This site is created, because I  think we all need more love and respect, at the world. The world seems to loose to learn to value those words, but they are the most vital ones to survive.

Respect the people around you, respect the nature, and do not poit to others. There is no reason for hate or destruction, love is the answer.

So, some poetry here, and maybe some blogs as well. I hope it gives you a bit power, to believe that the light will win, in the end. Because it will!

If people say
That it is always raining
Then look for the sunny moments in between

If people disrespect others
Then show them, what kindness can do
If people announce war
Then show them, no one is intrested in it

Love, like never before
Love your friends
Love the unknown
Love will always makes you win

01 02 2018

What you have to do
Play the game
That you are supposed to play

To the people you meet
Disarm hate
With a laughter

Who listens to others
Not need violence
Play together
Drink your coffee, take the time

Live now
Love now
Tomorrow never will be here

05 02 2018



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