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Weihnachtsmarkt 2018 Holzbüttgen

Holzbüttgen.  A little town, with Titela remarkable christmas market.

Home of the Teddy Bears of Inge. I so much love them!

A cozy little christmas markets, where friends meet friends

Christmas 2018

It is the most wonderful time of the year….

For many people it also is the most stressfull time of the year.

For photographers it is the time of the year, that nature gets asleep, and the lenses are focussed at the light.  In Germany there are christmas markets at many places.  Herewith a selection of places that I visited this year’s christmas season.

Christmas market Düsseldorf Köbogen/Shadowplatz

Christmas Market Neuss

Lorettostrasse Düsseldorf  Lamps for christmas

Christmas market (s) in Cologne

Christmas market Holzbüttgen
The home of the Teddy Bears
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Street Art, Wall Painting

In the 70s and 80s, a lot of cities were having the spot on un-used buildings, what were occupied by people who needed homes.

Some of those ‚occupations‘  ended successfully, other remarkable.
Remarkable successfull was the action to save a street in Düsseldorf.

The Kiefern Straße was saved from project developers, and became an open monument for (street) art and more.

We visited on a very cold day. Our cameras were getting wet a bit, but they survived.

Afterwards we were taking a little pre-taste of the upcoming christmas markets.

When photographers photograph …

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Weihnachtsmarkt Benrath

Weihnachtsmarkt Benrath
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Around the pittoresque buildings of ’schloss Benrath‘

And in the litte town, a few steps away.

(taken from wikipedia)

The Yule goat’s origins go back to ancient Pagan festivals. While a popular theory is that the celebration of the goat is connected to worship of the Norse god Thor, who rode the sky in a chariot drawn by two goats,Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr it goes back to common Indo-European beliefs. The last sheaf of grain bundled in the harvest was credited with magical properties as the spirit of the harvest and saved for the Yule celebrations, called among other things Yule goat (Julbocken).[2] This connects to ancient proto-Slavic beliefs where the Koliada (Yule) festival honors the god of the fertile sun and the harvest. This god, Devac (a/k/a Dazbog), was represented by a white goat,[3] consequently the Koliada festivals always had a person dressed as a goat, often demanding offerings in the form of presents.[4] A man-sized goat figure is known from 11th-century remembrances of Childermas, where it was led by a man dressed as Saint Nicholas, symbolizing his control over the Devil.[2]

Other traditions are possibly related to the sheaf of corn called the Yule goat. In Sweden, people regarded the Yule goat as an invisible spirit that would appear some time before Christmas to make sure that the Yule preparations were done right.[2] Objects made out of straw or roughly-hewn wood could also be called the Yule goat, and in older Scandinavian society a popular Christmas prank was to place this Yule goat in a neighbour’s house without them noticing; the family successfully pranked had to get rid of it in the same way.

The function of the Yule goat has differed throughout the ages. In a Scandinavian custom similar to the English tradition of wassailing, held at either Christmas or Epiphany, young men in costumes would walk between houses singing songs, enacting plays and performing pranks. This tradition is known from the 17th century and still continue in certain areas. The group of Christmas characters would often include the Yule goat, a rowdy and sometimes scary creature demanding gifts.[2][5][6]

19th century Christmas card
God Jul by Jenny Nyström

During the 19th century the Yule goat’s role all over Scandinavia shifted towards becoming the giver of Christmas gifts, with one of the men in the family dressing up as the Yule goat.[7] In this, there might be a relation to Santa Claus and the Yule goat’s origin in the medieval celebrations of Saint Nicholas.[2] The goat was then replaced by the jultomte(Father Christmas/Santa Claus) or julenisse during the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century, although he is still called the Joulupukki (Yule goat) in Finland, and the tradition of the man-sized goat disappeared.

The modern Yule goat

Swedish Gävle goat (Gävlebocken)

The Yule goat in Nordic countries today is best known as a Christmas ornament. This modern version of the Yule goat figure is a decorative goat made out of straw and bound with red ribbons, a popular Christmas ornament often found under or on the Christmas tree. Large versions of this ornament are frequently erected in towns and cities around Christmas time – a tradition started with theGävle goat in the 1960s.

Popular culture

The Christmas goat is mentioned in many older Christmas songs dated back to the late 19th and early 20th century, when the Santa Claus tradition had not been fully established throughout Sweden. Among the songs are Julbocken, Julpolska and Raska fötter springa tripp, tripp, tripp.

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Weihnachten Neuss

Home..  Heimat..

And here as well the christmas mood is coming


Weihnachtsmarkt Holzbüttgen

Ein sehr gemütliche Weihnachtsmarkt, klein und sehr fein.

Click auf den Bilder um sie zu vergrössern.

Rundum die Schmuckstücke von Inge und Bernd kommt man wirklichin Weihnachtsstimmung.


Und natürlich… gab es auch Bären !
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HaFri Poetry 01 2011

Ik had bijna de woorden gezegd
Omdat jij ze me doet schreeuwen
Toch bleef ik stil
En ben niet zeker dat ik ze niet in je heb gelegd

Er is zo veel wat ik je kan zeggen
Dat het me doet zwijgen
Ik weet niet welke ik kan kiezen
Ach, ik hoef het je niet uit te leggen

Ik zei bijna die ene zin
Die over mijn lippen komen wilde
Ik wil niets verstoren van wat er is
Zo is het fijn, ik slik de woorden in

Ik ben zeker dat je weet wat ik bedoel
Ik ben zeker dat je het begrijpt
En ik voel dat ook jij ze niet zal zeggen
Nooit verstoren we dat gevoel

Ik koester onze kostbare schat
Weet precies wat te doen
Ik had bijna die woorden gezegd
Maar laat ze. Zo is dat.

