring, with Sabine, and in  autumn, with a photowalk.


Just 5 months differences….


Spring walk

The buildings, chracteristic in pink ..

The park of Schloß Benrath is partially wood, and partially cultivated

A perfect place for many animals, larger and smaller, to live

Flowers, known, unknown. Colours that you can not imagine.

A special album for the roses. It soon will be summer!

Same location, but then in Autumn, during the photowalk

The photo group, except photographer Hilde
KarlHeinz, Adrienne, Willy, Bernd, Hans, Monika, Sonja, Jörg


One of the things I can not get enough from, the beautiful  buildings at Benrath



We were just  in time to see the Dhalias and other beauriful autumn colours

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Animals (in different sizes).
The population of geese and swanss drastically increased

The photographers,  photographed
Hildegard, Jörg, Adrienne, Willi, Bernd, KarlHeinz, Sonja, Monika

And, as always, some  pictures that fit in no category 🙂



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