Goodbye April

With a sunny day (spring for a day?)  April tells us goodbye for this year.  Nature proved it is spring, the weather less.  The last impressions of the month come from my walk to the Botanischer Garten.

There is no escape, I need to go through the park to come there. The Geese nests are ‚out‘, except the one in the Rosengarten.

The results.. Nest 1,  zero.  Nest 2, 10 gooselings, Nest 3, 2 gooslings (one left)

And apart from the new breed swining in the water, the model ships were out as well.

Various Tulips

The Gooslings

I tried a bit out on this beauty.  Therefore rewarded with a separate photo album

Berg-Waldrebe Pink Perfection – Clematis montana

The other flowers

And the rest around my farewell walk for April

Up to May we are!

Swans – the nest

In the city where I work, a few footsteps away,  a couple of swans were breeding in the spring of 2017

This was my first discovery

And here 2 weeks later, where I was witness of the change between mother (with the feather at  the mouth) and father for breeding. Impressive!




CLICK at the pic!

The change (and the view at the eggs)


the full 2nd shoot. More to come (I hope)

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Hausstrecke April

The temperature is winterly, now and then, but nature is telling it clear. Spring is there!

The geese are breeding, the first ducklings are spotted, we are all prepared for some busy weeks to come. May is on its way, here are the impressions of ‚the Hausstrecke‘  in April






A stroll at work in …

One of the things I try to prevent is to publish things about where I do  work. You will not, or rarely, see a photograph of it, because I value the privacy in that.

However, sometimes ‚work‘  leads me in town. And the little town has many treasures, that I like to share with you.   Enjoy the photos from Grevenbroich.


stunnig… beautiful …  swan(s)




A work visit from a year before, 2016

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Hafri Poetry 05 2010

The day
is okay

The warmth fades away the cold
There is the light to hold
But definitely there will be the dawn
Sleep arrives with a little yawn

Baby, it’s all right
Soon we belong to the night

But you do not dare
You don’t want to go there
You won’t close your eyes
You live your dream with open eyes

Dont worry about what has to be
You cant close your eyes forever

After the night, you will see
the light will shine for you and me


17 05 2010

HaFri Poetry 09 2011

2nd Violin

She sits at the sofa
He stands behind her
They both know their place

He plays the music
She is catched in its magic
They both do close their eyes

The dress is perfect and red
Every detail is set
No question what she’s up to

His wig is white,
His string is tight
He will not play out of tune

A perfect harmony
As far as we can see
So, why do they close their eyes

He is still playing, the 2nd violin
And she enjoys his musical lies

16 09 2011

HaFri Poetry 08 2009

Close your eyes
When I tell you the truth
Point to me
Tell me what I am doing wrong

Close your eyes
Sleep all day
So that you won’t hear my voice
And no one has to hear your noise

I know, I am the least one to say
that my life is perfect and okay
But sometimes I have to
face the truth, like I do

Mess we made, it can get clean
But we have to help and you know what I mean
You cant sleep your problems away
When you wake up, there are they

HaFri Poetry 09 2013

life is a candy crush
Sometimes I wonder, what is life
Is it just a way to survive
And if it is just that
Where exactly do we survive at
 One move is made, and all that I see
The colors changing,a new move waits for me
Strips or dots. jelly feed
Even chocolate must be delete
-- delicious--
Sometimes I think, life is a game
Trick or Treat, It all looks the same
The many colors that make my life unique
It's up to me if I turn on the music
When I reach a new level, after all the time
I dont rest and enjoy, but I redraw the line
Level up, as soon as I can
Begging for new life, to finish the plan
But be careful, our time might run out
Before you make a move, think about
There is no option to turn it back
Win or loose, is hidden in one track
Life is a game, and I am in
Play the game, live to win
With you my darling I am not in a rush
Becase my sweetheart, you're my
super crush
14 09 2013

HaFri Poetry 05 2015

Goodbye, Harold my friend
You will never leave from our hearts
You were the power that did bind us
When life went more then arts

You showed us how life can be
When we neded you, you were there
Now you are no longer with us
And the stars did gain your name 

And it looks like you are froever
Like the sparkle of the star
When you fade in the morning
You will still be not that far

I will always feel the spotlight
Shining down from you to here
Today I will burn a candle
Becuse you finally are there

A gentlemen did go
It is strange that you are gone
Your light wil always shine on
In our memory we will know

And even when there are tears
About how much we miss
The laughter will not disappear
The joy you brought is alwaqys here

And it looks to me that you are never gone
When the wind blows through my hair
Like the rose after the winter
You return and still are there
I will always smell the flower
That you did put inside our heart
You are the silent power
We will never get apart

Goodbye Harold my friend
Your life on earth will never end
You were the roses that you did post
When we needed them the most

Goodbye, Harold my friend
Your soul wil live forever on
Our group carries your spirit
With that we shall be strong

And it looks to me that you lived your life
Not as long as it should be
Your spirit lives forever
The world will always see

Our hearts are filled with all your footprints
They will help us to go on

Your light will brighten us forever
Your light let us live on

06 05 20015