the tree behind the house

After ‚the bridge in the park‘  I think it is time for a new yearly project.  I choose the tree behind the house, and I shall try to photograph it every week.

Who read the diaries of Anne Frank, knows how she described the tree behind her house in the city. We live in the city as well, and when I look out of the window, I see this tree, changing its colours, surviving rennovations. Everything might change, but the tree is still there.  We start at November 1st. In  the middle of the autumn.  The album will come soon and you can check weekly for the updats.

You find the pictures with a click at the picture. And below, the comments.




1/52  November 7

The dark days have definitely started. After a golden autumn we now are covered in a grey and relative wet November month. The colours of the tree behind the house are leaving, the buildings at the other side of the street show up more clearly.  Less leaves, less lights.

I do not want to be taken down in depression. A light in the house, a candle .. We get through!


2/52 November 16

I have to get used to make a photo each week. The plan was to do it on Monday, and now it is Wednesday already.
A very dark and rainy day. The tree still holds a few leaves, they survived the first frosty night, Monday (!)

Off to the city office.

3/52 November 21

A long(er) weekend, both sunday and monday. And I did not forget to make the picture.  To compensate that I forgot to buy some stuff.
The end of november is approaching, outside it is 17 degrees.  Our new wintercoats are a bit overdone at the moment.

04/52 05 12 2016
Last week I totally forgot to photograph the tree behind the house. Now I consider if I give it a re start, or that I just leave one week open. I have time…
It is winter in our city. The tree is almost bare, and the sun warms the frosty branches beautifully. Stay save, beautiful tree!

05/52 12 12 2016

While all around the christmas trees are showing up, in all kind of variations, our tree is simply standing there, being the tree he is, and (hopefully) always will be.
I think I like to be like our tree.

06/52 20 12 2016

Many strangers are looking around in our house, recntly, I keep on cleaning up.
I even cleaned the windows and guess what? The sun started shining. It is really winter now,, the bright days short before christmas. And the tree, stands there, and waits for what comes.  So do we, apart that we sit down at the couch.

07/52 30 12 2016

The last picture of the tree for 2016.
A lot to look back to, a lot to look forward to.
I am curious about the new year. Shall we still see the tree, at the end of next year?
Happy new year, dear friend. Or, as they say here (the farewell of the old year) einen guten Rutsch!

08/52 07 01 2017

Frohes Neues!

Happy new year, dear friend. Another year, the same tree. And it seems to really get a bit winterly now, the temperatures are in the day as well frosty, and in the night even more.
The tree, our good friend, is always there. And so are we.

Waiting for warmer times. And on next picture, next week

9/52 12 01 2007

You know that it is winter, when the radio contineously blares about upcoming traffic problems, even before one spat of snow has dropped.

Our lovely tree is standing in the rain.  It looks like a normal winter for our city and our tree. Or do the worst case scenarios for next week come true, and can I finally make a beautiful winter picture of the tree?   Time will tell, stay strong, my beloved.

10/52  20 01 2017

Winter in America. A president that tells the most horrible things that have been heard in decades. And the tree, behind our house, is facing the cold. The entire week the temperatures are around zero. Frosty nights, sunny days, and the end is not in sight. I love the sun, and the tree secretly prepares.  We can’t see it, but we know it will come


11/52 25-01-2017

The tree must be icey, it still is frosty weather in our part of Germany, even a few drops of snow are included. The tree is standing there, under the smoke of the appartments at the left, at the right, before and below.  I walk out and take a picture. Winter in Germany is cold, but as with everything, there will be an end in it, one day. Another week for the tree and me. Jay us!

12/52 03-02-2017

And the outside temperature is rising, it is in the 2 digits (12 degrees) and the sun shows up now and then as well.
It looks like the winter is on its return, but we still have a while before spring. Nature is preparing for new life. And the tree waits silently to be picutred again, next week.



Oops.. almost a month without a picture of the tree.

It still is there. Winter seems to be over, and the tree looks a bit warmer as well. Soon the sun will wake her up, and I can not wait to see the tiny green coming up. When I walk behind the house, I see that it is there already. Bring it on

15/52 15-03-2017

Easy.. 🙂  Slowly!  The weeks pass by, I  do not think I neglected the weekly posting -again! , but the tree does not care. Spring is there, the flowers are coming up and the tree  gets visits from all kind of birds.  Wake up, my friend, the time is near!



You find the result of ’52 weeks – the bridge in the park, with a click at the picture below

52 weeks
The Bridge in the park

HaFri Poetry October 2016

The sun is thin
Your colours are fagile
Together you harmony
in beauty

The wind gets cold
The evenings get longer
Closing the windows
And an extra blanket at the bed
Enjoying each others company
Like the reflecting light
And unconditionalthe sun will shine again
And until then
We hide in our black jackets
and walk against the windI see the raindrops at your head
And all the sudden
I want to kiss them all

(c) 01.10.2016  HaFri Poetry

A lazy sunday it could be
But sleeping out was not for me
I woke at five, and had my coffee
No hour extra, but early enough, you see
So when it went 6.30 at the clock
I picked up my things for a walk at the block
I could blindly find my shoe and sock
So Hans was steady and ready to rock
The camera hanging over my neck
All shops were closed, except the Mac
No bakery open, yet, ah what the hack
When I return I reward myself with a snack
The dark transformed gently to black and blue
The blue hour was coming to sayhow do you do
I took my camera and made some pictures too
But that ain’t easy, I frankly tell you
I took my time, walked along the quay
Busy boats, business goes on, you know why
Birds waking up, and the light, what a sight
Blue went easily bright
I walked on, and time flew away
My depression disappeared, and that’s okay
And when the bridge appeared on my way
I almost run home yelling, yippee ya hey
One spot at the clock told me it was not yet 8
Too early for yelling, for coffee not too late
I went happy at home, feeling great
Having a wonderful breakfast at my plate
And now it is 11, and I feel a bit dap
I think I lay down for a tiny nap
Outside it is grey, nothing to do
So here I go, cheerio to you

(c) 02.10.2016 HaFri Poetry

Südpark, October 2015
Südpark, October 2015

There are people in the street
They are loud
And I don’t want to hear what they shout

They shout that they want the country to be clean
The land belongs to us, in an agressively scream
The people in the street, they run away
A handful, in brown jackets, shouts if it is okay

I turn my head, because I don’t want to see them
And they shout that they are the people

‚wir sind das Volk‘

A handful of people – not in my name
I shake my head and am ashame

Their sound is for all so loud
Because no one likes to disagree
Because as long as you are with them
You will be from their violence free

No one tells that they are wrong
And they feel immensely strong
On their way to more power
they get not more, but their words get louder

Then, when they think they are strong enough
They decide that their time is now
They want the power, somehow

But most people are like me
They love to live in peace and harmony
They believe in democracy

The handful of people that shout so loud
Are surprised when they see
That their hollow words
Can not compete with the silence majority

The silent majority need no words to be
Tolerant, peaceful and happy
The silent majority shows what they want from life
And this way, in the end
Justice and love, always survive

