The beauty of autumn, catched at a sunny day

In contrast with the creations of human kind

With views that make speechless (maybe)

Hansefest Neuss 2017

The annual HanseFest in the city

A crowded street

And a  very short visit to the performances of the Der Tae Kwon Do Club Neuss

and Jaid.

 What was not bad at all.


Same procedure

But another band.  That started playing Crazy Little Thing Called love at the moment that I passed by!  Yay for Replay!


Another city with a lot of history is Xanten

With the Xantener Dom

the inner square

And with Markus  🙂

And with the rest, what is often the best

« 1 von 2 »

and with the crystal bowl, because we all need some sphere now and then

We even conquered the mill, who was in full function. A  challenge 🙂

Classic cars II

What to do

When your plan is for a big walk, in the wood
and the weather is very stormy?

Then we find alternatives.  Like in the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf

This time with Markus.

Danke Markus, es war (wieder) toll mit dir!

Different then last time, and for photographing it was ‚un-nice‘  to see at all the cars a huge (sales) leaflet.

Nevertheless…  A nice day, even when we could not get coffee there!


Hausstrecke – Spätsommer? Frühherbst?


We are in the middle of September,  and have  a few very stormy days behind us.  Today it was sunny and bright, a good day to take a look in the park.

Some call it autumn /Herbst,  some call it late summer /Spätsommer

Maybe you can decide from the photos what fits the best, enjoy!

Viral! Der Lange

Long Time Exposure by daylight – ND Filter

Long Time Exposure is a special technique in what (as the name tells)  it is about long exposures.  When you make long exposures, you have different conditions for the light what drops at your photos.

In the night  it is clear, that there is less light, and to catch it you use more time.
During the day you can make long exposure photos as well, if you reduce the light.  For that purpose there are special filters, ND Filters. You put that at your camera, and the light is reduced. I  do not want to go into technical details here, now, it is about photos.

The Effect you get, when you, for example, make a long exposure photo of , is that the water does not show waves anymore, but becomes smooth and (some say) romantic.

It is not an easy discipline, I made my first attempts at this sunday morning in September.

HaFri Poetry September 2017

Be a sparkle in the fountain
Be as bright as crystal water

Let the sound of your heartbeat
Be without the sound of hate

Listen to the sound of others
Be a part of what is great

01 09 2017

I am walking into september
And I take you by the hand

To be sure, that we are not alone
Prepared for the rain what might come
Prepared for the storm and the night
Prepared for the colours and the light

Leaves around our feet
Eyes that glimpse and meet
Next step, in the circle of life
Leaving the past behind
Ready to survive

Come closer to me
Let us feel eachothers shelter
Let me hug, and feel your strength
While we walk on, we will remember

03 09 2017

I drink on that
Because there can be only one
Because you did not know how to go on

I drink to that
Because of your blasphemy
And your bohemain rhapsody

I drink on that
Because you want it all
Until it is time for the hammer to fall

I drink to that
Because it is not easy, living on your own
Because only you, are allowed to wear the crown

I drink to that
Because you changed my life, forever
I shall not forget you, never

I drink to that
From the pretty little cabinet
Your style, chandon et monet

Thank you, and even tho we never met
I love you, every single day of my life
I drink on that

 05 09 2017

I want to write some poetry
But the words do not come to me
I have so much to say
But my mind is in delay

I can not express what I feel
But what I feel is real
So there is nothing more to do
Then waiting in writing to you

I have to let
The bubble in my head
It will come in time
Then I find the rhyme

Until then I have to shut up
And stare in my half empty coffee cup

07 09 2017

Let you see
A different me

In a mirror of water
Are still the same

A matter of how you look
To the flow of the light

When you reflect me
I hope you see
The same

 10-09 2017

When the lights go down in the city
All I wish …. you were here

Tomorrow the sun will shine again
And it will be
As beautiful as the light
That reflects in the city

Let the clouds cover you
Let your dreams be healthy and true

Never ever
I missed someone so much
As I do miss you

12 09 2017

I want to go dancing in the night
When no one can see me
Where I feel free
I want to go singing in the darkness
With words that are unspoken
Unwritten poetry
I want to look into the darkness
And see the light
What is not (yet) there
I want to fly with you to the moon
In a hot aired balloon
High above our daily life
And it gets darker again
No star can be seen
But I know that you are there
It are just clouds, in between

17 09 2017

What when the sun is not shining anymore
Will there be no light at all
What when the stairway doesn’t reach to heaven at all
Will we not go to climb
What, when the rain is no longer wet
Will we still see the reflections in the water
What, when those questions got an answer
And there is no one to hear
I don’t need to know, why I am wondering
As long as you are here
And nothng else matters

17 09 2017

What to do
When someone scares you
What to do
When someone hates you
What to do
When someone does not care at all

There is no answer
In making people afraid
There is no solution
In replying hate with hate
It leads to nowhere
When you do not care

Don’t let others tell you
Who you need to be afraid of, and who not
Look around you
And see what you all got

A war never has winners
A fight damages you both
Be not afraid to care, for each other
Understanding, and love brings the most

Shouldn’t it be great
To live without replying to hate?

19 09 2017

When I need an answer
And that happens now and then
I  ask you my questions
In the hope you can answer them

Now our communication did change
But I still can hear your voice
Maybe for some it sounds a bit strange
I hear your answer, without any noise

I read your sign,  in the feather
It tells me how I shall go on
I find you, and nothing else matters
As long as you care
I shall be strong

21 09 2017

I should love to give
A colour to you, my friend
I should love to give you a mill
And let it turn into the wind

I should love to be amaze you
With the colours, and the speed
How magical this all is
And that it is all we need

We can’t see it
But we feel
We believe it
Because it is real

I should love to give you
That moment of laughter, and the smile
Knowing it won’t last forever
Enjoing it, for a while

I should love to give you the wind
Let it whisper through your hair
So that you know, that, when I am not with you
I still
and always
will be there

23 09 2017

A Flog of Fall

August is over, September is here.

The first Sunday I went out early and tasted a flog of Fall.

The colours slowly come up, the leaves are letting go.

A sunny day, with light and shadow, enjoy!