Gabrielle Stubbs


Another artist,  whose work inspires me and who is inspired by my work, is the british artist Gabrielle Stubbs

Photography inspires to Paintings

Balloons – The original photo
No strings Attached – acrylics on canvas board by Gabrielly Stubbs

Tour de France London Copyright Gabrielle StubbsIn next painting Gabrielle was inspired by the  Tour de France, what started a few years ago in London
This year it starts in Düsseldorf, reason enough for me to dig up some inspiration

Where sport and art reunite

Are the tires pumped up well
And is the bike an ahh and ooh
I hope you are ready for it
Because soon you will have to go

It is done with the time to relax
The hair should be fine
The legs properly waxed
The countdown goes, it is about time

Colourful teams
Supporters behind the fense
Sunshades set
All catched by the camera lense

We waited for it, in endure
But now we are ready to go
Up to France we go
Ready for the ‚grand departure‘

The grand parade is ready to go
What will happen, no one really knows
We dive under in Le Tour’s segragation
Up to Paris, the final destination

28 06 2017
Painting by Gabrielle Stubbs
Words by HaFri Poetry

Let your dream come true
Dream about the fish
Or anything else that you wish

THere is not much to need
A bit of fantasy, a bit of feed
Don’t hesitate any longer
Dream away, from passion or hunger

Dream your dreams, they belong to you
And even when they can’t all come true
Your happy moment will be there
In your sleep, with only you to care

Dream a little dream
Dream your little lies
Maybe they come true
The red cat might read it in your eyes

Painting by Gabrielle Stubbs
Words by Hans Friedhoff for HaFri Poetry
28/ 06 2017

Listening to the voice

(painting by Gabrielle Gubbs)

Today I switched the radio on
As in a dayly routine
I was not thinking what would come
Just building up my daily screen

I took my coffee, and around
I was comfort by the familiar sound
The radio spread its usual noise
And then I realized it was your voice

I stopped for a moment, from sipping my tea
And started to listen what you were telling me
I still could not understand your words
However, I dreamt away at your familiar chords

I do not even know your name
But all the sudden, the magic was here
Sprankling your sound through my ears
And I knew
that nothing, anymore, will be the same

03 07 2017 HaFri Poetry

(painting by Gabrielle Stubbs)

Today I crow for victory
In a special way
We celebrate French Liberty
It is Bastille Day

So much about the history
In the books you can read it
And for who looks close to life today
Will know, that hiistory repeated

We must be alert, to fight the shadow
We can not bow for fear and hate
Unite, stand up and hold the tricolour
It is freedom for what we fight

And when the La Marseillaise plays
We next can sing our own countries glory
Resist, don’t let the darkness win
Love will bring us all victory

Words – HaFri 14 07 2017

Jerusalem 2017

Jerusalem 2017

My heart cries
With every shot
My heart cries
For too many blood

No matter who you are
No matter at what side of the wall
We are all God’s people
We do not differ so much at all

SO much hate, human create
That we can not trust each other
Some may say, far away
But it is too close, not to bother

There is no solution in fight
There is no wrong, because there is no right
Only humanity is real
The tears that I feel

My heart cries
For the beautiful people
Who are blind
And of who their calculating leaders
Tell, tell that there is no solution to find

That is a burtol lie
Because when we start to understand eachother
Then the differens do not bother
And all who cares
are you and I

22 07 2017  Paiting by Gabrielle Stubbs
words by HaFri

Painting (c) by Gabrielle Stubbs

Polar Plastic

A painting by Gabrielle Stubbs.

At the end of another year
We do look back
And can relect
To things far, or near

There are things that are fantastic
Other things are scaring me
Like the polution of the sea
And the climate at the antartic

More and more people open their eyes
And realize
that something has to change, now
If it is not already too late, somehow

We can change it, if we want
But we should work together, hand in hand
There is no time to waste
If we want to save the human race

Think with what you are living for
Buy what you need, and not much more
A polar bear can live fantastic
when it is not surrounded by plastic

So our plea, from us to you
Save the world
Be careful on what we have
and what you do

20 12 2017
Painting by Gabrielle
Words by me (HaFri)

(Painting by Gabrielle Wood duck under the willow)

Do you realize
How special you are, swiming there
The way you look, the colours you wear

I do not say the others look less
But you look different, I guess
Even if only this time of year

The sun shines, it is beautiful weather
I am amazed by your wonderful feather
You glide through te water, without a sound
Under the willow, you turn around

Showing your beauty
It seems, just for me
I love this intimate moment
Colorful under the wheeping willow

The magic happens, without any sound
And I wished, I could stay a bit longer around

07 02 2018



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