Also when we are tired
Don’t think that we are not strong
We not need words, because we do
And together, even in silence
the silent majority is strong

© HaFri Poetry 03.10.2016

Südpark, October 2015
Südpark, October 2015

Bridges are not just to walk over
It is worth to stand still
and look around you

So that you can see the things
That you can not see
From both sides of the water

One moment
Can change your view

© HaFri Poetry 03.10.2016


When the leaves colour
And the flowers fade away
It is time to prepare
For the darkness of the day

Catch the sparkles
As long as you can
And you will see
Less darkness there will be

When the stars
Start to reflect their light
The darkness will be less
In the longer night

I crawl a bit closer to you
And I softly sigh
I feel comfortable happy
And we both know why

© HaFri Poetry 04.10.2016

(for Sabine)


How great would it be
To feel as a bird so free
To forget about the things
Fly away, spread your wings

How wonderful it should be
To take your worries away
Even only for one day
Nothing to think, nothing to worry

Far away from killing bureaucracy
One day without pain
No worry for democracy
Just positivity to gain

Now I don’t really need to be a bird
It is enough that you have heard
My scream, let us break free
Nothing else matters
Just you and me

© HaFri Poetry 08.10.2016


The days get colder
The darkness wins
The sun looses its power
And we are prepared

The summer clothes
Are stored away.
Maybe one or two pieces not
We can hope for such a day
But it will be few

It gets colder
The jackets warmer
And the heat is on
Funny, how fast the changes come

And we are prepared
Prepared for the winter
For the cold

We know not exactly what we can expect
And time will learn
If we considered all the possibilities

We are prepared
As good as we can
Time will surprise us
But we are ready
For what comes

Let’s cuddle a bit closer
Let me feel your breath, tickling my nose
Let me see the worries in your eyes
Let me show you mine

We not need words to know
What hurts the most

We are prepared
And one day
We will see
That the darkness fades away
And that day
It is not even that far away
I will still feel the tickle at my nose
I will look at you
And catch the sparkle from your eyes

We not need words
To know our love

© HaFri Poetry 08.10.2016


The rose gently shows her beauty
She is not aware
That it is October
Rain and storms
Are serious threads for her beauty

Fragile she catches
The last warmth of the sun
Her beauty
Between the worn out flowers
Of summer

And I think
How wonderful it is
That she can show herself
Without worrying about what might come
Or maybe not

Just showing
Her wonderful colours
And serene power

Because she can

© HaFri Poetry 10.10.2016


For those who can not read this
Because their eyes are filled with tears
For those who can not see this
Because their days are dark

For those who can not smell it
Because they can’t remember their last meal
For those who can not pick them
Because their life is such a hell

For who can not fly away from war
For those who are hated,because they can
For those who lost everyone in the world
For those who are sent out to kill

For those who are slaves
For those who hide their worries
For those, whose hearts are broken
For those who want nothing more then peace

For them who found the happiness
For those who found the rest, at least
For those who can smile again
And for them
who do not loose hope

For all who believe that we are all God’s people
For those, who lost hope and found a light
For those who need a helping hand
For those who gives that hand

For who believes in love
For who dreams of peace
in the heart, in the soul

For all who believe, that we can

© HaFri Poetry 10.10.2016


Do you dare
To walk the road
Without being aware where it leads to

Do you care
When the end is endless away
Or maybe just a breath

Are you scared
From the mist and fog
That takes away your sight

Are you scared
To walk alone through the night
And loose yourself

When you can not see me
It doesn’t mean I am not there
When I am away
It doesn’t mean I do not care

I can follow you
Or you may follow me
Both is okay
Because no matter what
I am never more then one step away

© HaFri Poetry 11.10.2016


The painted wall
Covers it all
And I wonder what it is,
Behind the colourful plaster

Against the weather
And the sound of the street
What is behind
Is only seen
For who who has the keyThe painting looks wonderful
when the sun shines upon it
The wall will make a shadowWe can only guess
What happens in the house
Is it bright and happy
Or dark and cold?Is it a laughter, a tear
Or maybe nothing at all?I give the wall one last view
The colours that cover the wall
I like them
And I wish
I could stop worrying about that wall

© HaFri Poetry 10.10.2016


I open the curtains
And look outside
I see the sun shining
Blue sky, all is all right

I turn around and look at the bed
Two empty pillows
And the blankets
Wrapped into each other
I walk to the kitchen
Put un the kettle
Tea and coffee
Jam and toastA friendly sun peeks on the plates
I think when I last cleaned the window
The light tells me it is longer ago
Then I thoughtI look out of the window
And see a man, looking to me
He takes a picture
And I wonder what he seesAll what is left
Are crumbles and some cheese


© HaFri Poetry 13.10.2016


You can hear from far away
The crystal clear drops that I share
Come to me
And you won’t be thirsty anymore

Wade your feet in the refreshing water
Wash the dust and pane away
Clean your body with my elixer
Loose the sorrows of today
Give your body a lovely shower
It deserves it, and so do you
Let the magic show it’s power
Close your eyes and it will doDrink my water with your hands
You never drank such before
Wet your lips like it is the first time
Swipe away the pastExperience my magical poison
Enjoy it, because it will be your last
© HaFri Poetry 14.10.2016
And right at the moment
that you think you have got it all
You get sometithing moreAnd just when you think
That you can’t take it any longer
The pressure gets a little bit stronger
You know you can not swim anymore
The darkness pulls you down
And it only gets colder and more darkYou reach your hands up
You think that no one can help youWhen you lost all what you have found
When you can not find the groundRight at the moment that you don’t care
Because you can’t any longer be strong
Just at that moment
I will be there


© HaFri Poetry 14.10.2016


The rain softly drops
In harmony with the violin
People walk by
It is wet outsideThe melody gets lost
In the sound of the city
The man looks with hollow eyesHis play is routine
His day is routine
It is a bad day
When all is greyThe man plays on
He does not even notice
That the rain has stopped
Or when a coin has droppedA penny for your thoughts

© HaFri Poetry 10.10.2016


Is holding tight
When you fear the night

Is letting free
Fly as long as you want
And I will be at your side

Has no borders
And even when the way is false
The choice not necessarily is wrong

To disagree
And to make good, again and again and again

Is the peace within
Knowing that
No matter what happens
You can rely

Is smiling with the heart
Even when the road goes down

Because I know
that I can only be free
When we can fly together

And nothing else matters

© HaFri Poetry 19.10.2016


I listen to the sound
of the clear water
Falling down from the stone

The drops that collide
And unite
In a river

Fleeding down
Feeding the meadows
And the tree

They remind to you and me

Where we came from
Long ago
Where we go to
We might not know

We met as two
And continue as one

On a grey day
The rain may feed us
On a sunny day
We shine as bright diamonds

When we fall
We jump up again
And continue our road

When the river ends
We will float into the sea
It will be a new begin
For you and me

Nevermore we are alone
And who knows
One day
we return to the stone

© HaFri Poetry 19.10.2016


Rolling down
One step away

Close enough
But not coming closer

One step away
Don’t look back

You might have less time
then you need

Hold me tight
It is all right

Look forward
Mind the step

© HaFri Poetry 19.10.2016


The traces of our past
May be the treasures of our future
We not need to look back
When we hold the memories

What the present leaves
Is the past in our future
And the memory remains
Searching a place
In the mind
And in the soul

Pick your memories careful
Select the good
You will need it
Forget the bad
You not need it

Plant the seeds of the past
In the soil from today
Care for them
So that you can crop
The fruits in the future

© HaFri Poetry, 23.10.2016


warning, warning
Achtung, Attention

Hackers are on their way
Even the broadcasting does say
So it is true
Now what to do?

