Peter Blacksmith

Sometimes you find people who are extremely gifted, and who you never heard or saw before.  How is it possible, that so many talent is hidden?

Here some work from the Belgian mastermind Peter Blacksmith.  With a  click at the first painting below (Magic!)  you come to his website.

Further I took the freedom to share a few of his works, in good tradition with some words to it.

Ladies and Gentleman, you’re more then welcome in the wonderful world of Peter Blacksmith


Oil on canvas 180 x 120 cm


Sometimes I realize
How hard it is to pay the price
For knowing what I know
And not can letting go

Sometimes I just want to hide
Away from glamour and pride
close the curtains, dim the light
Just me and the shimmering light

Those sometimes mostly disappear
When I, again, am looking clear
Awaking from my dream
Leaving the nightmare in a scream

I leave my body and fly
Nothing to carry, nothing to feel shy
Flying back to the inner me
Proud with what I see

Words by HaFri Poetry
Painting by Peter Blacksmith

Travelling High

Travellng high. Painting and Music by Peter Blacksmith

click at the photo to hear the song that belongs to the painting

Let me travel high
Let you be free again
Away from the chains
Away from where you can not escape

Let me fly through the sky
With the unending view
Let me fly
Upon the dreams, that we once knew

You may say, it is a dream
And I tell you, it is is not
This is it, I have it seen
The sky is the limit an unendless spot

Let us travel high
Let us fly, into the blue
Feeling free again
Where ther is
just me and you

Peter Blacksmith at FaceBook



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