Goodbye April

With a sunny day (spring for a day?)  April tells us goodbye for this year.  Nature proved it is spring, the weather less.  The last impressions of the month come from my walk to the Botanischer Garten.

There is no escape, I need to go through the park to come there. The Geese nests are ‚out‘, except the one in the Rosengarten.

The results.. Nest 1,  zero.  Nest 2, 10 gooselings, Nest 3, 2 gooslings (one left)

And apart from the new breed swining in the water, the model ships were out as well.

Various Tulips

The Gooslings

I tried a bit out on this beauty.  Therefore rewarded with a separate photo album

Berg-Waldrebe Pink Perfection – Clematis montana

The other flowers

And the rest around my farewell walk for April

Up to May we are!



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