Not open the video,
Do not click!
It will spread from nature
The content is sick!

Copy this message, not just share
Post it for no reason, everywhere

I am so tired and so fed up
With those warnings that are put up
It seems the rant
never ends

Hoaxes, is what they are
They damage more
Then where they are warning for

Do me a favor
Before you send this sh*t
Google it!

© HaFri Poetry, 23.10.2016


Close your eyes
Step away from the evil worldForget to think
Forget your pain for a minute.
Breath calm
Be surrounded
With a coccoon of peaceHide for a bitAnd dream our dream comes true
© HaFri Poetry, 23.10.2016
Life takes unexpected changes
No matter how good you are preparedYou think you roll
Into the right direction
And then you miss the final screw
Instead of travelling
With four
Or moreYou might end
All aloneHold the line
The water should not rise too high
To hide your abandoned beauty

© HaFri Poetry, 24.10.2016


It is okay
To worry
And to feel sad

When you accept the shoulder
To lean on

But not worry for what not yet is
Because things
Might turn out
In unexpected ways

Good morning, world,
Happy Tuesday

Now where is the coffee??

© HaFri Poetry, 25.10.2016


The question is not who might put the light off.
The question is who brings it back .
© HaFri Poetry, 25.10.2016
Show what you can
You are worth itBe longer
Be stronger
Be the entire you
Not just a part
Show the world
With who they have to doYou not need to be better then yourself
And definitely not lessStretch
Be the amazing you

© HaFri Poetry, 26.10.2016

Baby, I am home
It was a long day, all alone
I did my duty, I think
Time to relax, wink a wink

Oh, how sad, you are not there
I hope you are well, because I care
I wait for you
Nothing else to do
I think to myself, what you do now
I know you are busy, but I not know how
And while the clock ticks the seconds away
I count the minutesSoon you will be there
I wish, I hope, I prepare
I look forward to you, my love, my best friend
Even when waiting, today, seems to take no endS

© HaFri Poetry, 26.10.2016


I have been waiting so long
For the train to come
And now it is there
There is so much on my mind

I was so used for waiting
And now I should depart
Leaving the platform
That has becme so familiar

Goodbye little birds
Please be happy
I come back
One day
Sharing the crumbs

I find myself a seat at the window
One second I consider
If I go into the proper direction
I change my seat

That is inmiedietly taken
By another passenger
The train leaves
And as expected
It is going into the direction that I not expected

I sigh and smile
The rain taps at the window
And I tap back
Secretly thinking

How lucky I am
to be not that raindrop

A tap at my shoulder
Sir, your ticket please?

And I realize
What I have forgotten

© HaFri Poetry, 26.10.2016


I so much wish
Peace in your mind
I so much wish
Laughter in your heart

I so much wish
A place where you can rest
Away from thoughts
That put you down

I wish you
To win the lottery
It should not solve all problems
But it could make it a bit more comfortably

I wish you luck
I wish you love
And most of all
I wish it
From myself

<3 S

(c) 29.10.2016  HaFri Poetry


So many questions
So few answers
So many worries
What don’t fade away

So little time
So much to do
So much longing for peace
In the world, in the soul

We are always running
From one point to the next
Seldom taking the time
To enjoy it and relax

You may say, how can I stop?
Or I do not know how to stop at all.
By running faster then you can
You miss the signs at the wall

Who dares to stand still, for a moment
Will not mss the run at all

I know, it is easier said then done

(c) 29.10.2016  HaFri Poetry


The sun is shining
No time for winter blues
With dusting and cleaning
For laundry and irioning

the sun is shining

But well, look at me

I am sitting here
Taking a break
The smell of fresh soap
Whiping the crumbles of the cake

I do the work
And I don’t complain
I wait, patiently too
Because breaking free
means nothing without you

(c) 31.10.2016  HaFri Poetry




We walk forward
Leaving what we know behind
New challenges to be find

We look forward
Is it the future, that we see
Or a wish,
Based on our memory

Step by step
We get more trust
In the bridge
That carries our footprints

The other side
Comes near

And while the sun
Shines gently at my head
I wish that you were here


(c) 31.10.2016  HaFri Poetry

A day in Essen with Ina


This photo site will be updated with a few more pictures, soon.

This Saturday I visited Essen with two ‚long term‘  friends, who I had not seen in ages.  Richard went to the ‚Spiel‘  fair, and Ina and me went to photograph together.

First  in the city, later, when the weather went dry, in the Gruga Park.

I learned a few things and I also am now the prooud owner of a few ‚miniature figures‘, with what my photography might get a new dimension.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the FriBi!
The bus is here waiting for the train, and you will find out in the future who are in it. 🙂



But, not in this photo blog.  Here you find the pictures of the trip of  Ina and me. Two Queen fans who as well share the photography as passion.  Enjoy!

  • Shopping and city center (Limbecker Platz)
  • Breakdance group in the mall
  • Gruga Park  Autum Flowers
  • Gruga Park – Water experiments
    Here we experimented with different settings to get a nice  effect. If it succeeded for me?
  • Gruga Park – Crystal Bowl
  • Street
  • When photographers photograp each other
  • and, last but not least .. the rest 🙂

And this should in fact be at the top. I lit a candle, for who, who needs it the most.


HaFri Poetry January 2016

Hope is not just a lot of air
Hope is in the heart
Hope flowers in time of fear
When the darkest hour is near

When people are beaten down
Hope will bring them up
When people are torn apart
Hope will bring them together
Do not fear
The time is near
That our hope will win
Start hoping .. Let the change begin


(c) 31 01 2016 for HaFri Poetry

HaFri Poetry and Emotions – May 2016

HaFri Poetry and Emotions – May 2016



Mother Natire’s palette
Surprises us every time again
After a cold winter
Abd after a warm spring again

The painting never ends
And when Autumn is gone
Mother nature takes its rest
A time out, for returning at her best

We all need the time to gain inspiration
We all need our rest, to return the sensation
Of inventions and new intentions

Slipping one step forward
and one step back
See what you almost did oversee
What was not intended to be

© HaFri Poetry 01.05.2016


Because not all what you see is green
Because not all water is sea
Because not all cars drive
Because not everyone is me

Most of the times you can’t have it all
In everyone’s life some rain must fall

© HaFri Poetry 01.05.2016



Don’t speak loud
Take this
Blow it into the blue
Make a wish

And use the time that comes
To make your dream come true

© HaFri Poetry 03.05.2016


A family portait

Walking through the photo album
Memories of a long gone time
Pictures telling the story
My words colour the line

