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A wonderful trip with Markus

Duisburg Innenhafen

Das Schwanentor war eines der vier Haupttore Duisburgs, wie sie der Stadtplan des Johannes Corputius von 1566 zeigt. Es bestand mindestens mit der Stadtmauer seit dem 13. Jahrhundert. 1815 wurde das Schwanentor als erstes der Duisburger Stadttore abgebrochen. Sein ehemaliger Standort des Tores ist der heutige Calaisplatz. In der Umgebung des einstigen Stadttores ist sein Name noch präsent. Von der mittelalterlichen Stadtbefestigung ist am Schwanentor noch ein Turmrest erhalten.

Bereits im Mittelalter befand sich vor dem Schwanentor ein Altrheinarm, entstanden nach einer Rheinverlagerung, die sich vor 1000 vollzog. Im 19. Jahrhundert hat man im Bereich dieses mittelalterlichen und eines römischen Rheinlaufs den Duisburger Innenhafen angelegt. Damit ist der Bereich des Schwanentors heute wieder unmittelbar am Wasser gelegen. DieSchwanentorbrücke markiert dies markant mit ihren vier Pylonen. Unterhalb der Brücke befindet sich der Steiger Schwanentor, Anleger für Fahrgastschiffe.




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History,  a kind of Art

Flying birds that are not flying at all




HaFri Poetry 03 2017

And when the party is over
Nobody may be left sober
Nothing needs to be said
Because thinking so much hurts the head

The last drop is drunk
Some still want more
Others already snore
And smell like a skunk

I look back, and only see black
Even when the pictures colour, somehow
I feel like a wet sack
Hit by the tiger’s paw

We are behind the masquerade
Showing our real face again
Maybe I should accellerate
And face it like a man

The cascs are empty
The last laughter is long gone
I wake up, life offers plenty
Another cheer soon will come

©  01-03-2017

A windy day
Plenty shades of grey
I wish the rain to go awayI think about the sun
The time that life began
The time that spring sprung
I am sitting here
See that it is getting near
I trust
I do not fearSoon the sun will shine again
Life will wake up, and then
I love you,
Because I can

Spring will open up our eyes
We shall bloom, and realize
That time flies

No matter how dark
In the end it will be light
I will love you
Not less then tonight

©  02-03-2017


So close, he is
To find back the road
That he not wants to follow

So far away, he is
Sitting on cloud 9

© 03-03-2017

Life is making choices
And they are not so easy at all
We need to make them to come further
Take the risk, don’t be afraid to fall

Our climb to our destination
Is filled with moments with a tear
Stumbling further
The end comes a little near
We all have our wishes
And dreams, that won’t come true
But even when it rains
The water will be less cold,
Because of you

© 04 03 2017

© © © © © © © © © ©


When you only can ask
When your sorrows
are too much to carry

When hope is gone
When fear takes away the light
When your comfort
Is frozen by the night

When you are lost
Let me find you
When you think, there is nothing to live
Let me give

If you want, you can have my shoulder
If you can, we will grow older
And if you can not go anymore
I will love you
a little bit more

©  HaFri Poetry 6-3-2017

The road seem to be blocked
It looks impossible
To reach your target,
The one you need so much

The gates seem closed
The signs warn you
Not go further

Read the sign
Watch the bars more clear
Is there really no way through
It might look different, when you forget the fear

There are always ways to escape
There are always reasons to stop
Bend your head, to not hit your head
Crawl at your hand and feet

A big chance that you can make it
If you just give it a try
And when you decide the challenge and take it
You will, later, know why

Was it all worth it
Was it worth the prize
Was it more easy
THen you did realize

Don’t feel lost
Where ever you may roam
There is someone who has faith in you
You never walk alone

© HaFri oetry, 8-3-2017

Where is the sun
On a rainy day
Where is love
When the world screams hate

Where is the light
In the darkness
Where can we hide
Against what makes us sad

Where is hope
When you lost
Where to go
When you are gone

Walking in the rain
Is so much nicer, arm in arm
Walking in the dark night
Is lovely with your charm

And when the bullets silent
The songbird still will be singing her song
I still will walk, with you hand in hand
Together, somehow, we will feel strong


