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Maimarkt Neuss, 02.05.2018

This year the Mai Markt (May Market) took place at May 2nd.  There is a new square available for the stalls, at the Freithof,  it is nice, a market under the Quirinus

The market

And  the famous ‚the rest‘  😀




Glücksburg Castle (German: Schloss Glücksburg, Danish: Lyksborg Slot) is a water castle (Wasserschloss) in the town of Glücksburg, Germany. It is one of the most important Renaissance castles in northern Europe.It is the seat of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg and was also used by the Danish kings.

Situated on the Flensburg Fjord the castle is now a museum owned by a foundation, and is no longer inhabited by the ducal family. Its board of directors is chaired by Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein, the current titular duke and head of the House of Glücksburg and House of Oldenburg.


Inside the castle.

The interior of the castle is mostly authentic.  I was allowed to take photos. The condition was that I should not publish  the photos (for commercial purposes).
In order to respect the rules, the photos are in a password protected area.

If you have the password, you can click at the photo below and look at the photos.  You are NOT allowed to copy or publish the photos in any form. You are also not allowed to spread the code word I give you.

Pfew 🙂   Now, take a look, lucky few 🙂  Click and enter the code word, to get in

Access with the code only


Another city with a lot of history is Xanten

With the Xantener Dom

the inner square

And with Markus  🙂

And with the rest, what is often the best

« 1 von 2 »

and with the crystal bowl, because we all need some sphere now and then

We even conquered the mill, who was in full function. A  challenge 🙂

DHK Nachtfotografie

December 2016.

Night photography.

An attempt after a long break.  Experimenting with aperture, light, exposure.  A few of the experiments turned out nice.

Here an example of long exposure.

As can be expected, the longer the shutter time is, the more light is catched at the picture.

Below you find my ‚final results‘  of this night’s photography

The people behind the .. camera

A day in Essen with Ina


This photo site will be updated with a few more pictures, soon.

This Saturday I visited Essen with two ‚long term‘  friends, who I had not seen in ages.  Richard went to the ‚Spiel‘  fair, and Ina and me went to photograph together.

First  in the city, later, when the weather went dry, in the Gruga Park.

I learned a few things and I also am now the prooud owner of a few ‚miniature figures‘, with what my photography might get a new dimension.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the FriBi!
The bus is here waiting for the train, and you will find out in the future who are in it. 🙂



But, not in this photo blog.  Here you find the pictures of the trip of  Ina and me. Two Queen fans who as well share the photography as passion.  Enjoy!

  • Shopping and city center (Limbecker Platz)
  • Breakdance group in the mall
  • Gruga Park  Autum Flowers
  • Gruga Park – Water experiments
    Here we experimented with different settings to get a nice  effect. If it succeeded for me?
  • Gruga Park – Crystal Bowl
  • Street
  • When photographers photograp each other
  • and, last but not least .. the rest :)

And this should in fact be at the top. I lit a candle, for who, who needs it the most.


Hofgarten und Kö Bogen

I had a short visit in Düsseldorf for something very unpleasant.

But I took my camera with me and made a stroll over the Hofgarten und Köbogen.

Photgraphy can be a healthy therapy as well.  Walk with me through old and new, two outermost sides of Düsseldorf.

Rathinger Tor
(for more info – click the pic – german language-)

Das Ratinger Tor besteht aus zwei fast quadratischen Bauten im klassizistischen Stil, die an antike Tempelbauten erinnern. An jeweils drei Seiten befinden sich dorische Säulen. Die Metopen sind mit Lorbeerkränzen versehen, die goldfarben bemalt sind. Das jeweilige Tympanon ist dagegen nicht verziert.

It was long ago,that I took the crystal ball wth me. This time it was with me, and used 😉


Hofgarten  Düsseldorf