And when the pages end
The history stops in the present, unseen
Let’s take a new memory
For next generation what is still serene

What will be will be
Ce sera, sera
The future is not yet to see
It is not so far

The photograph tells the story
Without any words
It will tells the story
While others sing the chores

© HaFri Poetry 03.05.2016


Finally some rest
I can sit, without a nest
No eggs for what I should take care
No little goslings for me there

My sister is in second heaven
With her babies, imagine, she has 7
And my mom, without any tricks
Is blessed with another 6

Well, I love to see them happy
But those little things, are not for me
I like to spoil them when I like
And when they annoy me, I take a hike

No babies, I am free
I can fly away to where I will be
And the ultimate of it
I can close my eyes, when I sit

Spring is in the air
And I love the gosling sound
I love my freedom, anywhere
Until one day, my prince is around

© HaFri Poetry 04.05.2016


Where are the colours
That used to colour our life
There is just enough light
To survive

You might think so
But you are wrong
The shadow is not that strong

Every end is a new begin
And we are in the middle within
Struggling and when it looks like the end
Then there is
A helping hand

© HaFri Poetry 05.05.2016


Now the winter is definitely gone, for a while
Mother nature paints our world

Flowers flower
Birds are singing
Young life is born
The long winter is forgotten so soon

I look at you
Oooh, yes, you are amazing
A jewel growing just like that

Oooh yes you are wonderful
It is hard to express what I think
Maybe I should keep it simple
And just write, that I love pink

© HaFri Poetry 07.05.2016


I was watching the rain
Wishing it would be over soon
And all what happened was that it went more

My eyes were crying like the clouds
And I was looking for the blue
Grey came to bring the clue

My bones were cold
I wished I could let it go
And all it did, was hold

I wanted to dream
Something nice
And I could not get asleep

Then came you
You woke me up, before I slept

You showed me sunshine behind the cloud
You learned me where it is all about
I could smile through my tear
Even when far, no one ever came that near

I felt you within, before you touched me
I could lean on you, before I could hold your hand

And the rain was gone
While I was expecting spring
Summer did come

© HaFri Poetry 09.05.2016


No longer
The sun dries us out
The grass will be green

We found our way
To The fountain of lamneth
And drink the honeydew instead

Our life is sparkling
From the well
Our hope wells up inside

Splashing sparkles in the sunlight
There is no time to feed the night
We are guided over the hills
And here we are
To find our final shed

© HaFri Poetry 11.05.2016


Some days
I feel as if
The whole world turns around

Good seems bad
Dark feels light

I look around me
The city makes me crazy
I am lost
With the crowd around

I am in a rollercoaster ride
Without a start
Without an end

I am going faster then I want
And I can not stop the train
With head over heels
I can not even scream

Silent I close my eyes
Me alone, with my cries
How can I go on?
I just don’t know

I better sit back
And go, with the show

I open my eyes
And feel happy with what I see
Because when there seems no end

There is always
You, guiding me

© HaFri Poetry 11.05.2016


It seems like yesterday
That you peeked out of the ground
It only seems an hour
That you began to flower

Sunshine, wind and rain
Your beauty could not remain
And today
Your last leave will fly away

You will soon be forgotten
Until the new begin
Nature will amaze us otherwise
In the time within

Silent witnesses of what once was
Your lost beauty lays in the grass
I look at it, and smile within
It is not the end
But a new begin

© HaFri Poetry 13.05.2016


I don’t know
How many years
you are standing there
How many storms you did survive
As long as I know, you are around

And now, after the winter
Your leaves return
The winter sleep is over
You are still there
As it has to be

You not need to run
Because you know
When the time will come
You can catch your own shadow

Catch more sun
My majestic friend
I know why I shall hug you
until the end

© HaFri Poetry 16.05.2016


When the sun is warm
And the water is near
Why not dipping in?

When the rain has gone
And the sun creates its shadow
Why don’t step within?

When dark and light are so close
Why not taking the best of both?

Drink from the magical fountains
Wash your worries way
Get drunk from the wonderful sound
Of water what splashes at the ground

Look to your beloved
See those sparkles in their eyes
Reflecting yours

Hear the sound of the water
And listen what it tells to you
After the rain, the sun will shine
And it will always do

© HaFri Poetry 16.05.2016


When the dark clouds collide
With the colourful creations of human
There is magic in the airColour greets black and white
It looks like it is time
To take out my umbrella
The caroussel starts to turn
The music gets louder
I sink in my rollercoaster of fantasyAnd while turning upside down
Louder, faster
The climax comes near
The clouds magically disappearThe rain did not fall at all

© HaFri Poetry 17.05.2016


It is a long way
To the top

And the only way to get further
Is with your feet at the ground

© HaFri Poetry 17.05.2016


when we stand together
We will last longer
When we help eachother
We will be much stronger

It is not necesserily that we fight
But it feels better, side by side

© HaFri Poetry 17.05.2016


And when the job is done
When the stress is not yet gone
We take the time to relax our feet
Well deserved, we choose our seat

A drink at the table
And no longer able
To move a sheet
Just doing nothing, is al we need

No longer running from here to there
Stress slides away with the air
One hand grips to a drink
No longer I have to think

The plates are filled with something delicious
No more questions or decisions
Only we, who really care
Debating the choice of the chair

© HaFri Poetry 20.05.2016


If you have a rainy day
I will give you shelter
When you are cold
I warm you, and I hold

I will dry you up, when you are wet
It are not just words, as so many said
I shall give you a smile
Through your tears
I will stand beside you
To face the frightening fears
I want to be the light
In your cold and fearsome night
I just want to be with you
If you let me toI can not take away your pain
But I can dry your tear
And if you let me
You will have someone nearI will be your shelter
The wind will not blow me away
And when the sun shines too warm
I will be the shadow in what you can stay

© HaFri Poetry 22.05.2016

Where did it go wrong
Where did I loose
Why can’t I be strong
When I feel the blues

What if I said something different
What if I did not disagree
Would it make a change, in the end
Or enlighten my misery
Things come all for a reason
Things happen to make us carry on
Just like the changes of the season
After the rain there will be sunA penny for your thoughts my dear
Your outher beauty might be gold
But only who can come very near
Will discover what your soul can hold


© HaFri Poetry 24.05.2016

Are we allowed
To have our little dreams
Even when we are awakeA moment that we close our eyes
Travel to our tiny paradise
In our sweet little lies
Do we allow ourselves a moment
To step out of reality
Just because we need itA travel to a place to live
Where there is love to get and to give
Where there is no question like: what ifAre we able to find our fantasy
Can we step out of reality
Just one moment, closing our mindTo where no one can find
Only who we allow to hold
One moment under a roof of gold

© HaFri Poetry 24.05.2016


Some people think
That you can cover your face
A mask makes you anonymous
You can be anyone you want

