Neusser Schützenfest 2016


Schützenfest Neuss 2016


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Kirmes am 27. August. Weit über 30 Grad.

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Fackelzug. Dunkel, aber noch immer sehr warm. Respekt für den Schützen und Musiker

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Konigsparade, Sunday, August 28th,  ‚op de Maat‘, bei bestes Wetter, gute Laune und viele Schützen

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Festumzug This year the parade was shortened.  Since they normally pass our street, I was waiting at home until the parade to come. Unfortunately they were a few streets further.  Next year better, maybe?

The monday parade. Big fun for all in the parade and for  ‚us‘ at the street.

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Was ich nicht fotografiere …. den Köngsschiessen und der Umzug des neuen Königs… Na ja, da findet man bestimmt auch Bilder davon!

And then it is Tuesday already.  The last parades, the last stroll over the funfair. And the firework?   They must be elsewhere at the internet 🙂

My impressions you find here

For Photographers the ‚Schützenfest‘  is an endless place for wonderful (and less wonderful)  pictures.   Look below to see what I mean

Schützenfest means Street life

Schützenfest means flowers
Schützenfest means Humans


Schützenfest means Music


Schützenfest is every year.


Schützenfest is  ons Nüss

Keine Galerie ausgewählt, oder die Galerie wurde gelöscht.


And this is also ‚Schützenfest‘


The official albums …

Saturday Kirmes /Funfair



Saturday Fackelzug

Sunday. Königsparade


Abandoned Places – The price of energy

Let’s talk about energy and how it is made.

Not far from where we live, at the Niederrhein,  we have some huge holes in the landscape.
It are the places where the Energy moloch RWE Power is digging for coals, to provide the power plants.  Elder then nuclear power and still used in large amounts.

The logs have a huge impact at the environment. Not only the pollution from the powerplants, but as well the exploration of the immense fields where the (brown)coal is found.

We visited the two largest holes. Together they are providing 40 million  tons of brown coal each year. The hunger for the energy is still huge, the holes will grow and move through the area for another 30 yars, until 2045.
The pollution and destruction of the landscape is about 200 million tons each year.

I let the pictues speak. It is impossible to describe how huge it is. It is also impossible to describe how much is ruined for our energy. Good that the end is in sight, even tho we will not be with it when it is that far.
Mixed feelings, but, from the photographic eye, very intresting,  I hope you enjoy the pictures a bit as well

Big log

Big log
Garzweiler II

Abandond places
immrs aband 2454

Immerath (german)

The day ended with a visit in the wonderful

papp reflekt 2545

Wasserschloss Paffendorff 
-german language
(what the engergy provider uses to promote their good image of the destruction)

Worth a visit, it has a beautiful park.

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And there you have it. One day filled with contradictions, many things to think about again! And with a lot of intresting photography, I think.

Thank you for the nice day, Elias, Petra, Juppy

(a part of my information I took from a nice (german language) blog, what you can find –> here <–

At January 8, 2018, the ‚Immeratther Dom‘,  (the church)  is torn down..  

The churchbells will play
People will gather, and pray
There will be an open door

Marrages, baptised babies
A last farewell
The mission bell

How many tears have been shed
How many fears about life or death
No more songs will be heard
The church, permanently disturbed

The bricks that were brought together
Do not really matter
The glass in the windows, long ago gone
Just like the people
To who those place, once did belong

Machines will flatten the towers
And then dig for the hidden powers
All what reminds to life
Has no chance, to survive

Later the machines will come
To dig for dirty energy
Coal explotation is so very wrong
In the end
There will be no one to see

Global warming is as long denied
Until we all are cooked or fried

08 01 2018