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Zons Matthäus

A walk around at the Matthäus Market in Zons


Oops 😀

Middle ages

A bit of everything else

A few months ago we were in Zons as well.  Click at the photo below to see the photos.

Neuss blüht Auf

Spring means not only that nature shows its best side.

The city makes a try as well.

Decide by yourself what you like the most.

Saturday, in the city

Saturday, in the park

Awwwwwww … oooooohhhh…
Gooselings and ducklings

Maimarkt Neuss, 02.05.2018

This year the Mai Markt (May Market) took place at May 2nd.  There is a new square available for the stalls, at the Freithof,  it is nice, a market under the Quirinus

The market

And  the famous ‚the rest‘  😀



Spring in the city

The first warm weekend of the year,  the city is exploding

Fish Market

The ‚Hausstrecke‘,  my routine walk trhough the park

Spring has sprung!

And the best of the rest


A few impressions from the Aprilmarket 2018

Quirinusfest/ Mittelalterfest 2017

On a rainy, chilly day in october.

Some Music


Some ‚handcraft‘, some people, some things 

Sunday, day 2

Other entertainment


And the weather was better

Hansefest Neuss 2017

The annual HanseFest in the city

A crowded street

And a  very short visit to the performances of the Der Tae Kwon Do Club Neuss

and Jaid.

 What was not bad at all.


Same procedure

But another band.  That started playing Crazy Little Thing Called love at the moment that I passed by!  Yay for Replay!