Some people dare more
When they hide theirselves
Like little kids
Behind mother’s skirt
It is only for a few
To wear their mask with dignity
Not to hide behind
But leading away the attention
Frim the face
To what is withinThis works wonderful
Until who wears the mask
Starts to laugh

© HaFri Poetry 25.05.2016


When I look up to the sky
I feel sometimes so small
And other times
I don’t feel small at all

When I look up
and think of you
My heart smiles too

When I see the clouds
Drifting away
I wished we could fly with them
To an unknown destination

Where we could feel the sensation
To happiness in a peaceful mayhem
Where is no pain, and no one to obey
Where happiness is all what it is about

Where we can look down to mother earth
Live again as if a rebirth
When I look up to the sky and see
The world from a destiny

I know I can not fly away
And often that is fully okay
In my dream I climb in the air
The way to heaven leads over a stair

I am not ready to step within
Sometimes want to fly in a (led) Zeppelin

© HaFri Poetry 26.05.2016


How short the blossom flowers
How fast a day is gone
Can you count the time
Of a laughter,
Or a smile

How long we wait
For the beauty to be
It might flow away
Before you realize it was there

Maybe we should take a rest
Standing still
Holding breath
Not too long
But long enough
To see the miracle

Before she is gone

© HaFri Poetry 28.05.2016

Wandering through our life
We have those moments that we just survive
We don’t feel like going on
For stepping out we are not enough strong

We struggle and bend our head
Feeling miserable and want to forget
We bow under the pain
Sadness drives us insane
While we are feeling sad
We are hardly aware that
The tree, growing at our feet
Is sending you his healthy greetStep to it
Don’t be shy
Touch it
And you will know whyYou will feel understood
Without someone tells you how you should
You will feel accepted, the way you are
The way to happiness is not that farAnd if you look up, seeing his crown
You might wonder why you were looking down
There is no need to bend
Because in him, you have a friendThe silence bond, that you create
The energy that you both generate
The love you get, when you give
The life you lead, let it live


© HaFri Poetry 30.05.2016

HaFri Poetry April 2016

Poetry and Emotions – April 2016



April’s first, April fool

Creative minds
Try to find
Reasons why others should believe
It is not easy to achieve

Some April jokes are funny
But most of them are never
If you want to fool me
You need to be more clever

I laugh and am glad when I found out your joke in time
And I feel happy if you can laugh at that of mine
The other days of the year, however
We fool each other more clever

Lies and cheating are part of every day
And even when it is not funny
It seems to be okay

Politicians and Religions
Legal reasons for terror and war
Our permanent nightmares and endless fears
the distance between smiles and tears
is not that far


© HaFri Poetry 01.04.2016


I want to tell you a story
About someone I know
He had the guts
Trying to steal my show

How he dare …
I did get the smell in time
And made a plan to beat him down
Because this place is mine
There is only one who can wear the crown

I put him there…

I did show him my disgrace
I yelled from pretty near
I drew my most angry face
To let him shiver and fear

He better takes care

So, things are clear again
There is peace where I do rule
You can see that I am a happy man
And not just someones fool

I greet you, with flare

© HaFri Poetry 04.04.2016


Amazed by your beauty
And maybe unseen by many
Pretty or not
I don’t know
I don’t care

You’re different
You’re one of them
And if I could
I should have hugged you too

I promise to do
Next time

Looking at you
First with my eyes
Then throught the lense
of my digital friend

Captured in the end

It could be a painting
Seen with the eyes of the grand master

I wonder what you should have made of this
But I think I know

© HaFri Poetry 06.04.2016


Yesterday I hugged a tree again
The winter is definitely gone
I photographed so tight and close
That some people might call it tree porn

In that case, when bad eyes meet it
Facebook will delete it
So people, don’t judge me for this hug
Mind your own business, that is more then enough!

© HaFri Poetry 09.04.2016


Me and my shadow

I can not stay alone
He is always here with me
Out of reach

He has no color
Compared to him I am bleach

He follows me where ever I go
Even in the night
He is here, when I see some light

He jumps with me for an hour
He even is with me in the shower
He eats when I eat, even from my plate
He is kissing the girl at my date

I can live without him
I not need him in my life
But without me
should he survive?

I am not sure, and I do not really care
I am used to it, it is me and my shadow there

© HaFri Poetry 11.04.2016


When you are gone
Don’t forget me
When you walk away
Do not regret me

You are pinned into my life
You are the reason that I survive
I want as well to be there for you
Because you are unforgotten –too

I hope I never will be just a name
Because for you counts the same

I label you, you label me
And name you names that no one can see

© HaFri Poetry 13.04.2016


The days do make me happy
Because you are part of it
The nights I can survive
Because I am not alone

The blue sky is so beautiful
The yellow so warm
Nature is wakening up
With all its charm

I want to dance with you
Through the day, trough the night
I want to celebrate me and you
No matter what, we will win the fight

© HaFri Poetry 14.04.2016


Caught between
Hope and fear
Cached between
Left and right

I swim my strokes
As far as I am allowed
I am catched in my cache
And I have not bowed
Within my limits
I dream unlimited
The light shines
No matter where I go

Catched between worries and fear
My heart beats
As long as you are near

© HaFri Poetry 17.04.2016


It is the sky, where I am talking about
The blue sky, covered with a thin cloud
It looks so sunny and bright
The blossom in sight

Maybe it still is cold
While the sun is shining
Screaming to hold

Maybe the blossom is gone to soon
Transforming in fruit after the bloom

Time, waits for no one
And in fact it not needs to
Our heart ticks now, the time is here
Enjoy the present
Yet is to cheer

Worries are for later, when they come
Counting your blossoms
is never wrong

© HaFri Poetry 17.04.2016


I will be dancing in the street
I smile to the blue sky, when we meetWe shall picknick in the sun
The bees will buzz around our head
We memorize what once began

I will see, and fantasize
Sunshine reflecting in your eyes
The golden colour enlightens your hair
We shall be there

Picking the fruits of life again
Waving the darkness away
-it has been cold too long-
Our fire heathens strong
No needs to worry for the day
When the cherry blossom
Blossoms again


© HaFri Poetry 19.04.2016


Je suis

How much we were shocked
When the terror came closer
And with shared sadness
We feel so much stronger
Je suis Charley, je suis Paris
Or even Brussels got our sympathy

But what with Ankara, when the bomb explodes
Or in Africa, where are killed the most
How many are killed in Israel
Is there anyone who can tell

We build walls to protect ourselves
We hide our fears into the shelves
It are not the victims that we see
But the fear that it could be you or me

Millions are paid, to kill terrorists
Can anyone tell me if they exist?
Millions in Africa struggle for life
There is no money, to let them survive

An earthquake kills hundreds in Ecuador
And we carry the french or belgium colour
Collected moaning makes us strong
Our beautiful world will turn on

Sometimes I wish that I could escape
From all this madness that is around
Sometimes I do not feel
That I am meant with that sound

Je suis Paris, well, maybe not
I believe in a different plot
Should it not be great
To fight fears with love
Instead of creating a police state

