HaFri Poetry

April 2019

About good light
About a nice motive
That someone likes what I do
That all will be all right
That you will feel good
That the clouds are never so thick
That the sun can not peek through

Hope that
Whatever will happen
You will love me
As much as I love you

07-04-2019 For S

When you are tired 
From playing the show
Let it go

When your brain
Does not longer know
Let it go

Let it go
It is all right
What wants to leave
Will win the fight 

What will return
Is what you know
What returns
Will show

Have trust
In what will come
Don’t judge
What has gone

What loves you much
That will return
What leaves you
Just let it go

Let it go
Just walk your line 
It will grow
And all will be fine

Sometimes things are not the same
As that they look
Don’t be surprised 
When the green returns
And it looks so beautiful

Against the blue

Sometimes things are just as beautiful
As you