Summer in Zons

A  trip zo Zons

On a very sunny and very hot day

With  my love

Zons Matthäus

A walk around at the Matthäus Market in Zons


Oops 😀

Middle ages

A bit of everything else

A few months ago we were in Zons as well.  Click at the photo below to see the photos.



(From Wikipedia)
Hagen  is the 41st-largest city in Germany. The municipality is located in the state of North RhineWestphalia. It is located on the south eastern edge of the Ruhr area, 15 km south of Dortmund, where the rivers Lenne and Volme (met by the river Ennepe) meet the river Ruhr.

At most likely the last day of this year’s summer, with the love of my life.

Zeche Zollverein Essen / Kokerei

Not that long ago, Germany has as well a rich coal producing history.

One of the largest squares were the Zeche, under the smoke of Essen (or the other way around)
After that the production was stopped, in the 70s, the area became at the UNESCO Architecture Memorial places.

Our visit to it can be settled in one word.  Huge.

Immense buildings, a view in the recent history.  I hope you enjoy the photos


And also Mini Jon, the Minion


Architektur in Köln

Cologne, a metropole in the  west of Germany.  A mix between old and new.

Today we visited the ‚crane‘  buildings.  Located at the rhine, a range of new buildings are situaed around the old harbour quay.

A visit to Cologne, with the camera means   the Dome

And …  Street <3

An impressive day, with best friend Markus



Autumn 2018

After an extreme long  and hot summer, autumn returned this year as well.   I am not sure how I will find Autumn this year, but I try to picture a bit of it here, enjoy.

Close to house, at the ‚Hausstrecke‘

An early autumn walk in the ‚Südpark, Düsseldorf‘

Kul Tour 2018

An annual tradition in our Region is the ‚Kul Tour‘

Beautiful cars, old timers, and classics
Beautiful weather
Beautiful people

Arrival at the ’slalom square‘

The joy at the litltle skill contest

Cars…I love it

It is so cool to see them riding through the streets in the city!

Appeltaat Fest



One of the nice traditions in our town is the traditional Appeltaat Fest, as start of the autumn season.

Appeltaat is slang/dialect for Apfelkuchen (hochdeutsch) and in dutch it is Appeltaart.   See why I love it here, they almost speak my language 🙂

Here are a few photos.  Sorry for the bad quality, light and shadow were huge enemies today  🙁

There is an applepie  here in house as well, also who wants a bite… be quick!

The mix

Pohotgraphers   H und H