© 08-03-2017 HaFri Poetry

Hiding for the rain

Waiting until it ends
Is not really an option
Drops drip from the stones

It won’t last long
Before I go
I want to be home
Before it is dark

I want to walk in the light

And for a few drops, or more
I should
And won’t
Not hide

©9-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

When you are feeling cold
And you think you have no one to hold
Then let the sunshine in

When you are feeling blue
When you need that encouraging pat
Be different, and try red

Why should you drown in fear
When love is near

When the night is without the moon
Look to the stars, and know
She will be back soon

When someone tells you to be strong
It does not mean that weakness is wrong
Be what you feel
Be who you are

In all of us
shimmers a brightening star


 © 11-03-2017

Rest your weary head
Smell the fresh pillow in our bed
Your breath and the fresh sheet
There is not much more we need

Close your eyes
Leave your laundry in the night
GIve it away, enjoy the new white

Close your eyes
Wash your brain
Let it again be fresh and clean
A rainbow as has long not been seen


Sometimes, when I look to a tree
I wish I could be more like them
They wait there, patiently
To what will come, and when

The winter, cold and wet
No complaints, no regret
Silently they stand
Until the dark days will end

They don’t give up,
well, not from free will
It may happen
That a storm does kill

But usually, they just wait
Until the ice is gone
And the sun shines great

Then the miracle happens, again
What looks dead, in between
Returns back to green

I love the trees
I admire their power
They are so strong
They teach me
Every day
That there is a way to carry on


 © 12-03-2017 HaFri

Tired he walks on the road
His back is almost breaking
He bows under the load
That lays on his shoulder

The weight got more
When he grew older
He still is strong
but not so fast anymore

He welcomes every bench,
On his road
And rests a while
Enjoying the unload

He wonders why
He has to carry the heavy pack
And decides
To leave his past behind

He walks away
Still slow
But he can look up again
The luggage from the past
Under the tree.

I find it
There is not much in it
But the bag is too heavy for me to lift



when the day is grey and wet
When all the words are said
In the lonely hour
Pick up a flower

Don’t close your eyes for the star
When the night is dark
Smell the scent
Of the unseen flower

When the sun comes up
And all you feel is the pain
Smell the roses again

Lay your worries aside
For a moment, that’s all right
Breath the beauty
Smile through the tears

Breath the colour
Drink the nectar
And it won’t be
so dark anymore


©18-03-2017 HaFri Poetry

There is a place under the sun
Where spring has just began
Where you can listen to the birds
And see the flowers grow

Won’t you sit with me
Watching an early humble bee
Hearing the birds, sing their song
Where we can pretend, that nothing is wrong

And when we close our eyes
We feel the sunshine at our skin
Let her in

That moment
When you drift away
To a world, where all is okay

Come, sit with me
And dream
Let it in

The dream might last just a moment
But it is the start of a new begin


There is a place, under the sun
Where you can sit, and dream away
Where you can be in peace
Where you can feel okay

The birds sing their song
And when you are silent enough
Let your thoughts and worries go
You can hear them

There is a little fountain
And when you sit down
Take some time to stand still
You will hear the water float

The flowers are free to show
Let it go, don’t be afraid
Your package will not run away
But it might loose some weight

Get closer to yourself
You are wonderful, the way you are
And so is the garden, behind the wall
Don’t be afraid, to know it

The garden’s serenity and rest
Will cure you
And I assure you
That this meditation
for both of us
the best


© 26-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

There is light
Even when we can not see it
The light is shining
And waiting for us

When there is nothing to look
When you can’t see your own shadow
There still is light, at the other side

Not be afraid, to walk out of the dark
Not be afraid, to give up what was
Not be afraid, to step into a new life

What will be more the same
But with more light
With less pain

There is light
Waiting for you, and me
Just have faith
When we hold on
We shall see


© 26-3-2017 HaFri Poetry

I had a dream
Angels, dressed in white
Were everywhere, where I could see
They were not looking for me

They sang sad songs
Of life, what went to soon
They sang their songs
Under a shining moon

I walked to one angel
Who sat, under a tree
And asked if she could answer me

Where they were looking for
And why, and such more
She looked at me
And I could see
The answer in her eyes

I asked her if I could sit next to her
She did not say a word again
So I took the invitation
Stepped into her meditation

Under that big, dark tree
That carried the answer
What we could not see


© 29-3-2017 HaFri

Spring in the park


After a few days of rain, I think that March 10, 2017, can be labelled as the day on what spring really showed his beauty.

