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52 weeks – Quirinus Münster

Time for a new challenge, 52 weeks a photo.  Let’s see if I can make it again.

From old to new,  the Quirinus Münster Kirche, in our hometown, Neuss

the tree behind the house

After ‚the bridge in the park‘  I think it is time for a new yearly project.  I choose the tree behind the house, and I shall try to photograph it every week.

Who read the diaries of Anne Frank, knows how she described the tree behind her house in the city. We live in the city as well, and when I look out of the window, I see this tree, changing its colours, surviving rennovations. Everything might change, but the tree is still there.  We start at November 1st. In  the middle of the autumn.  The album will come soon and you can check weekly for the updats.

You find the pictures with a click at the picture. And below, the comments.




1/52  November 7

The dark days have definitely started. After a golden autumn we now are covered in a grey and relative wet November month. The colours of the tree behind the house are leaving, the buildings at the other side of the street show up more clearly.  Less leaves, less lights.

I do not want to be taken down in depression. A light in the house, a candle .. We get through!


2/52 November 16

I have to get used to make a photo each week. The plan was to do it on Monday, and now it is Wednesday already.
A very dark and rainy day. The tree still holds a few leaves, they survived the first frosty night, Monday (!)

Off to the city office.

3/52 November 21

A long(er) weekend, both sunday and monday. And I did not forget to make the picture.  To compensate that I forgot to buy some stuff.
The end of november is approaching, outside it is 17 degrees.  Our new wintercoats are a bit overdone at the moment.

04/52 05 12 2016
Last week I totally forgot to photograph the tree behind the house. Now I consider if I give it a re start, or that I just leave one week open. I have time…
It is winter in our city. The tree is almost bare, and the sun warms the frosty branches beautifully. Stay save, beautiful tree!

05/52 12 12 2016

While all around the christmas trees are showing up, in all kind of variations, our tree is simply standing there, being the tree he is, and (hopefully) always will be.
I think I like to be like our tree.

06/52 20 12 2016

Many strangers are looking around in our house, recntly, I keep on cleaning up.
I even cleaned the windows and guess what? The sun started shining. It is really winter now,, the bright days short before christmas. And the tree, stands there, and waits for what comes.  So do we, apart that we sit down at the couch.

07/52 30 12 2016

The last picture of the tree for 2016.
A lot to look back to, a lot to look forward to.
I am curious about the new year. Shall we still see the tree, at the end of next year?
Happy new year, dear friend. Or, as they say here (the farewell of the old year) einen guten Rutsch!

08/52 07 01 2017

Frohes Neues!

Happy new year, dear friend. Another year, the same tree. And it seems to really get a bit winterly now, the temperatures are in the day as well frosty, and in the night even more.
The tree, our good friend, is always there. And so are we.

Waiting for warmer times. And on next picture, next week

9/52 12 01 2007

You know that it is winter, when the radio contineously blares about upcoming traffic problems, even before one spat of snow has dropped.

Our lovely tree is standing in the rain.  It looks like a normal winter for our city and our tree. Or do the worst case scenarios for next week come true, and can I finally make a beautiful winter picture of the tree?   Time will tell, stay strong, my beloved.

10/52  20 01 2017

Winter in America. A president that tells the most horrible things that have been heard in decades. And the tree, behind our house, is facing the cold. The entire week the temperatures are around zero. Frosty nights, sunny days, and the end is not in sight. I love the sun, and the tree secretly prepares.  We can’t see it, but we know it will come


11/52 25-01-2017

The tree must be icey, it still is frosty weather in our part of Germany, even a few drops of snow are included. The tree is standing there, under the smoke of the appartments at the left, at the right, before and below.  I walk out and take a picture. Winter in Germany is cold, but as with everything, there will be an end in it, one day. Another week for the tree and me. Jay us!

12/52 03-02-2017

And the outside temperature is rising, it is in the 2 digits (12 degrees) and the sun shows up now and then as well.
It looks like the winter is on its return, but we still have a while before spring. Nature is preparing for new life. And the tree waits silently to be picutred again, next week.



Oops.. almost a month without a picture of the tree.

It still is there. Winter seems to be over, and the tree looks a bit warmer as well. Soon the sun will wake her up, and I can not wait to see the tiny green coming up. When I walk behind the house, I see that it is there already. Bring it on

15/52 15-03-2017

Easy.. 🙂  Slowly!  The weeks pass by, I  do not think I neglected the weekly posting -again! , but the tree does not care. Spring is there, the flowers are coming up and the tree  gets visits from all kind of birds.  Wake up, my friend, the time is near!



You find the result of ’52 weeks – the bridge in the park, with a click at the picture below

52 weeks
The Bridge in the park