Such is where I am dreaming of
I might be a dreamer, but just like John
I am sure I am not the only one
And since my name is simply Hans
I live my life as in Give peace a chance


© HaFri Poetry 19.04.2016


So wonderful you reflect the light
So powerful is your white
So fragile is your flower
So magic is your power

When you show us your delight
I know that there is spring
The darkness fades away
The birds shall start to sing

Your fragile flower
Will open soon
Let the butterflies in
And when your days are over
You will prepare a new begin

© HaFri Poetry 20.04.2016


Something is written at the wall
But I can not read it all
Because the wall is too small
And the water

Too high

© HaFri Poetry 22.04.2016


When you are tired,
When you feel sad
Don’t loose your head

Chin up
The sky is to look at

When you feel cold,
When there will israin
Don’t loose your hat

You have no time for that

When you are lonely
Hungry and cold
And when you feel so sad

Think about that

Bo matter how far from home
Walk on
Because you never walk alone

© HaFri Poetry 24.04.2016


Standing at the waterside
Looking into endless fields of waves
Hearing the sound
Of shells washing ashore

I look down at the sand
The crunching shells will soon be gone
The water will remain
Endless waves
That are heared thousands of years before
The circle of life
Please let this happen
Many decades more


© HaFri Poetry 25.04.2016


Let’s make it very clear
And don’t get me mistaken, my dear

The time to talk is over now
No matter how deep you bow
I am fed up from empty bags
Your cutieputy words don’t relax

Nothin there to feed me
Just some empty words to greet me

So, I leave you
With your empty words and bag
You kan kiss my ****, quack, quack!

© HaFri Poetry 27.04.2016


Who can stop them
From having their fun
In cold or rain

Who shall stop them
From taking a bath
When the hail falls around

Enjoy life, when you can
Don’t let rules limit your fun
Every day you can enjoy

And the weather
Does not really matter

© HaFri Poetry 27.04.2016


Do you know
Where you are going to?
Do you really need to go the road
That someone else did pave for you?

Are the roads your guide
Or is it something else

I like to step aside
And lett the others pass
And when I stop rushing forward
I suddenly see more

I can’t say that it is wrong or that it is right
When I am looking at the grass
While others run their part
The signals I ignore

You can go your own way
Even when there is no road
Look around and say
Where do you go, with your load

You might think you know
where you are going to
Direct yourself where you need to go
Create your own path, if you have to do

© HaFri Poetry 28.04.2016

HaFri Poetry March 2016

HaFri Poetry – March 2016

February 2016, Rosengarten


Hey little darling, my goose
Come a bit closer, because I have news

It is that time of the year again
You know, the thing between woman and man
Or of course, If you prefer
A he and a he, or a her and a her 🙂

The winter will go, it has been told
Even when the water still is frigging cold
The daffodils do flower
The bright takes more hours

I can shout it out loud
Or can nibble it in your ear
Rise and shine, because spring is here

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016

(july 2015, Zandvoort beach)

Unreachable you are
But not really that far
I see you, and come close
Until I capture you the most

I see you, but you are too busy
to see me

You and your flower

I come near
And then I can’t come closer anymore
I look
and focus what I see
The memory will remain

Even when you
or I
are gone
into the memory lane

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016

(summer 2015, Zandvoort)

On a hot summernight
When the evening seems not to end

Watching the waves of the sea
And, when no one is looking, waving back

On a hot summernight
Where you could touch the sky

Watching what is happening
The sun sets on fire
And you don’t need to be afraid
The water is cool, and wide
The fire is far away

An awe to look to
Unnatural beauty touches your soul
And you wish
this hot summernight
should last forever

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016

(february 2016, Urderbacher Kämpe)

you need to take the colours away

so that you can discover
the beauty of the black and white

and all what is between


© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016


In life we need to be strong
Even when it is hard
We have to carry on
Your bed can be gone
But you still need to sleep
Some wounds are hurting pretty deep

Where can you rest,
When you are roaming around
When you are lost
How can you be found

Pack your things
Count what you have
When looking better, you find much more
Then what you were ever
Looking for

© HaFri Poetry 02.03.2016


Or found?

But not safe.

Why is it left at the street
As if no one really needs it?

Why did I make a picture
And not even moved it aside?

When that was wrong
What has been right?

Is there a beginning
After the end?

© HaFri Poetry 03.03.2016


From my chair in the sun
I look to the horizonThe grey sea
And the red ship
It looks so peaceful
The waitress brings me another beer
The ship is still there
It slowly passes from the left to the right
Beautiful in eye sight

I sit with my beloved and a drink
While I think

About where the ship comes from
And where it will go
First harbour in sight is Amsterdam
And that is all I will ever know

The ship is long gone
And so are we
How much I long for meeting the sea


© HaFri Poetry 03.03.2016

( march 2016 Wrapped air)

If you have nothing to share
If there is no one who cares

When the street
Freezes your bones even more

And the people pass by
Busy with buying food for the day
Blind to see you sitting there

When all you have to do
Is nothing else then selling wrapped air

© HaFri Poetry 01.03.2016


(February 2016, Urderbacher Kämpe)
(February 2016, Urderbacher Kämpe)

Step by step
Running away from the past
Facing the future
But never reaching it

Step by step
At the long and windy road
On the long run

Your path is clear
Not your destination
You will soon be turning..
Turning.. around the corner

Do you know
Where you’re going to?
No matter where
Where ever I may roam
Running home
It’s a long way there
Running with the devil

© HaFri Poetry 04.03.2016


There was a lot of noise in the tree
Tweeting birds, but not for me
They were busy, as you cn see
Or maybe you can’t see it at all
They are pretty small

Their sound however, was loud and clear
Unmistakeable that they are here
Even on a rainy day
It is a clear message they have to say

Soon it will be spring, don’t be scared
The sun will come, and we are prepared
We are settling in, as you can see
Living in peaceful harmony
And if you want to see more
Next time picture better, we were with four

© HaFri Poetry 05.03.2016


Elements, like wind and sea
Are directing me
I have my way in my own hands
But how fast, that depends

of the height of the waves
and the winds direction
I trust on the elements
they are my reflections

That is how my soul is directing me
I can ride the wild wind
I can travel the sea
anywhere the wind blows
Doesn’t really matter

to me

© HaFri Poetry 05.03.2016


Packing my things
Going away
From this place
Full of sadness and fear

Not much I need
On my travel
To a bit more cheer

I rest my case
At the bicycle, that I shall ride
When I am there
Where it is sunny and bright

I not need to go far
In fact, I only need to turn around
And open my eyes
For the happiness
What here can be found

I unpack my bags
Leave the bicycle unused
I am looking more happy
Now the world looks less confused

© HaFri Poetry 06.03.2016


A few weeks ago
They did peek out
The crocusses
Ah, happiness came then

Spring will soon be there
Here is the sign
Their fragility and flowerpower
Colours to fade the winter away

Until yesterday
There are the last ones, flowering
In a sheltered place
And then the night came
with snow

The last crocusses, messngers of spring
A white blanket did they bring
But we all know
this will be over
And we all know
That we don’t know when

But it will
And I shall greet you
I shall remember
The victory of warm and bright
Over the cold of the night

© HaFri Poetry 07.03.2016


A protest poem

It is there
Spring is in the air
Carefully nature starts to bloom
But beware, here is Mrs Doom

The beautiful daffodils
That colour the park
Mean nothing
To Mrs and her red bark, bark

While doggie is taken to relief
My eyes watch his boss in disbelieve
She kills the flowers
And takes them home
So she can enjoy them all on her own

My disbelieve grows to anger
More and more
With every flower that is torn

I believe in karma
You get the bill for what you do
But I now should gladly do a spanking or two

No, I shake my head instead
And hope that she,
Just like the flowers
Will drop dead.