Click at the picture for spring pictures from former years

Here are a few pictures of my walk through the park.

A Winter Fotoshoot. Südpark 2017

Winter. Temperatures close above zero. A waterly sunshine. A stroll through the Südpark (Düsseldorf).  Enjoy the photos!

Water..  means.. ducks!


And more birdies!

The crystal ball showed its best side

A flaw of spring, for who wants it, but in fact it are winter flowers

And the rest.

A wonderfu winter Fotowalk with Hilde, WIlli and Sonja


.. or, Reuschenberger Wald, Kinderbauernhof,  … whatever 🙂

A nice piece of nature,

including a children’s farm, and a wood. Animals guaranteed,

nature from nature.

This time I made myself ’smart‘ and discovered my favorite animals as well.

Even a one eyed one, who was gently sitting in the sun.

And, of course, you know it, some picutres that are ‚out of all categories‘

Medienhafen Düsseldorf

February 1st, 2017

I wanted to buy some bread (and so) in Düsseldorf.

Accidentically (??) I took my camera with me, and the shopping transformed in a 4 hours walk through the architectual intrestin Medienhafen.  Here a few views, enjoy

One of the main attractions are the modern architectured buildings, with an eye catcher for the ‚Gehry Bauten‘,  from the world famous architect Frank Gehry 

One of the highlights (i.e. highest points) in the Medianhafen is the Fernsehturm (TV Tower).  Always inspiring and challenging my photography.

Many, many intresting buildings

The amazing Flossis


And of course, as last (but not least), my traditional ‚The rest of the best‘, what doesn’t fit in any category

Former visits in the Medienhafen

With Hilde and Jörg, spring 2016


HaFri Poetry December 2016


When you are too far away
Come over the bridge
And take the barreers away
Every distance can be overwon
If you want
Come over the bridge
If peace on earth is so important for you
Make it happen to who is around you as well
Take the step, the bridge is strong
Come closer, together we are strong
If you can not see the other side
Come over the bridge, it is all right
And if you do not dare, to cross the water
If you can not take that step
Encourage the other, to come closer
If a happy life is important to you
Know what to do
Come over the bridge
Take that first step
The view is magnificent
Feel the thrill of overwinning your pride
Come over the bridge, do not hide
Throw away your pride
Showe courage, do not hide
Take that step, it brings you closer
And if you can not, yet, see
Step further, there is nothing to loose
Come over the bridge, and live peacefully

(c) 05.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

Find me a place
Under the sun
Where I not need to flyWhere are no silly questions
Where no one needs a why
Find me a place
Under the sun
Where The day may not endWhere no one can reach us
Where we not need to pretendFind me a place
Under the sun
Where I can sleep until the nightWhere my dreams may not come true
Where the darkness is filled with light
(c) 07.12.2016 HaFri Poetry


What would this world be
If we were all the same
I think it should be boringI love the difference
Between you and me
The pattern like patchwork
Our variations in colour
In temper and how we walk
Understanding eachother,
Even when we differently talkTogether we build our world
Yours is different then that of meI love the variations
I love the difference in our beautyStay how you are
I will do the same
Together we make the difference
Together we fit into the same frame


(c) 09.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

The path of life
Brings us many choices
And every choice we make
Brings us a bit further

You may say, further away
You may say, a step closer
All I ask is from where, to where
Is it important where we came from
Is it important where we go
I think that my goal is the road
Shall I walk to the other side
changing my view
Or shall I take the stairs,
On my way upShall I walk, back to the light
Or shall I take the bicycle, for a rideMy choices, I decided what to do
How about you?

(c) 10.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

The days are short
The nights are dark and cold
The light is gone before I see
A man sings in the street
Merry christmas to you and me

I dive deeper in my coat
My hands in the pockets
Find a lost coin
And a written note
The shopping list was short
No christmas gifts on it

I feel old and cold
But there is that little voice,
inside of me, again
That tells me to look up, again
I do
And am blinded by the light
A contradicn in time

I am glad with the darkness around me
No one needs to see my mysery
I so much want you to be happy
The worries away from you and me

When I turn around the corner
The wind blows, icey at my face
It takes my breath away
And so do you

I wish I could give you some air
Some freedom
Away from the pressure
Back to the pleasure
Into the light
Our neverending fight

I take you a bit closer in my arms
It won’t make the night brighter
But it feels so good
And makes our lives a little lighter

