Schützenfest 2018

Saturday  August 28th.

Schützenkonig 2018  
Georg Martin

The official  opening.

Shooting the cannons

And hissing the flags at the churches

The mix of all the days



Umzug der Tambourkorps ab Markt /Sternenmarsch



The famous flower horns







And that’s it, folks.  There is so much more to photograph, and my challenge for next year is to photograph the missing links from this year, without struggling with a cold 🙂

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HaFri Poetry August 2018

Step the stones
Conquer your fear
Go slow
But don’t stand still

Look careful, before you take your step
But do it, with faith
You know the path ain’t easy to go
With every step, the destination comes near

Walk forward
Because you can, shall and will

20 08 2018

When people tell, that you did wrong
It is okay to defend yourself

When it happens often
That people tell you
You did things that are not okay
Then try to do better

Don’t blame others
For your mistakes

You can only gain respect
When you respect the other

Be the one
That you want others to be

22 08 2018

Be you

When everything around you is green
Be yellow
When everybody is floating together
Jump out

Be a flower between the leaves

You are too beautiful
To hide it
Amaze others
By showing the wonderful you

Give them the chance
To tell you
How wonderful you are

24 08 2018

When you go to sleep
Take your dreams with you
Don’t worry about
If they might come true

Just hug them gentle
Live them tight
Let their pleasure
Guide your night

Give your dreams
A lesure treat
Believe in what they tell
It all will be well

28 08 2018

Van Gogh, Field with Ploughman, late August 1889. Oil on canvas, 49 x 62 cm. Private collection.


Amazing colours
So much more beautiful
Than that I did ever see

I am grateful
For who dares to share
The amazing world
That is hidden there

The dreams that you let see
Colour me

28 8 2018

Farewell summer
It seems you never should end
Then you rushed away
Leaving the knispring leaves
Under my knispring bones

There was no time to say goodbye
Just as to you, my friend
No one knows really why
It so suddenly needed to end

We can’t turn back the clock
Or foresee the weather
It all is written in the stars
No other choice than let her

Enjoy the moment
Don’t run away
It will come in time
Just wait and see
Don’t be afraid for the rain or darkness
We are not alone,
You and me

Love your life
Live and give
Be beautiful, because you are
Let your heart smile through your eyes
And catch the twinkling star

31 08 2018

Schloß Landsberg Kettwich

Another beautiful summerday and another great photo shoot with Markus.

Detail.. I took a half full battery, and an empty one with me. A part of the photos are made with my mobile phone.  I leave it to you to guess.

Schloß Landsberg 

Around around around


Around around around


Promenadekonzert NGK 2018

Neuss in August.

That means a LOT of music.

One of the highlights, at the sunday before ‚Schützenfest‘,  is the Promenade Konzert der NGK (Neusser Grenadier Korps)

No music included, you should have been there!

Des Neussers Freud und Lust

Wenn die Ernte ist vorüber,
rauh der Wind durch Stoppeln fährt,
wenn die Tage immer trüber
und die Schwalb nach Süden kehrt:

Jauchzend schallt’s dann in der Rund‘,
jauchzend hallt’s von Mund zu Mund:
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust,
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust
Freud und Lust!

Horch! Es tönen Jubellieder,
Trommeln rasseln durch die Straß‘,
und Musik erklinget wieder,
Klarinett und Flöt und Baß.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

Steht im Winde Fahnen flattern
Waffen glänzen in der Sonn‘.
Wenn die Büchsen lustig knattern,
schwellt des Neussers Herz vor Wonn‘.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

Auf der Wiese, welches Leben!
Bunt bewimpelt jedes Zelt,
und der Schützen einzig Streben,
dass der letzte Splitter fällt.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

In den Straßen steht die Menge
Fröhlich wogen auf und ab.
Und der Glocken hehre Klänge
Hallen hoch vom Turm herab.

Jauchzend schallt’s …

Sind die Kirmestag‘ vorüber,
ist der Freude Rausch vorbei,
wenn wir Alltagsmenschen wieder,
bleibt uns Erinn’rung treu!

Jauchzend schallt’s dann in der Rund‘,
jauchzend hallt’s von Mund zu Mund:
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust,
Kirmes, Kirmes, du des Neussers Freud und Lust
Freud und Lust!


The new  Königsorden covers the old one

Spot on

Flags and flag wavers

Bundesfanfarenkorps Neuss-Furth

The mix

Die Neusser Fotografen –  Hilde  und Hans

Die Flora – Köln

In the middle of Cologne, a beautiful park is resided, die Flora.  A botanic garden and park.  After our visit in the japanese garden in Leverkusen, we went to Cologne.

And did not regret it, enjoy the photos.

Very much flowers,

and many flower seemed to have its own visitors


And … the rest


Japanischer Garten, Leverkusen

After the heat (part II)

A visit in the small, and beautiful ‚Japanese Garden‘  in Leverkusen.

Flora and Fauna


And the rest