© HaFri Poetry 09.03.2016


Hi honey
I am going out
It is time to party loud
It is time to do less boring things
Here I go, spreading my wingsI have been waiting far too long
I feel fantastic, ready for all night long
Come with me, man you won’t regret
It will be hot, steamy and wetWell honey, I love to party with you
Nothing else I want to do
But, and I don’t want to spoil the matter
Your clothes are missing a few feather


© HaFri Poetry 10.03.2016


Hello everybody, how do you do
Do I need to introduce myself to you
Well, I live here in this park section
And I am often the main attraction

I swim and eat roots and wood
I am happy when I am in swimming mood
From nature I am a bit shy
But not here in the park, I tell you why
There are tiny old ladies that bring me feed
Corn, carrots, potatoes, bread,
all the things I don’t really need
There even a few, I have to confess in shame
That do give me a real human nameI don’t need that, but since I can not speak
And those ladies don’t understand my poorly squeek
They keep on coming with bags full of stuff
And we really, really did have enoughNow some bosses in offices with ties
Seem to have notiiced a bit of our cries
They want a solution for the problem, for me
But I think the problem is not me, but sheEven the radio sent reporters to see
They talk with everyone, but not with me
How sad is my destiny, what will be the decission
What will be the result of this missionMaybe there comes a plate, don’t feed
But I am sure tht my feeders won’t read
They will come to waste their time
with making us thick and sickSo, when there comes publicity
and no one is asking me
What do you think, will be the result in the end
It is a matter of surviving, and I will not bendNo Human Being, when you don’t talk with me
I will never leave, you will see
Be unkind to my feeders, they need to know
Thtat they in the end, will kill my show
We eat you arm, you can be sure
Because when you are not thinking, we will produce more
Until you have no idea what to do anymore
We will rule, you can be sureSo I warn you for the last time
Keep your waste where it belongs, and don’t share it with mine


© HaFri Poetry 11.03.2016


Sometimes I need to do
what I have to do
And then I hug a tree
or maybe two

It doesn’t matter, after all
Tree hugging is wonderful,
I had a ball

© HaFri Poetry 11.03.2016


Gently the daylight touches the water
The warmth of the sun melts the darkness away#Sanft berührt das Tageslicht das Wasser
Die Wärme der Sonne verschmilzt mit den DunkelheitIt is still cold
The harmony grows
when the season passes byEs ist noch immer kalt
Die Harmonie stärkt sich
Während das Saison weiter wachst


© HaFri Poetry 11.03.2016


Good morning wonderful world
It is a beautiful day it’s almost spring
I let the sunshine inAnd when you shine
It feels like you’re mine
The same old story with a new begin
Good mornng sunshine
We are friends today
You are not too hot
You reflect a lot
I can live with you this wayGood morning delightful light
Life can be beautiful, when things are all right
The joy of the approaching spring
Makes me try to sing


© HaFri Poetry 12.03.2016


Like guards
Taller then you can tell
Stronger then you can say
More silent then you can hear

They look over us
Day and night
In rain, or in sunshine
They stay where they are

We can lean on them
They protect us
No matter what we do
They care

Bless, that you are there

© HaFri Poetry 12.03.2016


Tweet, tweet, tweet
Come on
Listen to my beautiful song

It tells from winter, what is almost gone
It tweets the spring, it’s what we need
Tweet, twiddle dee dum
It’s in the air and you know it, hun

Tweet, tweet, tweet
You who hear this, you know what I need
It is fluffy and as beautiful as me
But instead it is not a he but a she

Tweet, twiddle, tweet, doddle, tweet, twit
For crying out loud, this has to be it
I want my baby and I want it now
And when Ihave her,
She lays me some eggs somehow

Yes you might have thought that my tweet
Is innocent and sweet
You know that that is definitely wrong
Here is the secret of my innocent song

© HaFri Poetry 13.03.2016


I walking through the present
Drinking from the future, and dreaming of the past
The sun is thin, and I feel cold
Warmer when there is you to hold

Memorizing memories of moments that we share
Holding heartbeats that will never flare
It is less colder when you are there to hold
Closing the memories, the future gently unfold

Not knowing what we are going to
Just you and me and our fears for tomorrow
Hold me now, enlighten both our sorrow
Time will tell us what to do

It still is cold outside
But when I hold you
There is always the light
It is told to hold us through the night

© HaFri Poetry 13.03.2016


One day the sun will come back shining
Just believe in it, and you will see
One day it will be warm again
One day, for you and me

That day I sing you a song
Of the path that we did go
The road that never went wrong
Even when we di not see

One day the sun will be shining
From south to north, from east to west
Shadows will disappear
We will be there, at our best

Einen Tag wird die Sonne wieder scheinen
Glaube es, du sollst es sehen
Einen Tag wird es wieder wärmer sein
Einen Tag, für uns beiden

Auf diesen Tag singe ich Dir einen Lied
Von den Weg, der wir gegangen sind
Den Pfad war niemals falsch
Auch wenn wir das nicht so erfuhren

Auf einen Tag wird die Sonne wieder scheinen
Von Süd nach Nord, von Ost nach West
From south to north, from east to west
Dann wird den Schatten für immer verschwinden
Wir sind dann dort, ohne Schmerz

© HaFri Poetry 15.03.2016

(a picture taken in December 2015, short before that the 3 swans did disappear out of the park. I fear something very bad did happen to them, but no one seems to know)
(a picture taken in December 2015, short before that the 3 swans did disappear out of the park. I fear something very bad did happen to them, but no one seems to know)

When I saw you
I was not aware
That it was the last time
I saw you there

We all were so happy, with you
The future looked much promising too
But the other day you were gone
No one has an adiea, where it went wrong

You were so happy, with you tree
And now none of you is there to see
We can only guess and hope
That you went to a better place
You gave so many a happy face

Farewell you beautiful creature
Maybe we meet in the future
And if someone did bad to you
I hope that he will end bad too

