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Autumn 2018

After an extreme long  and hot summer, autumn returned this year as well.   I am not sure how I will find Autumn this year, but I try to picture a bit of it here, enjoy.

Close to house, at the ‚Hausstrecke‘

An early autumn walk in the ‚Südpark, Düsseldorf‘

Autumn 2017

Autumn Impressions 2017

Pilze – Mushrooms

Leaves – Blätter




The beauty of autumn, catched at a sunny day

In contrast with the creations of human kind

With views that make speechless (maybe)

Hausstrecke – Spätsommer? Frühherbst?


We are in the middle of September,  and have  a few very stormy days behind us.  Today it was sunny and bright, a good day to take a look in the park.

Some call it autumn /Herbst,  some call it late summer /Spätsommer

Maybe you can decide from the photos what fits the best, enjoy!

Viral! Der Lange

Nikolausmarkt Nikolauskloster

An impression of the Nikolausmarkt  in the Nikolaus Kloster.

Nikolauskloster, Jüchen
Nikolauskloster, Jüchen

A beautiful christmas market, where people showed and soled their festival (most handmade) articles.


Bernds mini Karusell

The details are stunning!

Inges  Teddybären Bude

Inge and her child(ren)
Hand made, with a lot of love!

The rest.  🙂

And of course, when photographers are on their way… you get this as well
Thank you for the nice day, Hildegard and Willi!