A view on Heidelberg from the Philosophers Road/ Philosophenweg






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Alte Brücke  


Upwards it is called the Philosophers way. A climb along big houses, hidden behind the walls. Hig above it is the philosophers garden. A small oasis, with a magnificant view. No wonder that many philosophers fell in love there.

Downwards it is called the snake road.  Not recommended for who has difficulties with walking. But, between our careful steps, we enjoyed the wonderful views at Heilderbeg and the Old Bridge /Alte Brücke

This is Perkeo . 
Perkeo was a dwarf, only 1 meter high, who was brought to Heidelberg to entertain the people in the castle.



German Aphothecary Museum

Deutsches Apotheken-Museum <– click


Food and Feathers


Black and white

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This trip to Heidelberg was wonderful. Thanks for helping me up again, sweet, wonderful, funny, lovely you!



Photography,  and website by me, HaFri :-)


A rainy day in the wood.  welcome to the German tropics







and some in black and white, because I love it.


Botanischer Garten Neuss July 23rd 2017

In the middle of the summer, after a few hot days, and a refreshing rain, I made my ritual sunday walk to the botanic garden.

The start was a bit tricky, my camera refused to recognize cthe chipcard and the battery (weird!), but after a few retries we became friends with eachother again.  Here are a few images.  I think I am finding my way in using the Reynox 250mm adapter, but it is up to you to be the real judge.  Enough written,  I let the photos speak


Summer flowers


A bit of black and white

Misc mix