Take care, my friend, have a good flight
Spread your wings, and be all right


© HaFri Poetry 17.03.2016


When I opened up my eyes
It was as dark, as when they were closed
When I stepped into the fire
It was like walking naked in the snow
When I lit the candle
The darknes was colder
And the light was darker then the night
How much I wished to give up
How much I was longing for my final breath
But the air kept on coming to my lungs
My heart refused to fullfill my last wish
Life went on and onThen you opened my eyes
You let the light fow in
You gave your hand
I stepped out of the fire
I did not realize this was a new beginThere is no cold, where we do hold
There is no darkness where we areHow much I missed you
Where were you, that time, long ago
It doesn’t matter, you are here now,
That’s all I need to knowYour eyes, so grey and blue
Tell me how much I love you
You made me strong
I will carry onAnd when it is all a bit too much
I return your smile
And it won’t last a while
Before our hearts do touchThe fire, that will warm you in the bright
The flame, that protects you for the nightTwo persons, two hearts unite
Two worlds, gathered to one
The darkness, we overwan
In the end, we return
back to the light

© HaFri Poetry 18.03.2016



Finding their way
Over wave lengths
That we can not see

Invisible messengers
Sent from aweful constructions
Filled with amazing technolocy

Searching for recieve
They pass my eyes unseen
My ears don’t hear
The voice that hits me on its route

They are there
Leaving their killing micro dust
As long as we trust
In the advanced technolocy

© HaFri Poetry 18.03.2016



When I feel up
You say you’re down
When I say smile
You form a frown

When I say water
You show me air
When I see you
You are not there

I can look through you
And still see me
Like a mirror
Like the sea

When I look, I can see
What is really making me
All my love and happiness
Are a reflection of you

Let me be your mirror
Look into me and see
The magical world
That you share with me

Let my eyes reflect your soul
Look into them, be not afraid
The future will be different
Then what you now expect
In the meantime enjoy your happiness
In what I shall

© HaFri Poetry 19.03.2016

(schloss Rheydt, Mönchengladbach 20.03.2016)

I’m looking to you
You’re not the same

Somehow something looks different today
Is it because it is Monday
Is it my crown, my feathers, my hair
My eyes? No, everything seems to be there

I’m lookig to you
Now who’s to blame

The colours seem to be not there
O my, 50 shades of grey
What did I do, to deserve this way
I could almot cry from dispair

But I know what is bothering me
It is to blame on photography
My colours were not good enough
But in black and white
Everything seems to be all right

I did learn my lesson
I never will pose again
For that man
He can stick his canon where it is dark
And if he returns, I bite him
sharper then a shark


© HaFri Poetry 23.03.2016

(20.03.2016 Schloß Rheydt)


Finally I can sit
It was such a day, and that was it
I did show my feather
In stormy weather

I did do my best
But no one was impressed
Only some photographers were there.. again
Be honest, such can not satisfy a man
I wanted more, put my feather in curls
Shaked my booty, bring on the girls
They came, they saw, and they went on
Oh pitty me, where did it go wrong?I can not offer them more privacy
For those countless papperazzi
They click and clack, they sit and bend
Picturing every feather, every momentIt has been enough, I am tired and annoyed
Do they know how much they destroyed?
I hope they made the picture of the year
Then at least they won’t retun to hereI am done, it’s been such a day
Those photographers MUST STAY AWAY!

© HaFri Poetry 23.03.2016



Hop Hop Hop, beware, beware
It is that far, Easter is there
Get into stress for the Easter Bunny
O man, some people are too funny

Long rows in the supermarket
Big piles in overloaded carts
As if we need to store for a year
Ho, ho, ho, Easter is near

People see they have extrra free
Friends are invited, and food should be
And also some drinks
Me thinks

I look at it, and shake my head
This shopping stress may cause someones dead
Watching the clock, in a minute 4 times
Nothing better to do, in the waiting lines

Another box of eggs
Another lack of stress
Chocolate, oh, I almost forgot
There it is, let me take a lot
Bunnies, chickens and other sweets
Will fullfill our Easter needs

I smile and walk away
Because it is just another day
Okay, tomorrow the shops are closed
Still it seems to surprise the most

But me, being a clever man
Did foresee this event again
I smile and walk away
There is nothing I have to say

My Eastern is like christmas, but with an extra egg
My shoppings fit, like at Christmas, in one shopping bag
Happy Easter, to everyone
That is, if you can turn back to the fun

I foresay you, the shops are open, soon again
This stress is a commercial tricky mood
No stomach will suffer from a lack of food

That is, for the lucky ones, like me and you
Who have nothing better to do
Then buying and eating until we are stuffed
Like Eastern Eggs, more then enough

© HaFri Poetry 24.03.2016


Too much troubles in my backpack
I need to clean it up
There is loads of new waiting for me
It is time to give the past a drop

Too much tears I carry around
They contineously keep me wet
I need sunshine to dry up a bit
Love and warmth, and all of that
I know, happiness is all around
Even when not easily been found
It is there and I will make place
For a happy heart and a peaceful faceIt should be a pitty
If my bag is too full
To pack the happiness in my toolI don’t want to miss a chance
Instead of darkness, I shall carry a glance
I must make placeI feel a bit scared when I empty my pack
It was so safe, shall I put it all back
Strangely now it is out, it no longer fits
That is the sign, this must be itI let the sunshine in, and I get thrilled
About so much place, what once was filled
Enlighted I pick up my bag, and I wonder why
I did not earlier kiss the past goodbye

© HaFri Poetry 25.03.2016


What can all grow out of a bulb
Small, hidden in the ground
Until its time has come
An explosion, a miracle of nature

And you are there
Fragile first, but fully bloom soon
In amazing colours

What else can I do
Then look at you
Being amazed from this miracle
Your beauty is still wrapped
Slightly the colours are revealed

Sweet wonderful you
I whisper, and I take your hand
Because it is you, who really understand

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016


I am afraid
Of the violence, around us
I feel scared
How the threathening has found us

Hold me
Don’t let me alone

I stay with you
When the fire gets hot
I hold you closer
When the rest is not

Hold me
we’re not alone

I am scared
From the hate and the war
I am afraid
The darkness is not far

Hold me tight
When we walk to the light

Let us fly
Away from the cold
The hangman long not need us
Hopeless nights won’t feed us

Hold me tight
You are the star in my night

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016

(Can message: nicht öffnen/do not open)

Wenn man nicht lesen kann
Oder seine Neugier nicht beherrschen kann

Oder wenn man einfach so doof ist
Das man nicht lest,
und sein eigenes Zeug nicht aufräumen kann

When one can not read
Or can not control his curiosity

Or when one simply is such a fool
That does not read,
And who can not clean his own mess

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016


I sit here at the bench
On sunny days
But as well in rain

It might look sweet
But it is a pain

And if you say, oh how lovely this is,
I am sorry that I can not share your mood at this

This place is bad, man, can’t you see?
Do you really not matter about me?
I sit here, day and night
I can not move, that can’t be right!

Sometimes, when the weather is fine
I get company at theis benche of mine
When I am lucky, I get a pat
At the head

And when it is starting to rain
They leave me sitting here, again
As if I am not there, have nothing to do
Now I tell you
Dolls have feelings too
You can leave me alone
Because my heart is stone

But you can not control my mood
When I feel frustated, then I am!

© HaFri Poetry 28.03.2016

Quirinus Mittelalter Markt