2017 January

A stroll around the lake.

Klick at the picture  for more images of ice, birdies and nature


Klick at the picture for more images of ice, birdies and nature

2016 A few visits at the park/Hausstrecke

A winterwalk through the Südpark. Klick at the picture

Klick at the picture

At the Rhine

2016, JanuaryWinter Art IMG_8617

Many parts of the world, and as well of our country, are covered with a white blanket, called snow.
In our part of the country, however, we have had a pretty mild winter, until January. Now the temperatures are frosty, but still, no snow.
For outdoor photographing a challenge. What to picture if it is not beautiful white?

I added a few of my attempts here, and will add some more of the winter later. You never know, it might get winter, for a day or more, here as well, check it out!

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In 2015 we had winter for a day, as pictured here

If you thought hat in winter no flowers are flowereing, then take a look at the winter flowers album


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