Petra Vos

Petra Vos is an excellent Poser artist from the Netherlands, and her creations are very unique.

We started playing a game together, and next to fighting, for all against others, Petra has a lot more talents.

I am privileged that I can take her creations, and add some poetry to it.



Artwork copyrights by Petra Vos

Love is love

I love my life
When life loves me
I love you
When you love me

I live my life
When you love your life
And when you can’t
I will love you even more

You are beautiful
Lie is beautiful, because of you
And That is why
I give my life to you

And the sun will shine
In our brightest day
In our darkest night
Hold me, tight

We will grow older
You will have my shoulder
And I give you, my most wonderful part
Because I love you, I give you my heart

08- 10-2017

Created by Petra Vos


When the night falls
After a sunny day
When the brighness transforms in invisible grey
With the entrance of the cold

When darkness is around
When you can hear the shadows speak
When there is a spot of light to squeek

when you lost everything around
Because she has found
When your eyes fear the night
Because she stole your light

When the nightshades shine in
And there is no other choice
As obeying her sin

When all there is, is gone,
And nothing seems to be so nice
As forever
Closing your eyes




Created by Petra Vos


When the night comes
With a cloudless night
And you can’t see the stars
or the moon
When the cold comes
Touching until in the bones
And you can feel
The invisible eyes
Stinging in your head
When the night is filled with vibrations
Unexpected, scary sounds tickling your nerves
And the scent of fire and herbs
Guides you on external voyages
When the signs of the old times
Start to speak again
And you are touched by their immortal power
Then you can be sure
You are in the Withching Hour
(c) by Petra Vos

No one saw you
Preparing for your fight
No one saw you
Roaming through the night

No one saw you
When you screameed your anger and hate
No one saw you
No one was intrested in your sound

Your mind was poisoned
By the law
Your plan was perfect
And no one saw it coming

Then you stepped into the light
And we saw you
We were blinded by your light
A staccatto, and we could not hide

Your outfit, so wonderful, so colourful
Your hair, such a thrill
You are amazing
Too beautiful to kill

And between the stunning firework
Of beauty and sound
Your eyes looked around
Blind, and ready
Shooting the thrill
Ready to kill

And everyone saw you
Thougth you were great
Until they realized
That it was too late

07 11 2017


Fatal Attraction
By Petra Vos

Fatal attraction

Have I told you today
How wonderful you look
have I told you today
How you curves made me hook

Have I told you
About your sexy hot legs
Can you imagine
What I need more to relax

Your eyes drive me crazy
I am longing for your slow hand
And who knows, maybe
I fullfill your dreams, in the end

You don’t blush
While I am flattering you
I wonder how lush
You are, when I do

You make me wild, there is no deny
You awake my fantasy and all my sins
I want you now, please make me cry
At the moment I send my bullet in

18 11 2017

sinful touch, by Petra Vos

Sinful touch

There you are
So close, so far
You look so fragile,
Protecting yourself
You have so much to hide

Your eyes dream your thoughts away
So close and so far away
I look to you
My fingers can touch you
But you are so far away

I look into your eyes
And feel your trears burning in mine
And I wonder why

What can I do
To reach you again
How do you feel
When are you
Happy again

I give you time
I give you all I have
And I wait
Until you are ready
to return again

26 11 2017


(c) by Petra Vos

Amalie and Amalie

No one was aware
But you definitely were there
Your body still like a statue
With boiling blood, ready for the prey
Patiently wating, night and day

With every breath you take
And your eyes, spying around
For the victim what soon might be found

I looked at you
Are you real
Or just my fantasy

I came closer
And before I could smell your skin
Your spear spiked me
And I
Had not even time, to wonder why

Creation/Image by Petra Vos
Words by Hafri, that’s me

27 11 2017

(c) by Petra Vos


While your eyes are bursting
From the biting, poisoned smoke
That slowly fills your prisonroom

For your moment to come

THere is no escape
Our of this nightmare
Because it is real
The heat that you feel

Steaming smoke
Takes your breath away
You not seem to notice it
Focussed at the only way out

There will be no one
Who unlocks your prison cell
What else can you do
Than waiting for that moment
On what your spirit leaves your body
When there is no pain anymore

A last cough is what you hear
There is no way out
And you do not fear

03 12 2017

Pleated Skirt Outfit for G8F by Amaranth & PixelTizzyFit
Creation by Petra Vos

All I want, under the christmas tree
Is a moment, to be free
So please, forget about the angel
And don’t mention about the sheep

All I want this christmas, to kiss you
And burn our candles inside
When the door finally shuts down
You will be brighten our crown,
on christmas night

When the wind blows
I will feel your kisses
The cold will be dark and blue
How nice I could turn your ice
Let the glowing light, being the glue

No lametta, there will be
Only a tiny christmas tree
We won’t be cold
With eachother to hold

Let christmass kiss
And lit the light
Let it be warm again
After the chilly night

18 12 2017

Render (c) by Petra Vos

Words by me
Poser by Petra Vos

Render by Petra Vos
Words by me (HaFri)

I was walking blind
THere was nothing I could find

I was running from A to B
Looking for what I could not see

I had to be in time
I could not drop the line
Running faster, but I was too late
Hurrying more, without finding the gate

I went on, but did not know
Where my feet were letting me go
I could not stop it
I could not drop it
I had the will to carry on
with the show

Then, all out of the blue
All the sudden, there was you
When I saw you, in a flash
I knew what to do, in a dash
I ran behind you, but you were so fast
I don’t know how many hours it last

Then you stuopped
And while you took my breath away
You said, well hun, you should not run
Because you can get everything, if you are willing to stay

I opened my eyes, was bathing in sweat
You were gone
But your words I will never forget

29 04 2018



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