Beauties (not mine)

Beautiful photos (not mine), with beautiful words (mine)

Feel free
Not because you have to
But because you can

Believe in yourself
Because someone believes in you

And if there is someone
You care for
And if needed
Set them free

Isn’t life wonderful?

Don’t look for the shadows
They will be less
When you chase the sun

Don’t fear for tomorrow
When today has just begun

Have a wonderful sunday!

When your day was sh*t
Hold on, get over it

Have a drink, with a friend
And your mysery might end

If not, drink on, until you get drunk
Forget your troubles,
Sleep in the trunk

5 12 2017

You not necessarily need to be best friends
To walk together
(Or swim)You not necessarily need to have the same destination
When you are on the same road
For a while
Be friendly
To who comes on your way
A smile is so easy to give
And will never be returned with hate

7 12 2017

Be amazed!

Don’t wait until others show you
How they see you.

Look to yourself
See, how you stand into your own world
Embrace the colours
Be happy with what you not need

Don’t allow the evil to win
Hate only comes to you, when you allow it

Share the smile

Be happy, because you are wonderful

7 12 2017

Guten Morgen!

If you want to jump, just do it!

If you are scared, then don’t!

No one, but you, decides what is good or wrong to do
And when you dare to jump
Into the unknown
Into the cold water

You will find
That others jumped before
And you will take care
For who jump next

5 12 2017

When you feel bad
When all goes wrong
Don’t feel bad
But try to be strong

Show the muscles
In your face

Do the unexpected
Don’t hit back
Amaze yourself
And spread your smile

Love is the answer, always

9 12 2017

No matter what colour
No matter what religion
Or none

We are all equal
Man and woman

No matter what agressors scream
It is one world
One love
Resist violation
Never give up!

Keep your own colour
You are exactly good
The way you are

There is no difference
Between you and me

10 12 2017

If someone hates you
Don’t hate him back

If someone wants to destroy you
If he tries to annoy you

Use your power, give a laugh
The solution is in love
You wont win with an iron fist

Use your power,
Pick up a flower and resist!

(Unless you are sleepy,
You then are dismissed 😉)

10 12 2017

Don’t feel afraid
Walk in the dark,
If you should

Don’t feel afraid
Of the unknown
Or what you did not understood

Walk on,
Through the wind
You have a friend

11 12 2017

Good morning!

I wish you a wonderful day
With a clear view
At the beautiful things
That surround us

Be open, for the beauty around you
Be prepared to smile
Be prepared to recieve a smile

Don’t build the wall around you
Open your ports
Let the sun shine in

12 12 2017

Are you as curious as me
For what the day will be?

How many will make you smile
How many smiles you give away?

A new day, you have the choice
To be amazed by beautful things
Or let the day be ruined,
by things that are not worth it

Be the little light
In someones night
To listen to your heart

13 12 2017


That is how Earth looks
From out of space
Beautiful, isn’t it?

I love this view at the place where we all live
I can see clouds, water, land
I can’t see people
I can’t see war, hate, fear

I know about the beautiful nature
The animals,
Sheep, cat
I know how the laughter sounds
How love tastes
I know you
Who read this

Who colours my life
Who are my world


I love our planet
It should be heaven
For everyone

22 12 2017

Memories colour my life
Days that do not return
Today I shall survive
The candle of peace
And the candle of hope
will always burn

 25 12 2017
When the moonlight
Meets the earth light
And leaves the day light
For the night

Then we kiss our final kiss
And enjoy the way it is
Magic moments, you may not miss
Over the moon
What a bliss
I climb until the moon, and back
And our darknessWill not be black


Come walk with me
Over the thin line
Lead me over the moon and back

Don’t be afraid, we will be fine

Come follow me
We walk away the night
Look to the balloon, and back

Share the faith, yours will be mine


Don’t be afraid
To be, what others call different
Don’t be afraid
To be yourself

It colours your life
If you are yourself
It colours the world
If you are you

Let others not tell you
Who you are
You are wonderful

09 02 2018



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