Nichola Vaughan

A collaboration between my photos and the Poetry from Vaughan Verse.  

Thanks to the immortal Jon Mills, for bringing us together.  See how Nichola transforms my photos into words.

All published verses here are copyright protected and belong to Nichola Vauhgan .
The photos are copyright protected and belong to HaFri Photography

The Joy of Wintertime

The palette of December Days
No vivid hues but subdued greys
When nature seems to turn her gaze
Away from brighter things
It seems she dreams in monochrome
And trees.. now naked set the tone
Stand skeletal… not skin… but bone
….  They await all Winter brings

Their limbs now bare, their colour dark
But they share the beauty of their bark
And on each bank.. they stand apart
But somehow intertwine
The bridge, for them, is obsolete
No man-made method helps them meet
And bond and blend and stand to greet
The joy of Wintertime

© Nichola Vaughan/Vaughan Verse 2019

Within Me

As morning dawns
I will not be hurried into action
I will not be waylaid by
Diversion and Distraction
Today will be
My Day on My Terms

I will watch the world awaken
And spend time lost in thought
And quiet contemplation
My heart will be hopeful
My soul will be still
My feathers will remain unruffled
As they protect me from the winter chill
And I shall sit…
And look…
And see…
Not the world of others
…But the Universe within me

© Nichola Vaughan/Vaughan Verse 2019



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