HaFri Poetry April 2016

Poetry and Emotions – April 2016



April’s first, April fool

Creative minds
Try to find
Reasons why others should believe
It is not easy to achieve

Some April jokes are funny
But most of them are never
If you want to fool me
You need to be more clever

I laugh and am glad when I found out your joke in time
And I feel happy if you can laugh at that of mine
The other days of the year, however
We fool each other more clever

Lies and cheating are part of every day
And even when it is not funny
It seems to be okay

Politicians and Religions
Legal reasons for terror and war
Our permanent nightmares and endless fears
the distance between smiles and tears
is not that far


© HaFri Poetry 01.04.2016


I want to tell you a story
About someone I know
He had the guts
Trying to steal my show

How he dare …
I did get the smell in time
And made a plan to beat him down
Because this place is mine
There is only one who can wear the crown

I put him there…

I did show him my disgrace
I yelled from pretty near
I drew my most angry face
To let him shiver and fear

He better takes care

So, things are clear again
There is peace where I do rule
You can see that I am a happy man
And not just someones fool

I greet you, with flare

© HaFri Poetry 04.04.2016


Amazed by your beauty
And maybe unseen by many
Pretty or not
I don’t know
I don’t care

You’re different
You’re one of them
And if I could
I should have hugged you too

I promise to do
Next time

Looking at you
First with my eyes
Then throught the lense
of my digital friend

Captured in the end

It could be a painting
Seen with the eyes of the grand master

I wonder what you should have made of this
But I think I know

© HaFri Poetry 06.04.2016


Yesterday I hugged a tree again
The winter is definitely gone
I photographed so tight and close
That some people might call it tree porn

In that case, when bad eyes meet it
Facebook will delete it
So people, don’t judge me for this hug
Mind your own business, that is more then enough!

© HaFri Poetry 09.04.2016


Me and my shadow

I can not stay alone
He is always here with me
Out of reach

He has no color
Compared to him I am bleach

He follows me where ever I go
Even in the night
He is here, when I see some light

He jumps with me for an hour
He even is with me in the shower
He eats when I eat, even from my plate
He is kissing the girl at my date

I can live without him
I not need him in my life
But without me
should he survive?

I am not sure, and I do not really care
I am used to it, it is me and my shadow there

© HaFri Poetry 11.04.2016


When you are gone
Don’t forget me
When you walk away
Do not regret me

You are pinned into my life
You are the reason that I survive
I want as well to be there for you
Because you are unforgotten –too

I hope I never will be just a name
Because for you counts the same

I label you, you label me
And name you names that no one can see

© HaFri Poetry 13.04.2016


The days do make me happy
Because you are part of it
The nights I can survive
Because I am not alone

The blue sky is so beautiful
The yellow so warm
Nature is wakening up
With all its charm

I want to dance with you
Through the day, trough the night
I want to celebrate me and you
No matter what, we will win the fight

© HaFri Poetry 14.04.2016


Caught between
Hope and fear
Cached between
Left and right

I swim my strokes
As far as I am allowed
I am catched in my cache
And I have not bowed
Within my limits
I dream unlimited
The light shines
No matter where I go

Catched between worries and fear
My heart beats
As long as you are near

© HaFri Poetry 17.04.2016


It is the sky, where I am talking about
The blue sky, covered with a thin cloud
It looks so sunny and bright
The blossom in sight

Maybe it still is cold
While the sun is shining
Screaming to hold

Maybe the blossom is gone to soon
Transforming in fruit after the bloom

Time, waits for no one
And in fact it not needs to
Our heart ticks now, the time is here
Enjoy the present
Yet is to cheer

Worries are for later, when they come
Counting your blossoms
is never wrong

© HaFri Poetry 17.04.2016


I will be dancing in the street
I smile to the blue sky, when we meetWe shall picknick in the sun
The bees will buzz around our head
We memorize what once began

I will see, and fantasize
Sunshine reflecting in your eyes
The golden colour enlightens your hair
We shall be there

Picking the fruits of life again
Waving the darkness away
-it has been cold too long-
Our fire heathens strong
No needs to worry for the day
When the cherry blossom
Blossoms again


© HaFri Poetry 19.04.2016


Je suis

How much we were shocked
When the terror came closer
And with shared sadness
We feel so much stronger
Je suis Charley, je suis Paris
Or even Brussels got our sympathy

But what with Ankara, when the bomb explodes
Or in Africa, where are killed the most
How many are killed in Israel
Is there anyone who can tell

We build walls to protect ourselves
We hide our fears into the shelves
It are not the victims that we see
But the fear that it could be you or me

Millions are paid, to kill terrorists
Can anyone tell me if they exist?
Millions in Africa struggle for life
There is no money, to let them survive

An earthquake kills hundreds in Ecuador
And we carry the french or belgium colour
Collected moaning makes us strong
Our beautiful world will turn on

Sometimes I wish that I could escape
From all this madness that is around
Sometimes I do not feel
That I am meant with that sound

Je suis Paris, well, maybe not
I believe in a different plot
Should it not be great
To fight fears with love
Instead of creating a police state

Such is where I am dreaming of
I might be a dreamer, but just like John
I am sure I am not the only one
And since my name is simply Hans
I live my life as in Give peace a chance


© HaFri Poetry 19.04.2016


So wonderful you reflect the light
So powerful is your white
So fragile is your flower
So magic is your power

When you show us your delight
I know that there is spring
The darkness fades away
The birds shall start to sing

Your fragile flower
Will open soon
Let the butterflies in
And when your days are over
You will prepare a new begin

© HaFri Poetry 20.04.2016


Something is written at the wall
But I can not read it all
Because the wall is too small
And the water

Too high

© HaFri Poetry 22.04.2016


When you are tired,
When you feel sad
Don’t loose your head

Chin up
The sky is to look at

When you feel cold,
When there will israin
Don’t loose your hat

You have no time for that

When you are lonely
Hungry and cold
And when you feel so sad

Think about that

Bo matter how far from home
Walk on
Because you never walk alone

© HaFri Poetry 24.04.2016


Standing at the waterside
Looking into endless fields of waves
Hearing the sound
Of shells washing ashore

I look down at the sand
The crunching shells will soon be gone
The water will remain
Endless waves
That are heared thousands of years before
The circle of life
Please let this happen
Many decades more


© HaFri Poetry 25.04.2016


Let’s make it very clear
And don’t get me mistaken, my dear

The time to talk is over now
No matter how deep you bow
I am fed up from empty bags
Your cutieputy words don’t relax

Nothin there to feed me
Just some empty words to greet me

So, I leave you
With your empty words and bag
You kan kiss my ****, quack, quack!

© HaFri Poetry 27.04.2016


Who can stop them
From having their fun
In cold or rain

Who shall stop them
From taking a bath
When the hail falls around

Enjoy life, when you can
Don’t let rules limit your fun
Every day you can enjoy

And the weather
Does not really matter

© HaFri Poetry 27.04.2016


Do you know
Where you are going to?
Do you really need to go the road
That someone else did pave for you?

Are the roads your guide
Or is it something else

I like to step aside
And lett the others pass
And when I stop rushing forward
I suddenly see more

I can’t say that it is wrong or that it is right
When I am looking at the grass
While others run their part
The signals I ignore

You can go your own way
Even when there is no road
Look around and say
Where do you go, with your load

You might think you know
where you are going to
Direct yourself where you need to go
Create your own path, if you have to do

© HaFri Poetry 28.04.2016



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