Poetry November 2018

Colour your dreams
Drink the milk of paradise

And when things are dark

Paint them like a firework
Enjoy the „plop“ of the champagne cork

© HaFri 1.11.2018

Food for thought

There is no time to waste
There is no time to waste with hate and fights

We need love
For the environment,
For ourselves
For the future


© HaFri 1.11.2018

Who are gone
And who we will not forget
The silent pain in our heart

Stepping forwards
With silent steps
Daylight dreaming
A visible tear

How I wish you were here

The little bird wakes me up
Brings me back into reality
Another sign
From you, to me

Don’t be afraid
I still am here
All the sudden
I feel you so near

My heart cheers up
While no one can see
The emotions that rush through me

Your task is done, you fly away, clever
And I live on
Never forever


Nobody knows
How many years ago
Your boat brought you here

Silently it slowed down
And ended, at our place
Surrounded with nothing
Then the sound of the river

No bird was singing
When you stepped out
Refused my arm
Head up, full charm

You walked along us
The silence was so loud
It went chill from only one cloud

You needed no guide
To bring you to the well
Where you sat down
And closed your eyes

Young and old
did gather around you
And, like magic
No one entered the circle around you

You were not lost
And we found you

When it went dark
We went to our homes
This night we did not close the curtains
And barely our eyes

Next morning you were gone
And your boat is still there

We rememer that night
When the hair of our children
Became forever white


I wish a world without walls
A world, where evrry stone is used to build places of comfort.
A place to hide and share
A place, of what I can tell you,
Come in, it is safe and warm
Where we can enjoy our tea, with a smile
Because we prefer a coffee
09 11 2018

Look up to the bright side
Find the blue sky

Get up, raise your hands
Wipe away the cold wet sand

Live your life
With ups and down
Survive with a frown

Look up, find the blue
It shines for me and you

© HaFri 14.11.2018

And the night falls down
Like every night
The light goes out
We look for a place to rest

And when we wake up
Everythng is the same
As it was before

It gets light again
The birds start singing
The world continues singing

The sky will look blue
The clouds might be grey
The rain, wet as before
The sea rolls ashore

Nothing has changed
When we wake up again
And still
Nothing is the same anymore
As that it was
The day before

© HaFri 18.11.2018

Power to all our friends
And music, that never ends
Colours, that set you free
Sweet dreams, for you and me

© HaFri 26.11.2018

Wearing my hat
Laying in bed
Looking for sleep
💜 a tiny sheep
At almost 1 o’clock
I can not longer rock

Wide awake tonight
With the moon in sight
My eyes are open
And my dream
Wakes me up, with a scream

Been there, done that
Let me sleep a bit on that
Wake me up, when the nightmare is gone
Bring on the dreams, that make me strong

© HaFri 28.11.2018

The path is your goal
Your steps are the reason
And when the signs are confusing
It might be because of the season

© HaFri 29.11.2018

Slowly the darkness fades away
Transforming the night into a new day
I raise my head, longing to see
What today will bring for me

I am grateful, for where I live
And I love, that I can give
It is wonderful that you are there
And even better that you care

Thank you, for walking with me, into the light
Together with you
Everything will be all right

© HaFri 30.11.2018



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