Weitwinkel – Wide Angle

From now on I am the prooud owner of a Wide angle Lense, to be precise, the Canon EF-S 4,5-5,6/10-18 IS STM Canon EF-S.

Other then normal lenses, this asks a bit more from the photographer. Here I will post a few of my experiences, from the start until….  (I don’t know yet)

Wide Angle means that the camera ’sees‘  the world in another perspective  (wider) then normal.

In this example above, the tree at the left looks like dropping. That has to do with the width of the lense, and happens when the subject is at the outher border of the photo, or when the subject is very close to the camera.

 In this few examples of my first experiments, here above, you see that, next to architecture, it is also easier to photograph  trees fully, a wide view over the lake.

Below you see that it is also possible to make close up photos.

A full view of my ‚walk in the park‘ Hausstrecke is below. Can you find out what photos are made with the normal lense or with the wide angle?

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Zandvoort aan zee


The sea, it is our therapy, and we visit it, when we can, at least once a year.

This year it was in November.
Even when there is not much sun, it is simply what we need.

click at the small images for a better view, enjoy!

Breakfast with this view. That means holiday. Zandvoort (again!)

A traditional dinner in Le Flamboyant, in Haarlem, with Petra (who took this photo) and Iwan.


The sea

The seagulls

The beach

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Beach Treasures



Food and more …

Evan Potts

Evan Potts,

The poetry of Evan Potts is amazing good. Often he uses songs to write his prosac with, and always he shows the beauty of words.  His poetry makes the world looks so much better. That’s why I like to share some of it, here. As inspiration, and example for us all.

soon it’s that time again
that season of goodwill
but somethin‘ in my brain
says love should survive still

but it’s like i’m blind
why am i so blind

may good sense send
a world that’s fair for all
may terrorism end
i long for freedom’s call

let kindness reign
kindling love’s flame

compassion too
you know that very soon
i’ll leave fb once more
but i’ll never close the door
to happiness

and all that’s best

14 11 2017


if Flanders‘ fields and poppies bring
love, care, respect, remembering
remembrance of the heroes who
gave up their lives for me and you

and if we learned from history
and put an end to such misery
and found a means to prevent war
and not let terror strike any more

and if instead of fear and hate
we brought kids up in an ideal state
of loving kindness and compassion
so peace and joy were their daily ration

then our heroes wouldn’t have died in vain
and we’d write … as the poppies grow again
after a century or a thousand ages…
about a better world …on history’s pages

11 11 2017


when the mansions of heaven align
so Jupiter’s in sight of Mars
and your hand nestles softly in mine
then Kindly Care is ours

when sweet Harmony blends in the night
and the moon melts indigo
and your every step feels firm but light
then Love and Peace will show

Just like the dawning of the age of Aquarius
let moonlight now shower you
let sunbeams alight on us
for this halcyon age… is due

.January 2017


written with the song “Aquarius“ in mind for this star sign

the photo was found on the internet


what am i… supposed to say
when such beauty comes on stream
can a bird steal my heart away
could it make my life…a dream

soft blue green on gold
you’re making my eyes
so glad to behold
a process… a prize

when love draws us near
the feeling’s sublime
sweet Chioro phonia
unrivalled through time

unravelled i find
sweet music to hear…
we’re privileged if ..we somehow heard
your love song draw us near

to you… sweet bird
sweet blue naped bird…

to you…Chioro phonia


many thanks dear Jane Hollows for finding this gorgeous photo

the poem was written with a beautiful song in mind “Jesamine“ by the Casuals.

