Weitwinkel – Wide Angle

From now on I am the prooud owner of a Wide angle Lense, to be precise, the Canon EF-S 4,5-5,6/10-18 IS STM Canon EF-S.

Other then normal lenses, this asks a bit more from the photographer. Here I will post a few of my experiences, from the start until….  (I don’t know yet)

Wide Angle means that the camera ’sees‘  the world in another perspective  (wider) then normal.

In this example above, the tree at the left looks like dropping. That has to do with the width of the lense, and happens when the subject is at the outher border of the photo, or when the subject is very close to the camera.

 In this few examples of my first experiments, here above, you see that, next to architecture, it is also easier to photograph  trees fully, a wide view over the lake.

Below you see that it is also possible to make close up photos.

A full view of my ‚walk in the park‘ Hausstrecke is below. Can you find out what photos are made with the normal lense or with the wide angle?

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