HaFri Poetry and Emotions – May 2016

HaFri Poetry and Emotions – May 2016



Mother Natire’s palette
Surprises us every time again
After a cold winter
Abd after a warm spring again

The painting never ends
And when Autumn is gone
Mother nature takes its rest
A time out, for returning at her best

We all need the time to gain inspiration
We all need our rest, to return the sensation
Of inventions and new intentions

Slipping one step forward
and one step back
See what you almost did oversee
What was not intended to be

© HaFri Poetry 01.05.2016


Because not all what you see is green
Because not all water is sea
Because not all cars drive
Because not everyone is me

Most of the times you can’t have it all
In everyone’s life some rain must fall

© HaFri Poetry 01.05.2016



Don’t speak loud
Take this
Blow it into the blue
Make a wish

And use the time that comes
To make your dream come true

© HaFri Poetry 03.05.2016


A family portait

Walking through the photo album
Memories of a long gone time
Pictures telling the story
My words colour the line

And when the pages end
The history stops in the present, unseen
Let’s take a new memory
For next generation what is still serene

What will be will be
Ce sera, sera
The future is not yet to see
It is not so far

The photograph tells the story
Without any words
It will tells the story
While others sing the chores

© HaFri Poetry 03.05.2016


Finally some rest
I can sit, without a nest
No eggs for what I should take care
No little goslings for me there

My sister is in second heaven
With her babies, imagine, she has 7
And my mom, without any tricks
Is blessed with another 6

Well, I love to see them happy
But those little things, are not for me
I like to spoil them when I like
And when they annoy me, I take a hike

No babies, I am free
I can fly away to where I will be
And the ultimate of it
I can close my eyes, when I sit

Spring is in the air
And I love the gosling sound
I love my freedom, anywhere
Until one day, my prince is around

© HaFri Poetry 04.05.2016


Where are the colours
That used to colour our life
There is just enough light
To survive

You might think so
But you are wrong
The shadow is not that strong

Every end is a new begin
And we are in the middle within
Struggling and when it looks like the end
Then there is
A helping hand

© HaFri Poetry 05.05.2016


Now the winter is definitely gone, for a while
Mother nature paints our world

Flowers flower
Birds are singing
Young life is born
The long winter is forgotten so soon

I look at you
Oooh, yes, you are amazing
A jewel growing just like that

Oooh yes you are wonderful
It is hard to express what I think
Maybe I should keep it simple
And just write, that I love pink

© HaFri Poetry 07.05.2016


I was watching the rain
Wishing it would be over soon
And all what happened was that it went more

My eyes were crying like the clouds
And I was looking for the blue
Grey came to bring the clue

My bones were cold
I wished I could let it go
And all it did, was hold

I wanted to dream
Something nice
And I could not get asleep

Then came you
You woke me up, before I slept

You showed me sunshine behind the cloud
You learned me where it is all about
I could smile through my tear
Even when far, no one ever came that near

I felt you within, before you touched me
I could lean on you, before I could hold your hand

And the rain was gone
While I was expecting spring
Summer did come

© HaFri Poetry 09.05.2016


No longer
The sun dries us out
The grass will be green

We found our way
To The fountain of lamneth
And drink the honeydew instead

Our life is sparkling
From the well
Our hope wells up inside

Splashing sparkles in the sunlight
There is no time to feed the night
We are guided over the hills
And here we are
To find our final shed

© HaFri Poetry 11.05.2016


Some days
I feel as if
The whole world turns around

Good seems bad
Dark feels light

I look around me
The city makes me crazy
I am lost
With the crowd around

I am in a rollercoaster ride
Without a start
Without an end

I am going faster then I want
And I can not stop the train
With head over heels
I can not even scream

Silent I close my eyes
Me alone, with my cries
How can I go on?
I just don’t know

I better sit back
And go, with the show

I open my eyes
And feel happy with what I see
Because when there seems no end

There is always
You, guiding me

© HaFri Poetry 11.05.2016


It seems like yesterday
That you peeked out of the ground
It only seems an hour
That you began to flower

Sunshine, wind and rain
Your beauty could not remain
And today
Your last leave will fly away

You will soon be forgotten
Until the new begin
Nature will amaze us otherwise
In the time within

Silent witnesses of what once was
Your lost beauty lays in the grass
I look at it, and smile within
It is not the end
But a new begin

© HaFri Poetry 13.05.2016


I don’t know
How many years
you are standing there
How many storms you did survive
As long as I know, you are around

And now, after the winter
Your leaves return
The winter sleep is over
You are still there
As it has to be

You not need to run
Because you know
When the time will come
You can catch your own shadow

Catch more sun
My majestic friend
I know why I shall hug you
until the end

© HaFri Poetry 16.05.2016


When the sun is warm
And the water is near
Why not dipping in?

When the rain has gone
And the sun creates its shadow
Why don’t step within?

When dark and light are so close
Why not taking the best of both?