10 05 2016


there was a time in many a family story
when ancestors worked on their English lands
wherein a metaphor or allegory’s
growing the ’staff of life‘ with their strong hands…
and so it was my Shropshire great grandfather
fulfilled his destiny beside a mill
or took his produce to a market further
to sell his wares… in Drayton by the hill…
a farmer’s boy worked hard upon the same soil
that i have walked my heart upon my sleeve
beyond the struggles… challenges and hard toil
there was a dream in which all did believe..
but did his daughter Ada leave those farm lands
to go to Lancashire … a baker’s wife
and knead the loaves with her soft gentle fair hands
then forge a kiln and start to build her life…
romantic tales may link our family histories
as fresh baked breads backdrops and may bequeath
a golden age that ended where Roger now lies…
six feet beneath.. .dear Stanton on Hine Heath…
then Ada’s son left to become a Marine
travelled the world his service to deploy
my father Alfred so well dressed and serene
marching as the band played … “A Farmer’s Boy“
Wikipedia writes …. “ ‚The Farmer’s Boy‘ is a traditional English folk song or ballad. It has been arranged as a military march. The earliest written record of the song is under the name „The Lucky Farmer’s Boy“ in 1832 “the poem was written with another song in mind…“Danny Boy“11 05 2016

i may be small
but can stand at your shoulder
you may be tall
but time may bring you down
we’re on all fours
but wiser as we’re older
tho time may fly
we’ll still see… eye to eye


written with the tune of Danny Boy in mind (again)

thank you very much Annie for passing on the wonderful photo

11 05 2016

As i release you to fly free
so I devote this dream to you
that you’ll soar high o’er mountain streams
kiss you on the morning dew

that you’re enchanted by the leaves
that floral scenes enhance your view
that you find peace on panoplies
that blessings surely come to you

you dally on late summer’s breeze
will you caress the autumn too
dancing around her amber trees
miss you when the evening’s due

if we lived only for the day
i’d butterfly a path to you
to make this song your serenade
enlist you in this dream world too

tho we live in a testing world
I dream there’s happiness above
like emperors‘ red wings unfurled

when… love is all

then all is love


written with a lovely song in mind, Art Garfunkel…“Kathy’s Song“

thank you Jane Hollows for the beautiful photo

15 08 2016

relive days loved and remembered
hear a lone wolf on the hill
call in worlds of burning amber
to the tribe who answer still
as with timeless sons and daughters
who still meet upon this plain
having crossed inclement waters
and connected roots again
so i write… as to stand the test
and praise emphatically
how the days we loved the very best
still live on…in you and me


a dedication to Edith , Ted , Nancy and all the much loved family at the recent family reunion so far away… yet so close to my heart

to go with a fabulous picture just posted by Jane Hollows

written with song in mind …Procul Harum’s…“Whiter Shade of Pale“


08 05 2016


As i rub my eyes and yawn
on another Christmas morn
to family and friends i say
“have the happiest Christmas day“

by the waters of Galilee
by the Dan and Naphtali
where they’d once see
miracles of Nazareth

like dawn’s nascent beauty
like the rising of a Son
bathed in warmest equity
and Hope… to come

we’re like a boat’s crew who see light
like the blind whose sight’s restored
like the day succeeds the night…
blessed and adored

may our Christmas now reflect
’neath the carols‘ ringing bells
real humanity and respect
and miracles

miracles along our way
and the magic we behold
as in Nature’s grand parade
and the story told

so hark and hear and rest assured
that a Child was born… whose sway
meant we will live for evermore
because of Christmas day


written with a Boney M song in Mind “By the Waters of Babylon“
many thanks to whoever took and posted the photo (was it you
who posted it Jane ? )

14 11 2016

Burg Linn

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Inside Burg Linn


Inside the Jagdschloss

Around the Burg

With a click at the photo below you come at the official website of ‚Burg Linn‘

to the official website of Burg Linn

Poetry November 2017

Now is the time to decide
Next move may be changing my life
I look down and see
The dark depth longing for me

It is time to be brave
Taking next step
No procastination any longer
The sensation will be stronger

It is only a small step to take
And a giant one to do
Let me shortly take a break
And consider, a second or two

I can’t wait any longer
The will to jump get so much stronger
I step, and make a dramatical cry

I jump..
I believe I can fly

06 11 2017

When someone takes away
the life of others
(something what happens every day)
Who bothers?

