Was there a season that I did mention before as being the most wonderful time of the year?


If so, then I now recall it and make Autumn the most wodnerful time of the year 🙂  (it might change again, when the season changes)

Autumn in 2018.

After an extreme long, hot and dry summer, it seemed already autumn at the start of August. Dry  knispering leaves in the wood, were making me worried for autumn.  Now, there finally came some rain, and it is a true miracle, how soon nature seems to recover.  If the recovery is sufficient?

Here a gallery with photos from Autumn 2018

Another year (2017), another autumn.  With a click at the photo of 2017,  will be directed to the autumn photos of 2017, enjoy!


Today it was very foggy outside. Of course a challenge for photographers, but since I had to go to work, I only was around with my smartphone.  I think I know a bit, by now, what that camera can, here are the pictures I made.

Flowers in Autumn

Autumn Leaves

It was a very dry summer. Not many Mushrooms around, but here are a few that I found.

Autumn Landscapes


and here… the past 🙂

Autumn is a challenge for photography. After the explosion of colours in summer, a typical aspect for Autumn is the light.
There is less sun, the mornings get damp and misty, the shadows get bigger, the trees wear less leaves.

In our part of Germany we just did experience the ‚golden autumn‘, or as some say ’spätsommer (late summer)‘.
There are a lot of people who do call it the indian summer,  you can read about it
–> here <–

But, enough of the theory. You are here to look at (and eventuallly order)  my pictures.

Typical for Autumn are the mushrooms. And there are many of them, in many many ways.  ‚
Click on the mushroom for more mushrooms 🙂

Herbst Pilze IMG_9832

One of he most spectacular changes in Autumn are the trees. The leaves, with their wonderful colours, are rapidly changing the landscape.

Update November 2015.
We are experiencng a very mild Autumn, but the signs of winter are there.

And then I look back to how the Autumn of this year began.

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