Drink from the magical fountains
Wash your worries way
Get drunk from the wonderful sound
Of water what splashes at the ground

Look to your beloved
See those sparkles in their eyes
Reflecting yours

Hear the sound of the water
And listen what it tells to you
After the rain, the sun will shine
And it will always do

© HaFri Poetry 16.05.2016


When the dark clouds collide
With the colourful creations of human
There is magic in the airColour greets black and white
It looks like it is time
To take out my umbrella
The caroussel starts to turn
The music gets louder
I sink in my rollercoaster of fantasyAnd while turning upside down
Louder, faster
The climax comes near
The clouds magically disappearThe rain did not fall at all

© HaFri Poetry 17.05.2016


It is a long way
To the top

And the only way to get further
Is with your feet at the ground

© HaFri Poetry 17.05.2016


when we stand together
We will last longer
When we help eachother
We will be much stronger

It is not necesserily that we fight
But it feels better, side by side

© HaFri Poetry 17.05.2016


And when the job is done
When the stress is not yet gone
We take the time to relax our feet
Well deserved, we choose our seat

A drink at the table
And no longer able
To move a sheet
Just doing nothing, is al we need

No longer running from here to there
Stress slides away with the air
One hand grips to a drink
No longer I have to think

The plates are filled with something delicious
No more questions or decisions
Only we, who really care
Debating the choice of the chair

© HaFri Poetry 20.05.2016


If you have a rainy day
I will give you shelter
When you are cold
I warm you, and I hold

I will dry you up, when you are wet
It are not just words, as so many said
I shall give you a smile
Through your tears
I will stand beside you
To face the frightening fears
I want to be the light
In your cold and fearsome night
I just want to be with you
If you let me toI can not take away your pain
But I can dry your tear
And if you let me
You will have someone nearI will be your shelter
The wind will not blow me away
And when the sun shines too warm
I will be the shadow in what you can stay

© HaFri Poetry 22.05.2016

Where did it go wrong
Where did I loose
Why can’t I be strong
When I feel the blues

What if I said something different
What if I did not disagree
Would it make a change, in the end
Or enlighten my misery
Things come all for a reason
Things happen to make us carry on
Just like the changes of the season
After the rain there will be sunA penny for your thoughts my dear
Your outher beauty might be gold
But only who can come very near
Will discover what your soul can hold


© HaFri Poetry 24.05.2016

Are we allowed
To have our little dreams
Even when we are awakeA moment that we close our eyes
Travel to our tiny paradise
In our sweet little lies
Do we allow ourselves a moment
To step out of reality
Just because we need itA travel to a place to live
Where there is love to get and to give
Where there is no question like: what ifAre we able to find our fantasy
Can we step out of reality
Just one moment, closing our mindTo where no one can find
Only who we allow to hold
One moment under a roof of gold

© HaFri Poetry 24.05.2016


Some people think
That you can cover your face
A mask makes you anonymous
You can be anyone you want

Some people dare more
When they hide theirselves
Like little kids
Behind mother’s skirt
It is only for a few
To wear their mask with dignity
Not to hide behind
But leading away the attention
Frim the face
To what is withinThis works wonderful
Until who wears the mask
Starts to laugh

© HaFri Poetry 25.05.2016


When I look up to the sky
I feel sometimes so small
And other times
I don’t feel small at all

When I look up
and think of you
My heart smiles too

When I see the clouds
Drifting away
I wished we could fly with them
To an unknown destination

Where we could feel the sensation
To happiness in a peaceful mayhem
Where is no pain, and no one to obey
Where happiness is all what it is about

Where we can look down to mother earth
Live again as if a rebirth
When I look up to the sky and see
The world from a destiny

I know I can not fly away
And often that is fully okay
In my dream I climb in the air
The way to heaven leads over a stair

I am not ready to step within
Sometimes want to fly in a (led) Zeppelin

© HaFri Poetry 26.05.2016


How short the blossom flowers
How fast a day is gone
Can you count the time
Of a laughter,
Or a smile

How long we wait
For the beauty to be
It might flow away
Before you realize it was there

Maybe we should take a rest
Standing still
Holding breath
Not too long
But long enough
To see the miracle

Before she is gone

© HaFri Poetry 28.05.2016

Wandering through our life
We have those moments that we just survive
We don’t feel like going on
For stepping out we are not enough strong

We struggle and bend our head
Feeling miserable and want to forget
We bow under the pain
Sadness drives us insane
While we are feeling sad
We are hardly aware that
The tree, growing at our feet
Is sending you his healthy greetStep to it
Don’t be shy
Touch it
And you will know whyYou will feel understood
Without someone tells you how you should
You will feel accepted, the way you are
The way to happiness is not that farAnd if you look up, seeing his crown
You might wonder why you were looking down
There is no need to bend
Because in him, you have a friendThe silence bond, that you create
The energy that you both generate
The love you get, when you give
The life you lead, let it live


© HaFri Poetry 30.05.2016



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