(c) 11.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

The lights are on
In the City
Illuminating the empty street

Where all are rushing
Headlong…out of control..
Tired, after a busy day
On their way to a nice meal, at home

Or calling home, with the excuse
Of working over time
Heading to feed his hunger for love

Anonymous, we hurry up
To find some rest, behind closed curtains
Where the heat is on
And the tv blares another talent show
No time for loosers

And when the lights
Went out
In the city

The only one left at the street
Is the man, who lost everything

(c) 13.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

Until today you were my friend
But, to be honest, it long did end
It long was not that I trusted you
It long was that I did not like your words

At one side, showing a friendly greet
Followed by a horribly deed
A christmas card, I got from you
I did not want it, and I knew

That was the moment to be honest and clean
I don’t want you in my life, not digital, I mean
I can not agree with what you do, and what you are
Your words and deeds differ so far

I saw your two sides, and it is very clear
We went too far, we were too near
I wanted to make it gently, so I tried
But your reaction made me feeling frightened

So, I cut the lines, for the second time
I can’t say I am happy, but I will be fine
No longer you can hurt me, or my friends
Thank you for opening my eyes, in the end

I have no idea what you will tell the people around you
Who most certainly will ask you
I know what I will say
The time we worked together was okay
It broke, that time, long ago
It was wrong to give you a second chance
But it is right, now to say no
It is time for be a honest Hans 🙂

(c) 16.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

There are moments
That I ask myself
Why I am running through the night

And when I desparately look for answers
That I can not find
The reply is in the light

I am worried about many things
Of what only time the answer brings
I can not always be strong
I am not always wrong

I show emotions
I dare to show a tear
And I never felt stronger
Then with you, being so near

(c) 16.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

I was sitting, my head in my hands
So that no one could look at my tears
I bowed to the shadow
So that no one could look at my fears

The light of the moon
Glared in the ice cold night
I was alone, I thought
And that was all right
When my tears dried up
I looked up to the sky, to see
The reflections of the sun
That gave the moon to meI kept looking to it, as in a trance
My heart went calm and started to dance
I joined it, in a lure
I wanted, because it was so pureNo diffusion, no jealousy or hate
Just the reflection, clear as it is
Nothing between the moon and me
Just silent brightness, what a blissI told my heart to share this with you
Just like I always do
I want you to see, what is around
Love and happiness, it can be foundYou find it in me, I find it in you
And there is nothing to worry
Nothing to do
Just wrap the light around your tired mind
Love is all around, and with you so easy to find

(c) 17.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

I still have no idea
Where we are going to
And I also can not tell
If it is there, better then here

I can not promise you a rainy day
I can not promiese you a rose garden

What I can promise, and what I do
Is being at your side
Because together life is more easy
Even when it is not always right

When we need to return on our steps
It is better when we are not alone
And if we have to change our sight
We not need to do it on our own

I am at your side, if you want me to
And even if I do not know where
I have faith in any step
Because life is so much better
When you are there

(c) 18.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

The time is near
The last rose of the year
It has no idea of the cold
It flowers further and behold
Not afraid about what will come
Showing its beauty, just staying strong

I know what her future be
But I do not dare to tell
I let her show her beauty
And am enjoying it well

On the other side
The new life just begun
It is a way to go
Before that spring is in the air
We know
But I am not going to break the spell
She is ready for it, I can tell

A look in what the future will be
New flowers, for you and me
We will remember the past
We will remember what was

And when the spring finally arrives
We will look into each others eyes
Smiling about the worries, that did not come true
Laughing because I still love you

We are between the past and what will come
Right at that border line
We can’t change what was, we can’t change will come
We are together
in the light

(c) 19.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

Rocking around the christmas tree
What a humbug, that’s not for me

Do I need peace on earth, all day
Give me my drinks, and I am okay
Al that noise about christmas and snow
The one who invented that, I don’t want to know

In Australia it is frigging hot
And here it will be raining a lot

And did you ever see
Rudolph passing thee?
Or did you see Santa in the light of the moon
Wake up, you may dream much too soon

The annual drama about what to eat this year
The awful music about that christmas is near
hohoho, it is blurred
nonono, I am disturbed

All those light, it hurts my eyes
Is it just me that christmas denies?
I am not in, I will quit
No peace on earth, that‘ is it

I shall roast my chestnuts, until they are brown
I shall bake the hottest turkey in town
I shall drink all the bottles empty do you hear
It will fill myself up, this year

Forget the balls, the angels, bring on the sheep
Grill it, medium, and stick the herbs down deep
Yes! War is over, if you want it
I will explode this christmas, granted!