Maar… het is zo!

I almost said the words
Because you made me screaming them
But I kept silent
Not sure that you havent heard

There is so much I can say to you
That it makes me silent
I dont know what to choose
And you know that it’s so true

I almost said that line
That was tickling at my lips
But I dont want to damage all there is
Because the way it is, it is fine

I am sure you know what I mean
I am sure you understand
And I feel that you don’t tell them
We shall not disturb what we redeem

I charess all there is
Know exactly what to do
And that’s why I dont say
those words from me to you

but… I do!

© HaFri Poetry 03.01.2011

Not so long ago
Everyone did gaze, pointed, look, see
Exciting smiles did come over me
Ah, those were the days, you know

Children were singing
About the light I was bringing
The sparkling center of the house,
Enlightening, sparkling, the almost perfect spouse

I did glow in silver and gold
Christmas stockings around me, I had candles to hold
Peace on earth, for everyone
Except for the fried turkey in the pan

Wishing it could be christmas every day
But that’s too long, they hide it away
The ornaments shelter in  the dark box
Together with the angels, christ child and socks

Fame fades away quickly
Especially when you’re a christmastree
So I stop my annual mutter
An end in the fire, or in the gutter

De kerstboom

Niet zo lang geleden

Keek iedereen naar mij
Opgewonden gezichten, vol hoop en blij
Ach het was zo mooi, mijn verleden

Kinderen hebben gezongen
Vrede op aarde was het, heel even
Ik was het stralende middelpunt, rondom
van licht en stralen vergeven

Kon het maar altijd kerstmis zijn
Maar blijkbaar was het lang genoeg, de schijn
Mijn ballen verdwijnen in de doos
Samen met de engelen en het kerstkind, dooft ons licht een poos

Ik eindig mijn jaarlijkse mopperpartij
Volgend jaar ben ik er weer bij
Roem is vergankelijk, eens was ik groot
En eindig op de brandstapel, of in de goot


© HaFri Poetry 10.01.2011


HaFri Poetry 12 2010

Sunshine over the white fields
Small clouds leave my mouth
Woolen scarv, hat on head
Facing a winter wonderland

They say

To me
It is just cold
A moment outside
Freezing all unhidden parts

And some more

Sunshine over the fields
Reflecting the white
Even in winter
It can be mighty bright

I escape back into my home sweet home

The heat warms me up
As well as the fresh brewed coffee
Whilst the blood starts flooding again

I look outside
It’s getting dark early
In this time of year

I lit a candle
And let your warmth inside

I close the curtains
No need to see
The killing cold of frost and snow

A white christmas
Why should it be?



Zonneschijn over de witte velden
Een wolkje verlaat mijn  mond
Een wollen das, muts op de kop
Zo bekijk ik het winterwonderland

Zoals men dat noemt

Voor mij is het slechts koud
Een moment buiten
Bevriest alle onbedekte ledematen
En een paar meer

Zonneschijn over de velden
Reflecteert het wit
Zelfs in de winter
Kan het almachtig helder zijn

Ik vlucht terug in mijn vertrouwde huis
De kachel warmt me op
Evenals de vers gezette koffie
Terwijl het bloed langzaamaan weer stroomt

Ik kijk naar buiten
Het wordt al vroeg donker
Ik steek een kaars aan
En laat jouw warmte binnen

Ik sluit de gordijnen
Ik hoef het niet te zien
De dodende koude van vorst en sneeuw

Een witte kerst
Waarom moet dat zo nodig zijn?

© HaFri Poetry 03.12.2010


One eye glimpse long
My eyes found yours
I don’t know who was faster looking away
you or me

From that moment on, I look defferent
I look if I see you again
But after that one spot
You seem to be gone to where you came from

In a bit of a second
Million signals are sent
Hazelbrown meets greyblue
Before I realize what happens, you’re gone

And most likely
You have forgotten that glimpse
long ago
But I know for sure

You have not


In een fractie van een seconde
Zijn miljoenen signalen verzonden
Hazelnootbruin ontmoet grijsblauw
Eer ik het besef ben je voorbij

Maar toch heb ik jouw blik gevangen
Sindsdien is er dat knagende verlangen

Heel misschien
Kan ik jouw ogen nog eens zien

En Heel misschien
Ben jij dat ogenblik
al lang vergeten
Maar eigenlijk denk ik
van niet

© HaFri Poetry 15.12.2010

makes one word of you
Even when it is written
The difference between night and day?


Do I feel so much more
More than I am allowed to feel
To what I long again and again


Is one look into your eyes
to catch me forever

Everytime I see you
your smell
your taste
The question shows up again

Why right now
Why today again
Just like any other day



Can you make me unconscious
With a single breath
Let me spin around
Please let me and my dreams

And I beg you

To never answer the question
of this why



maakt een woord van jou
ook al is het geschreven
Het verschil tussen dag en nacht?


Voel ik zo veel meer
Dan dat ik mag voelen
Waarnaar ik steeds weer blijf verlangen


Is een blik in je ogen
Om mij voor eeuwig te vangen

Telkens als ik je zie
je ruik
je proef
Komt weer die vraag

Waarom juist nu
Waarom weer vandaag
net als op elke andere dag



Kan jij met een zucht
Mij bewusteloos maken
Me doen tollen rond mijn as

Laat mij maar dromen

En ik smeek je

Nooit het antwoord te geven
van dit waarom

© HaFri Poetry 23.12.2010