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(06 02 2018 Facebook) Emotional blackmail 

I see again all kind of messages what ask me to copy this at my facebook timelinel, when I really care (and then comes something bad or sad).

When I not copy it (share is already forbidden, why?), am I then a less good perrson?
When I not copy it, do you think I care less about mental, chronical, any disease at all?

Don’t spill your time with reposting this kind of messages. Do not just blindly copy it, with all kind of warnings in it, (I know only a few people will dare to do this, I think I know who my real friends are, …)..

Just do what you have to do. Posting a message (not share, but copy), is not really helpful at all!

Instead of that, take your checkbook and donate. It costs only a minute, and by just doing it, without sharing a word about it at Faceboob, then you show you have the heart at the right place. I not need to know that you did it, to know you are a good person.

No words, deeds, that’s what I want. Do not copy, do not share, just do!

(07 02 2018, blogger) Facing the darknes


Wehn we look with open eyes to the world, we know that there is a huge cloud hanging above us. It rapidly grows and takes away the sunshine and respect for eachother.  Instead it will bring hate, fear, and fight. Consequently no good for anything, just for the weapon industry.

People have thoughts about how they can make the world better.
The problem comes when people live at that world, and have different ideas of the world that they live in.
Some people consider the world around them as the world.  They want to build a wall around it, so that no one can come in.
Their world  is restricted to power and getting as much as possible from ‚the rest of the world‘.  They say that there are others, who are responsible for that they can not get all they want, and they want to get rid of them.  Some call it refugees, some call it coloured people, some call it the people that are not fitting in their system.  Go work, instead of producing art. Go work for me, instead of working for your own world.

People shall try to convince others, that what they do is the proper way, the only proper way. And who not fits in their system, is useless. Consequently can be treated as if they not exist, deportated out of the country, or simply not getting the chance to educate or finding the job that they are good in.

This dark cloud will grow. We only need to read the history books, to see what will happen. That is, as long as history is not rewritten and as long as the truth (from the past) is allowed. Because in the past is the future.
We can learn from history, that, sooner or later, the repression, the agression, will loose. It might last long, but the resistance will always win.  Hate will always be beaten by love.

Knowing that, makes me strong to resist. There are so many people who are not willing to wait until the darkness is complete. And those people, are in the end, the people what are the source for the disappearance of the darkness.  They will be the light, when it is dark.  No matter how hard ‚they‘ try to switch off the light, the light of love and care can not be destroyed.  So, there will be a day, that life is bright again. It is good possible that we will not see much of it. But our children, our grandchildren, they will see it. Just like we see the light, for what our grandparents have fought. It will cost something, but it is worth to fight for.

Don’t repay hate with hate. Don’t give others what they want you to give them. Think by yourself. Read a book, find people around you who think like you.  Be nice, and replace the hate with the smile. You not need to be afraid, no one can take away the hope  in your heart.  Be there, for the ones that you love. They are there, for who they love. Because, even the darkest monsters, somewhere, have a heart as well. And no matter how hard they try to deny it, they know, as well as we, that love will win.
So, why not join the winners?  Ever seen winners in a war?  Let’s be good for eachother. We are worth it!