Ostermarsch 2018

Der Ostermarsch 2018, auch in Neuss.  Organisiert von Neuss steht für Frieden.

Ich war dann vor den 1. mal aktiv dabei, mit Kamara, aber vor allen für Frieden.

Neuss steht für Frieden.  Und das ist gut so!

Schloss Glückburg inside

I was allowed to photograph inside the buildings, under the condition to not publish the photos at internet.

If you want to have access to the photos, please contact me.
With contacting me, you automatically agree that you will not print or download any of the photos that you eventually get access to to view)

Pft.. official stuff. But sometimes it needs to be done.

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Glücksburg Castle (German: Schloss Glücksburg, Danish: Lyksborg Slot) is a water castle (Wasserschloss) in the town of Glücksburg, Germany. It is one of the most important Renaissance castles in northern Europe.It is the seat of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and was also used by the Danish kings.

Situated on the Flensburg Fjord the castle is now a museum owned by a foundation, and is no longer inhabited by the ducal family. Its board of directors is chaired by Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein, the current titular duke and head of the House of Glücksburg and House of Oldenburg.


Inside the castle.

The interior of the castle is mostly authentic.  I was allowed to take photos. The condition was that I should not publish  the photos (for commercial purposes).
In order to respect the rules, the photos are in a password protected area.

If you have the password, you can click at the photo below and look at the photos.  You are NOT allowed to copy or publish the photos in any form. You are also not allowed to spread the code word I give you.

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Husum (North Frisian: Hüsem) is the capital of the Kreis (district) Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The town was the birthplace of the novelist Theodor Storm, who coined the epithet „the grey town by the sea“. It is also the home of the annual international piano festival Raritäten der Klaviermusik (Rarities of Piano Music) founded in 1986

Amsterdam (2018, March

A day to Amsterdam, with Hilde and Markus

If anyone asks me, what for me is the best city in the world, I not need to think long.


For me, it is Amsterdam.  Not to live, but worth a visit, every day that you wish.

I don’t try to convice you.

Just watch the photos (nd click to enlarge them)

Boat trip through the canals


Follow your dreams
They bubble before your eyes
Grab them

Let the bubble reach your hands
Let it poof
Free the air that is hidden
Let the water splash at your nose

What is holding you back?

Choose your life
Not all bubbles need to be catched
And if one explodes
Before it is time

Then think
That, maybe
Maybe this bubble
Was not meant to be

Find a bubble
They are everywhere

Das Jröne Meerke in early spring

March am Jröne Meerke

After a surprisingly cold few days, nature quickly awakes and prepares for spring.

The Nile goose has its first breed of the year,

The herons are preparing their nests,

and a lot of winterly left over.

Soon it will be greener

Zoo KR

A rainy day in the Krefelder Zoo

Hornraben (Bucorvus) sind eine aus zwei nahe verwandten Arten bestehende, in Afrika verbreitete Gattung aus der Ordnung der Hornvögel und Hopfe (Bucerotiformes). Sie ähneln, abgesehen von den nackten, roten und blauen Hautpartien am Kopf, großen Raben. Ihr Gefieder ist überwiegend schwarz. Lediglich bei fliegenden Vögeln ist sichtbar, dass die Handschwingen weiß sind. Anders als die nahe verwandten Echten Hornvögel sind Hornraben gute Läufer. Hornraben haben 15 Halswirbel, während die echten Hornvögel lediglich 14 aufweisen. Die Beine sind außerdem länger und sie weisen eine spezielle Sehne auf, die vom Becken zum Femur verläuft.