A stroll along the Obererft

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Einen frühen Spaziergang am  Obererft
An early walk at the Obererft

Von Haus bis zum Selikum
From home to Selikum




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The magic ball
Sphere photography



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Japantag 2017

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The gift of the Japanese Community to Düsseldorf, where is one of the largest japanese centres out of Japan.

The day started as a cultural exchange, and in the years grew out to a meeting of cosplay, and other ‚oriental‘ trends.   Main theme – People.

I love people.



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Some people can fly

Some can’t, but have wings

You can be a big artist, but it is always good to contact with home,

Behind the scenes .  A short rest for the Artists, means work for photographers

Sometiimes the photographers have to suffer a bit as well :)

Creepy fun!

It was crowded, very crowded.  Everywhere people to photograph, and often people who jumped unexpected before the lense.
Enjoy the Whoops! Photos

Sometimes  the highligts are down 😀

All things come to an end.

Maybe I will join next year agan.
And maybe he is there again as well.
And maybe I can photograph his face then.

Time will tell!

And then, away from all the people, a nice walk to end the day with through the Hofgarten. If you told me before that I should photograph a squirrel (and even see her baby), at the Japan Day, I should have shaked my head in disbelieve but…

All in all it was a great day, not only because of the weather, but for all because all the people we met, and that were many, were happy. Including we!

More about the JapanTag 2017 at my Facebook Album


Our city has a long history, what leads back to the roman area.

But later the city got its attention as well, for example from Napoleon Bonaparte. Who wanted to create a water road to Antwerp, and he succeeded in it.

One of the water works that needed to be built to regulate the water was the epanchoir.

In April 2017 the restauration was finished. Here are some impressions of the newest attraction. I will definitely visit it more!

HaFri Poetry 10 2008

If it wasnt you
I could walk away, slam the door
I could be angry, bad and more
There were always tears to score
If it wasnt you

If it wasnt you
I should have never seen the light
I had never felt so bright
I never felt -oh so- all right
If it wasnt you

If it wasnt you
I nev