HaFri Poetry January 2019

We got the world 
In our own hands
For the time that we live

Our goal should be
To make it beautiful
So that it is worth to give

To our beloved ones
Children, dear friends 
Make sure the circle will be long

Respect nature, love another 
Be grateful, to the earth 
Let her live, healthy and strong


Be strong
Be so strong, that you dare to show your weaknes
Be so strong, that you are grateful for help

Be strong
Have the courage to say, that it is enough
Dare to care for the world around you

Be good
Be good for nature, for who you care
For this world, that it is here

Fight for your love
It is all around
Together we are strong


3 Kings came, from far
To see the new born King
They did follow a star
And were convinced that it should bring them
To that important place

I do believe in fairy tales
They make me smile, for all
Because they lead to a peaceful place
Where you don’t beat your head
Against the wall


And just before I close my eyes
We stepped into another day
Thinking about what was
Not too much about what will come

Counting the blessings, they were plenty, I realize
I am lucky, to be okay
And when the future, transforms into the past
I know that we have not been wrong


If there is one thing, I learned from life
(and there surely is much more)
It is that smiling helps to survive
No matter how much you feel sore

You can fight the darkness, with looking for light
But to black, grey already looks bright
You can not wish the too hot weather
And mother nature does not matter

So it is up to you, what to do
Looking up, or staying blue
Feeling sad, for what you miss
Or being happy for what is

Choose wise and treat yourself nice
Enjoy winter and eat an ice
Eat a steak, just for lunch 
Count your blessings, they are a bunch!

 © HaFri  12-01-2019 

I sometimes have moments
That I am sitting at the couch
And then, I all the sudden
Forget where it is about

I feel sorry for myself
(even when I know better)
I feel lonely,with no one around
I shed some teears, what is all what matters

The tears blind my soul
I feel alone
I can not feel your hand at my shoulder
I can not describe it much better
But it gets more, now that I grow older

Those moments in sadness are not so good
They have strong effect at my mood
And, what happens almost every time
Then someone offers me a tissue
And all the sudden I feel fine#

Nothing needs to change
I am still sitting there, and look into the grey
But, when I turn my head
I see someone, at a couch, next to me
I can not see him pretty well
But I think, he is just the same

I stand up, I whistle a song
And, while I wipe my tears
I know, that the show must go on.

 © HaFri  19-01-2019 

They told me,
That the rain should fall
That it should disturb it all

They told me
It should be dark and grey
Not much brightnes, should bring the day

They told me
I better should stay home
Far away from the cold
I should keep warm
With something warm to hold ☕

I did not listen to the advice
Dressed up warm and nice
Out I went, into the wood
No rain came down, 
All was good

I did walk on
Through the wind
And when the shadows were tight
I all the sudden
Walked in the light

 © HaFri  28-01-2019 



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