HaFri Poetry 12 2018

Traveling through the sky
With so much blue to fly
Amazing paintings are passing by

Sometimes I wish to touch
Some days I wish too much
Time glides away, in a rush

Most of the time, I spent with dreams
About a better world
And it seems
The more this dreams come true
The longer I dream of you


The sunshine is rare
But it still is there

When the light reflects
And the last rose has only one leave left
I realize how little is used
To shine beautiful

Don’t be sad, when you no longer can hold
Drop gently, remembering the words untold

Your beauty is catched, lives in my heart
Soon you will flower again
New leaves, new life
New light. We shall survive 
until then


Did you ever notice
That the darkness is darker
When you close the light
Did you ever see
How stars grow in the night
The longer you look, the more do sparkle
When I look up to the sky
And see the stars shining to me
I do know why
Every star twinkles with a tear
Every tiny light
For who we wish to be here
I’d wish I could kiss you
I count the hours until we unite
And when you are home again, 
Next to me, at the couch
All the sudden
There is no darkness anymore 
In the night


2019 Hello you old one
Time has come to change positions
You are passed
You are passed
Let me through
I am the new

2018 Yes, you number new
Not so long until it is time for you
Soon you will be the one to be
And I am just a memory

Let me look to my past
Now your time has come
I shall tell you
Where the things come from

I did some things stupid
I lost, things went wrong
I have no regrets
About what coukd be better done

And now I am at the end
But before you are getting in
I wish you all the best
Let the future now begin




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