Bicycle Race . Tour de Neuss

Not my most favorite subject to photograph, but guaranteed for a nice atmosphere is bicycle races.

Today, October 18th the news came that next year the ‚tour de France‘  will pass our town.  Of course that is something that we not want to miss, as photographers and in general. There might be some preparations and activities around it, of what I might add some.
At the first Wednesday after the world famous ‚Tour The France‘  the prominents, and many amateurs, are presenting theirselves in our town.

Tour de Neuss 2016

TdN frame

It is gettting a good tradition, to join the Tour de Neuss, the bicycling races, only a few days after the ‚Tour de France

The event is not only a nice meeting place from (photo) friends, but as well a good promotion for bicycling as sport. It has last a few years, but it looks like the sport did climb up after the dark years again.

Right in time because next year (also in 2017)  the Tour de France will have its start in our neigbour city, Düsseldorf.  If the circus will cross Neuss as well, is not sure yet.

Good, no longer talking. On the marks, GO!

Some photos tell a story. Others are the story themselves.

This triple picture shows the winner of one of the races.
In picture 1 the white one is cheering
Picture 2 shows the scream from the guy left
Picture 3 shows the happy face of the winner, and the disappointed head down of the one who cheered one second too early
TdN loose

Ca,mera ready, and, having learned from the years before, looking for better places to photograph. A very sunny afternoon.

Impression of the races

Yes!!!  This is especially for the photographers!
(well… it is nice to have such an illusion…)
rest bunt 2131

And it should not be HaFri Photography without a good load of street photography 🙂

Tour de Neuss 2015

Short after the Tour de France  they try to get a few from the sportsmen out of that race in our city.
One of the most remarkable pesons in the Tour de France is  the man who runs around like a Devil, famous from tv as well, and a prominent for the Tour de Neuss.
Didi Senft is more then a (bicycle) devil, reaad about him  –>here< –
TdN Teufelisch IMG_7762
Photographing, then it comes to speed.  Small shutter times to get the sporters sharp, or penning away and getting the background blurring (we call it the Wusch. 🙂 )
Further I did try out the sport modus, what is serial photographing.  My camera can spot about 8 exposures in a row, a nice new experience, best shown in a serial exposure too‘
TdN comp serie

And of course, it should not be me if I did not look a bit aside of the parcours as well.

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