When someone acts from terrorism
There is a cloud of citisism
At people with a religion, or a colour of skin
They should be eliminated, they are evil sin
When someone acts from a kind of frustration
It seems a fully different situation
It can happen, to everyone
Let’s stand together (not kneel), the show will go onThose things make me sad
and somethimes frustrated
I refuse to hate or discriminate
Because that is not the world we createdPeace can not be reached with a gun in the hand
Peace is when we don’t fight, but understand
Let the world not fool you any longer
Don’t hate, love is so much stronger

07 11 2017

(c) by Petra Vos


No one saw you
Preparing for your fight
No one saw you
Roaming through the night

No one saw you
When you screameed your anger and hate
No one saw you
No one was intrested in your sound

Your mind was poisoned
By the law
Your plan was perfect
And no one saw it coming

Then you stepped into the light
And we saw you
We were blinded by your light
A staccatto, and we could not hide

Your outfit, so wonderful, so colourful
Your hair, such a thrill
You are amazing
Too beautiful to kill

And between the stunning firework
Of beauty and sound
Your eyes looked around
Blind, and ready
Shooting the thrill
Ready to kill

And everyone saw you
Thougth you were great
Until they realized
That it was too late

07 11 2017

Looking through the window
And what do I see?
The bars, that are prisoning me?
The wall that I can not climb?
Do I see the grass
What looks so much more green
Do I see the path
Where I once have been
Do I see
The coloured tree
Winter is coming
The leaves will be gone, soon
A chilly breeze touches my hair
It is getting colder, even in here
I can’t close the window
I can’t releas the bar
What will my future bring
When will it be
I clamb my hands
Around the freezing iron
and when I put my head against it
I do not see them anymore
My handcuffs do not limit my mind
One day I am free, again, and I will find
10 11 2017
Fatal Attraction
By Petra Vos


Fatal attraction

Have I told you today
How wonderful you look
have I told you today
How you curves made me hook

Have I told you
About your sexy hot legs
Can you imagine
What I need more to relax

Your eyes drive me crazy
I am longing for your slow hand
And who knows, maybe
I fullfill your dreams, in the end

You don’t blush
While I am flattering you
I wonder how lush
You are, when I do

You make me wild, there is no deny
You awake my fantasy and all my sins
I want you now, please make me cry
At the moment I send my bullet in

18 11 2017

Let me dream again
And wake me up
With the sea in my earLet me taste your salty lips
Let me feel your power again
No matter if there is sun or rain
I let you move my hair
I love every touch
When I am there, I know I love you so muchI am so grateful, for what you give
I feel so much better, you make me live
Thank you, every time, for healing me
I love you until eternityLet me wake up, with sand in my eyes
Overwhelmed by your power, what never lies

21 11 2017

Sinful touch

There you are
So close, so far
You look so fragile,
Protecting yourself
You have so much to hide

Your eyes dream your thoughts away
So close and so far away
I look to you
My fingers can touch you
But you are so far away

I look into your eyes
And feel your trears burning in mine
And I wonder why

What can I do
To reach you again
How do you feel
When are you
Happy again

I give you time
I give you all I have
And I wait
Until you are ready
to return again

27 11 2017

Poser/Creation by Petra Vos
Words by me, Hafri 🙂


(c) by Petra Vos

Amalie and Amalie

No one was aware
But you definitely were there
Your body still like a statue
With boiling blood, ready for the prey
Patiently wating, night and day

With every breath you take
And your eyes, spying around
For the victim what soon might be found

I looked at you
Are you real
Or just my fantasy

I came closer
And before I could smell your skin
Your spear spiked me
And I
Had not even time, to wonder why

Creation/Image by Petra Vos
Words by Hafri, that’s me

27 11 2017

Sometimes I think I see you again
Walking like you used to do
Smiling as you could do the best
I even hear your voice

Feel your heart

Sometimes I start talking to you
Just because I love to share
And I know you are listening
You always did care

Show your heart

Sometimes your shadow walks on my path
I am not afraid
I smile and run to you
Forgetting that you are
A memory that lives forever

Closed into my heart

30 11 2017