(c) 19.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

Sometimes I think I should fly away
Away from worries, sadness and hate

But I don’t know
Where I should go

In fact I don’t want to run away
My life is here, things are okay

I let no one ruin my life
Love is the answer, to survive

So, my plane will stay at the ground
And I will fight
For love, what is all around

(c) 19.12.2016 HaFri Poetry


the wind of change blows over the world.
We have had enough of fear
We have had enough of hate
It is enough! Stop it!

In the name of love
Let the wind of change blow
We are not going to take it any longer
We don’t answer violence with hate

Because love is so much stronger

(c) 21.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

The man asked me
Where do you go
And I replied
I do not know

The man asked me
Why I took this line
I could not answer
So I said, because it is fine
The man asked me
But, you need a target in life
Something to live for
A line you can strive

I looked at the man
And said, with a smile
I have reached my goal
Already a while

(c) 25.12.2016 HaFri Poetry
When you feel down
When you are close to the ground
Look up

It might not be easy
When your bones are stiffened
But get up

It might cost some time
But that is fine, you have all the time
To stand up

And if you can not handle it alone
Grip my hand, of that of another friend
Who will help you up

And if you can not see the helping hand
You might look into the wrong direction
Look up

There is much more to see
Than what is in front

Look up
Find someone
Who let you see

(c) 25.12.2016 HaFri Poetry
Looking forward
To what the future will be
We have expectations
Of what we might see

There is a way to go
To reach our future sight
Can we reach it? I don’t know
Who will be, at our side

Questions are plenty
Our answers are a few
And when it is that far
We wish that we knew

What was laying on our road
Where we could walk
Where we should take the boat
Storms and heavy talk

I wish you all
A room with a view
I shall not tell
What you should do

Do it
With sunshine in your heart
You might walk different ways
Let hope and love be a part

Step forwards, don’t be afraid of the new
After all
Every move
will give
a new oom with a view

(c) 25.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

Your Life
Is only one direction
In different waysYour path
Is directed by instructions
Rarely streight to where we go

Always with a reason
Often without a clue
But we just continue
What else could we do

It never is a travel blind
You never need to walk alone
There is always someone
You can find

(c) 27.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

It needs time
To get great things done
It needs time
To grow

But, who takes time
Smalll steps
Will reach his goal as well
That depends, however

On what your goal might be
Is it growing, big as a tree
Is it that one step further
That everyone said, you could not take?

Taking two steps forward
Slipping one step back
Slow down
And look around you

You will be amazed
Before your reach
your final destination

(c) 28.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

like every day
This day as well
I get that pain in my brain
It is a daily treat
What to choose to eat

Shall it be chicken, shall it be cow
Or better a vegetarian pork, somehow
Do I prefer a pizza snack
Or am I tempted by a big mac?

A vegetarian salad maybe
Or is it some fish that I will see
I don’t know what I want, but I know what I can
But I can’t put it all in just one pan

I get crazy, it is too much for me
I guess the noodles, it might be
How about some spam and eggs
Help… how can I ever relax

With so much food to choose
I struggle with potatoes, maybe a goose?
No, we just finished the duck at chrissie day
Some nice toast might be okay

Another hour is gone
And I still can not decide
A salad can not be too wrong
Maybe some healthy fruits inside

I think and think, but nothing comes in my mind
I slowly get bananas, there is too much to find
Someone helps me, what to eat then, please
Else I am stucked with salami and some cheese

(c) 29.12.2016 HaFri Poetry

Play the game
But don’t play with feelings
Have fun
And let the others laugh as well

Choose wise
But choose
Else you might loose more
Then that you ever gained before

Play the game
Love and be loved
Look to the sun, when it rains

Fight for your life
But never fight against others
Ever seen a winner, in a war?
Do know, where you are standing for
Don’t give up
But don’t ruin your life
Or that of someone else

Don’t play with feelings
Don’t give hope
If you are not willing to fullf
When you look into the mirror
Be sure you like the picture you see
And if you cover a part of it
Ask yourself why

(c) 30.12.2016 HaFri Poetry