Köln – Mediapark und …

Schloss Dyck 2019

Schloss Paffendorf

The day promised sunshine.
It brought a grey day, and a nice visit at Schlośs Paffendorf.
Nature awakes.
Enjoy the photos.


Raketenstation/ Langenfeld Foundation

A very special place in our Area is the Langenfeld Foundation and Raketenstation.

In spring the famous cherry trees, and further, some very intresting architectural objects. Enjoy the photos!

Poetry March 2019

The sky is always blue
Sometimes it is covered by clouds
Sometimes it is not bright
When it is a night

I am happy for all I can see
I am grateful, that life smiles to me


One of the best feelings is,
To know that you not need to go alone
I am glad I found you
I am glad when you are around me
Be happy, be proud
It is you where my life is about
I count my blessings, 1, 2, 3
I am so lucky, with you in me
And have a wonderful day


Waking up, seeing the blue sky
Noticing that it is cold
Looking again
An seeing snowflakes dropping down! 

The weather is crazy, and we should act normal?!

Be careful
Listen to your body, stay healthy
With your feet at the ground

Foto made by Hugo 😎


When day and night cross
Where clouds and waves greet

There I stand
Feeling so small

And my tiny troubles
Do not matter much, at all


Memories in the sand
Are only there
As long as the sea
Doesn’t take them away

Memories in the sand
Are forever
Written in the heart
From the wonderful you and me


Miracles do happen a lot
If we See them, or Not
They are everywhere around
Usally waiting without a Sound

Such as this morning 
I did not see it coming
We were travelling,
it drove me insane 
Until this thing just came

A 20 Eurocent
Did Land
At her jackets‘ shoulder
And there was no one who could Hold her

Where it came from no one know 
It was there, just so
Miracles do happen, as you see
We wait for one more,
so that we can pay the fee


Have a wonderful Saturday
Let yourself be surprised
With a smile
A sneeze
A coffee
Feel good
Because you are

HaFri 23.03.2019

I am awake much too early, I thought
But I am not sure that it is true
I was just awake
Laying next to you

I heared your breath
Went out of bed
And started thinking bad
Then I woke up
And stop, I said

No reason to be worried
No reason to feel wrong
Life is beautiful
I am wonderful
And with you, I am always strong

I woke up early
Not much that can be done
I smile and wrote this poetry
A coffee 
and my dreams go on

Hafri 24.03.2019

Now the weather can not decide what to do, 
I will do it all by myself!

Good monday
Good vibrations
Good company

Have a wonderful day!

I think I have some holiday photos to sort out 💙
And tickets to book💙
And a church to photograph💙
And a cake to bake💙

No time for worries! 💙

HaFri 24.03.20019

When the brains wont stop thinking
When the traffic drives you crazy

Step aside
Wait until the traffic light goes green

Let the thoughts pass by
Let the traffic go
It is all not meant for you
Step aside

Until the signal comes 
What is meant for you
Wait until the light turns green

Be patient
Have faith
The sign will come
And your path will be green

Be prepared
It will come

HaFri 26. 03. 2019

Awake at 7
No clouds in heaven
The day began
With a visable sun

A night at my new pillow, it is
A healthy sleep is such a bliss
Worries are gently pushed aside
Good morning world
Let there be light

I love to share my sunny mood
I love to say, I feel good
I hope that your day will shine
Join the sunside, yours and mine

Seize the day, feel happy and bright
No matter what, feel all right

Hafri, 29.02.2019